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RSV surge, result of pandemic masking and social distancing, seen in Vermont

Infant receiving nebulizer treatment for RSV. University of Minnesota photo

By Guy Page

Since late October, national health officials and media have been warning about a potential “Tripledemic” of Covid-19, traditional influenza, and RSV, a virus that is most dangerous to young children and infants.

Public health officials have long feared a ‘bidemic’ – Covid-19 and influenza surging at the same time. However, the U.S. is now facing a potential ‘tripledemic’ due to an unexpected surge in RSV, a respiratory virus that mostly strikes the very young. The cause of the surge is an ‘immunity debt’ created by pandemic responses of masking and social distancing, many pediatricians say. 

In a November 14 WCAX interview, Dr. Mark Levine said influenza vaccinations are at about 25%, down from previous years. He urges Vermonters to get vaccinated for influenza before the Thanksgiving holidays.  

Statistics from early November show flu almost non-existent, Covid in ‘low’ activity, and RSV on a steady five-week average increase.

Covid-19: 38 hospitalizations and 442 cases overall as of November 11 – down from the previous week. The Health Department at present terms the level of activity “low.” Four deaths were reported in November, bringing the pandemic total to 763 in Vermont, according to VT Dept. of Health numbers. 

Flu: A total of four cases of the flu had been reported between October 2, the official Opening Day of flu season, and November 5 (latest statistics available). The VT Dept. of Health lists one flu season case in Grand Isle County, two in Windsor County, and one in Windham County. All are in the “school and university” category. Childcare and long-term care facilities were untouched by the flu through November 5. 

RSV: Vermont’s five-week average of PCR-diagnosed RSV cases has risen steadily from 6 on September 3 to 79.3 on November 11, CDC statistics say. Vermont has not seen epidemic levels of RSV that have prompted many hospitals nationwide to establish temporary treatment centers. 

Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, or RSV, is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms. Most people recover in a week or two, but RSV can be serious, especially for infants and older adults. RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia (infection of the lungs) in children younger than 1 year of age in the United States.

There’s no vaccine to fight RSV. It’s treated with medication or, in severe cases, with hospital intervention. 

Dr. Ron Keren, Chief Medical Officer of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is among the many leading pediatricians who say the surge of RSV is due to lack of immunity among the patient population – mostly very young children.

“I think it gets to this idea that some folks are calling ‘an immunity debt,'” Keren told “We think that that may be because during the pandemic, there were a few cohorts of infants born who, due to social distancing and masking, probably didn’t get exposed to these respiratory viruses, including RSV, and so they were not able to build up an immune defense to RSV and other respiratory viruses, leaving them vulnerable now.”

California reported the current RSV outbreak’s first death of a child under 5 on Monday, November 14.

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  1. What pediatricians warn about is really not that relevant to parents any longer…it’s about what PBS, CNN, & MSNBC dictate that matters. I still occasionally see children in supermarkets & walking home from school, etc. masked up – we have become a genuinely ignorant & sick (literally & figuratively) society.

  2. Democrats and there and their lies and fear mongering are killing people period. Be nice if Vt had a real Republican GOVENORS instead Of Democrat Phil

  3. During the pandemic, I saw two boys (each about 12 yrs old) riding their bikes on a busy stretch of road (RT 2A in Essex Junction), alongside traffic, wearing masks and without helmets. I knew then how backwards it can get in Vermont. Sadly, I don’t believe it’s reach bottom yet.

  4. Dr. Levine is a murderer and involved “Monopoly in Commerce”. He is well aware that the Covid-19 shots he is pushing were understood by the CDC and Pfizer to not work and to be dangerous. The unprecedented deaths and other adverse effects from mRNA shots, as reported by VAERS is proof of mahem that could have been prevented, but Dr. Levine was responsible in preventing Vermont physicians from using medicines off label at their discretion to which the unwarranted attacks on Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (with proven success around the world) are demonstrations of Dr. Levine’s crimes.

    Its Grand Jury time folks!

  5. It’s real simple. Someone with money, someone who actually has seen the studies and all the info as of today about masks who is about freedom and reality, needs to go to court, not sure if state or federal and get a restraining order or some other legal avenue to stop this. Covering a face when a breathing illness is ridiculous as it is suicidal. Masks make you breath in your own sick and waste air making harder for your body to do what God made it capable of doing.

    The facts are in and the shots do more harm than not. MASKS HAVE NEVER WORKED. At what point does someone with the knowhow and the resources do something about this? NO court should shut down a viable argument if they are actually willing to look at REAL studies that say masking people is bad science.
    As we can see in most cases, common sense is none existent in the people you see walking running or whatever in a mask.
    I place this on the people of Vermont who DO have what it takes to stop this, not the poor or elderly who have nothing. You are just as guilty as if you had stabbed them with a knife or slit their throats.

    You all are complacent in the abuse of our children and the depopulation of our state because of these barbaric Nuremberg law violations against forced medical experimentations especially on children, the weakest and the old. Those that can, leave…No they run away, and the poor and elderly are trapped here.

    You may think this radical but TRY ,TRY to go into a hospital, dentist, optometrist any state “sponsored” organization and enjoy the rejection.

    To demand a medical product be placed on you or preformed on you as a condition of entry, or treatment is a violation of so many human rights laws it is sick, not to forget that coercion is a crime, a felony, in fact.

    Too many of you just sit and comply. Me, I fear, because I don’t know what you ignorant selfish people will do next. YOU make me afraid of my neighbor , my fellow man, to attack me for not wearing a mask (I don’t have to wear)as I go out to just buy food. It has has been done all over this country, by sick, power hungry, virtue signaling nut jobs.
    I have seen racism, bigotry ,active discrimination of all kinds, all in the name of “I was told to do this/Just following orders” . (Yes, here in Vermont, in Burlington, Williston, Middlebury, Rutland just to name a few places.) Yeah, just like the Nazis were and we see how that ended for the compliers.
    I could include a list of peer reviewed medical papers, peer reviewed medical video reports all about how the masks, the shots, the mRNA shots are beyond a shot in the dark, they are depopulation controls that do not go as far as putting people on trains for a better life but just about.

    Open your eyes people and someone who can, step up to the plate, as it appears no politian will do anything for us as we have seen in the last , what, almost 3 years now.

  6. WCAX reported a new illness called “long covid.” Apparently the two subjects in the story (one employed by the federal government and the other a nurse,) had contracted COVID. However, both unable to fully recover due to lingering symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath and up to “50-60” other symptoms according to UVM pulmonologist Dr. David Kaminsky. No mention whether either patient was jabbed. They likely were considering their employment. Also, if a person got the jab post-illness, the propaganda said the jab prevented the illness coming back or not get it “as bad.” I thank God every day I did not comply to the lies and removed myself from an employer who sadistically required me to perform ritualistic testing and masking. Praying for those who were not so fo fortunate to resist the spells cast upon us by the demonic ones.

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