Roll Call!

How did your legislator vote on key bills this year?

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by Guy and Tim Page

Beginning today, Vermont Daily Chronicle will post how every legislator voted on key roll call bills this year. This list will be updated over the coming weeks.

The first four bills highlighted for 2023 Vermont Legislature Roll Calls:

S.4 – the lesser-known of the Legislature’s gun control bills imposes further restrictions on access to firearms by felons. It also changes Vermont law regarding juvenile crime. One of the purposes of the bill is to limit the use of firearms in the drug trade.

S.39 – the Legislature voted itself – or rather its future, a year-and-a-half from now self – a pay/benefits hike. Beginning in 2025, lawmakers’ combined salary, rooms & meals, health care insurance, and ‘adjournment pay’ compensation will total about $50,000 and then rise each year. Access to state employee-level health insurance begins this coming January.

S.103 expands the scope of what qualifies as actionable harassment for employees and renters. A last-minute effort to give public school students the same protections was scotched by the NEA and other public school education advocacy groups.

S.5, the Affordable Heating Act a/k/a Clean Heat Standard, was unsuccessfully vetoed by Gov. Phil Scott. The vote listed is the veto override vote in both House and Senate. The bill will heavily incentivize (some say force) the transition of home heating from fossil fuels to electricity, by taxing fossil fuel wholesale purchases and spending the revenue on energy efficiency and electricity-based heating systems like heat pumps.

Vermont Daily Chronicle will add more 2023 roll call votes in the coming weeks, including any roll calls taken during the June 20-22 veto override session. Roll call will be added to the VDC citizen advocacy Tool Box.

2023 VT Legislature Roll Call Votes (more to come!)S.4*S.39*S.103S.5*
Most bills pass in the Vermont Legislature without a roll call vote. Roll calls are most often called on controversial, high-interest bills in which one or both ‘sides’ want a formal record of how each lawmaker voted. An asterisk (*) next to the bill number denotes more than one roll call. The roll call selected best reflects lawmakers’ support or opposition, IOHO. An asterisk next to a lawmaker’s vote denotes an on-the-record comment in the House or Senate daily journal, available by clicking on the bill number and on www.legislature.vermont.gov. In the coming weeks, VDC will continue to update this roll call list.Changes juvenile crime proceedings, firearms restrictionsIncreases legislative pay & benefitsIncreases protection from harrassment for renters, employeesAffordable Heating Act’ charges fees to heating fuel dealers – veto override vote
SENATEOfficial email addresses
Baruth of Chittenden-Central Districtpbaruth@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNone in SenateYea
Bray of Addison Districtcbray@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Brock of Franklin Districtrbrock@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay
Campion of Bennington Districtbcampion@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayYea
Chittenden of Chittenden-Southeast Districttchittenden@leg.state.vt.usYeaNay*Yea
Clarkson of Windsor DistrictAClarkson@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Collamore of Rutland Districtbcollamore@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayNay
Cummings of Washington Districtacummings@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Gulick of Chittenden-Central Districtmgulick@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Hardy of Addison Districtrhardy@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Harrison of Windham Districtwharrison@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Hashim of Windham Districtnhashim@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Ingalls of Essex Districtringalls@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayNay
Kitchel of Caledonia Districtjkitchel@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayYea
Lyons of Chittenden-Southeast Districtvlyons@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
MacDonald of Orange Districtmmacdonald@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Mazza of Grand Isle Districtdmazza@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayNay
McCormack of Windsor Districtrmccormack@leg.state.vt.usYeaYea*Yea
Norris of Franklin Districtrnorris@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Perchlik of Washington Districtaperchlik@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Ram Hinsdale of Chittenden-Southeast Districtkramhinsdale@leg.state.vt.usYeaAbsentYea
Sears of Bennington Districtrsears@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayYea*
Starr of Orleans Districtrstarr@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayNay
Vyhovsky of Chittenden-Central Districttvyhovsky@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Watson of Washington Districtawatson@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Weeks of Rutland Districtdweeks@leg.state.vt.usYeaNayNay
Westman of Lamoille Districtrwestman@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay
White of Windsor Districtrwhite@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Williams of Rutland Districttwilliams@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Wrenner of Chittenden-North Districtiwrenner@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay*
Andrews of Westfordjandrews@leg.state.vt.usNone in HouseNayYeaYea
Andriano of Orwelljandriano@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay
Anthony of Barre Citypanthony@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Arrison of Weathersfieldjarrison@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Arsenault of Willistonaarsenault@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Austin of Colchestersaustin@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Bartholomew of Hartlandjbartholomew@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Bartley of Fairfaxabartley@leg.state.vt.usNayNay*Nay
Beck of St. Johnsburysbeck@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Berbeco of Winooskidberbeco@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Birong of Vergennesmbirong@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Black of Essexablack@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Bluemle of Burlingtontbluemle@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Bongartz of Manchestersbongartz@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Bos-Lun of Westminstermboslun@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Boyden of Cambridgelboyden@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Brady of Willistonebrady@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Branagan of Georgiacbranagan@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Brennan of Colchesterpbrennan@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Brown of Richmondjbrown@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Brownell of Pownalnbrownell@leg.state.vt.usAbsentAbsentAbsent
Brumsted of Shelburnejbrumsted@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Burditt of West Rutlandtburditt@leg.state.vt.usNayAbsentNay
Burke of Brattleboromburke@leg.state.vt.usYeaAbsentYea
Burrows of West Windsoreburrows@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Buss of Woodstocktbuss@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Campbell of St. Johnsburyscampbell@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Canfield of Fair Havenwcanfield@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Carpenter of Hyde Parkjcarroll@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Carroll of Benningtonccasey@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Casey of Montpelierechapin@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Chapin of East Montpelierhchase@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Chase of Chesterschase@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Chase of Colchesterrchesnut-tangerman@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Chesnut-Tangerman of Middletown Springskchristie@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Christie of Hartfordbcina@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Cina of Burlingtonpclifford@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Clifford of Rutland Cityscoffey@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Coffey of Guilfordecole@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Cole of Hartfordpconlon@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Conlon of Cornwalltcorcoran@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Corcoran of Benningtonmcordes@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaYea
Cordes of Lincolnademar@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Demar of Enosburghcdemrow@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Demrow of Corinthedickinson@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaYea
Dickinson of St. Albans Townldodge@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Dodge of Essexkndolan@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Dolan of Essex Junctionkdolan@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Dolan of Waitsfieldadonahue@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Donahue of Northfieldkdonnally@leg.state.vt.usNay*Yea*Nay
Durfee of Shaftsburyddurfee@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Elder of Starksborocelder@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Emmons of Springfieldaemmons@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Farlice-Rubio of Barnetbfarlice-rubio@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Galfetti of Barre Townggalfetti@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay*
Garofano of Essexrgarofano@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Goldman of Rockinghamlgoldman@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Goslant of Northfieldkgoslant@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Graham of Williamstownrgraham@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Graning of Jerichoegraning@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Gregoire of Fairfieldjgregoire@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Hango of BerkshireLHango@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Harrison of Chittendenjharrison@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Headrick of Burlingtontheadrick@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea*
Higley of Lowellmhigley@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Holcombe of Norwichrholcombe@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Hooper of BurlingtonJHooper@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Hooper of Randolphrhooper@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaYea
Houghton of Essex JunctionLHoughton@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Howard of Rutland CityMHoward@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Hyman of South Burlingtonnhyman@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
James of Manchesterkjames@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea*
Jerome of Brandonsjerome@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Kornheiser of Brattleboroekornheiser@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Krasnow of South Burlingtonekrasnow@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Krowinski of Burlingtonjkrowinski@leg.state.vt.usNot VotingNot VotingYea
Labor of Morganllabor@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
LaBounty of Lyndondlabounty@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay
Lalley of Shelburneklalley@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
LaLonde of South Burlingtonmlalonde@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
LaMont of MorristownSLamont@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Lanpher of Vergennesdlanpher@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Laroche of Franklinwlaroche@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Leavitt of Grand Islejleavitt@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaYea
Lipsky of Stowejlipsky@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Logan of Burlingtonklogan@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Long of Newfaneelong@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Maguire of Rutland Cityemaguire@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Marcotte of Coventrymmarcotte@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Masland of Thetfordjmasland@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Mattos of Miltoncmattos@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
McCann of Montpelierkmccann@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
McCarthy of St. Albans Citymmccarthy@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
McCoy of Poultneypmccoy@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
McFaun of Barre Townfmcfaun@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay*
McGill of Bridportjmcgill@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Mihaly of Calaismmihaly@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Minier of South Burlingtonbminier@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Morgan of Miltonmmorgan@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Morris of Springfieldkmorris2@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Morrissey of Benningtonmmorrissey@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Mrowicki of Putneymmrowicki@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea*
Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlingtonemulvaneystanak@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Nicoll of Ludlowlnicoll@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Notte of Rutland Citywnotte@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Noyes of WolcottDNoyes@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Nugent of South Burlingtonknugent@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
O’Brien of Tunbridgejobrien@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaNay
Ode of BurlingtonCOde@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Oliver of Sheldontoliver@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Page of Newport Citywpage@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Pajala of Londonderrykpajala@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Parsons of Newburyjparsons@leg.state.vt.usNay*NayNay
Patt of Worcesterapatt@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Pearl of Danvillehpearl@leg.state.vt.usAbsentYeaYea
Peterson of Clarendonapeterson@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Pouech of Hinesburgppouech@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Priestley of Bradfordmpriestley@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Rachelson of Burlingtonbrachelson@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Rice of Dorsetmrice@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Roberts of Halifaxtroberts@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaYea*
Sammis of Castletonjsammis@leg.state.vt.usAbsentYeaNay*
Satcowitz of Randolphlsatcowitz@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Scheu of MiddleburyRScheu@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Shaw of Pittsfordbshaw@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Sheldon of Middleburyasheldon@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea*
Sibilia of Doverlsibilia@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Sims of Craftsburyksims@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Small of Winooskitsmall@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Smith of DerbyBSmith@leg.state.vt.usNay*NayNay*
Squirrell of UnderhillTSquirrell@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Stebbins of Burlingtongstebbins@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Stevens of Waterburytstevens@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Stone of Burlingtonmstone@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Surprenant of Barnardhsurprenant@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Taylor of Colchestercataylor@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Taylor of MiltonCTaylor@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Templeman of Browningtondtempleman@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Toleno of Brattleborottoleno@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Toof of St. Albans Townctoof@leg.state.vt.usNay*NayNay
Torre of Moretowndtorre@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Troiano of Stannardctroiano@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Walker of Swantonmwalker@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Waters Evans of Charlottecevans@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
White of Bethelkwhite@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea
Whitman of Benningtondwhitman@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Williams of Barre Cityjwilliams@leg.state.vt.usYea*YeaYea
Williams of Granbytwilliams@leg.state.vt.usNayYeaNay
Wilson of Lyndoncwilson@leg.state.vt.usNayNayNay
Wood of Waterburytwood@leg.state.vt.usYeaYeaYea

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  1. This is very helpful, thank you. It informs how I will vote next time around.

  2. I live in Washington County District 6. . All I can say is I am embarrassed that we evidently can find no one better than the present batch of woke, moonbat, snowflakes, progressives, socialists that we have to choose from election after election. They do not represent me or my interests . I am given no choice but to bite my tongue, clinch my butt cheeks, and vote for the lesser of evils, and that sucks !

    • You’re correct – they don’t represent your interests. They represent the moderate views of the vast majority of Vermonters – those who voted for them. The Republican Party cannot even recruit candidates for many seats in the legislature because most people don’t want to be associated with the extreme view espoused by the tiny MAGA wing of the party. As long as the Republican Party in Vermont panders to the extremists in its ranks, Democrats will run the show. Republicans across the board (with the exception of moderate Phil Scott) got trounced in the last election.

      • You hit the nail on the head. If you look at the make up of the legislature, it is the center and center right Republicans who win. The far right does not win generally speaking especially not the ones espousing, conspiracy, theories, or focusing on issues that do not resonate with the voters of Vermont, whether or not, they’re legitimate issues is another story. If the constituency does not support you, you will not win. How things are said matters. And whether some people like to admit it or not, we are held to a different standard than Democrats.

  3. These pos leave us no other choice then to pack up and leave the state so the Elites can have my house and property.. I hope they enjoy it, because I love where I live, and now because of this nonsense woke crap, I have to move after 64 years of living in VT. And I am not HAPPY about it either, but I’m not putting up with these dingbats and woke government. We are being chased out of our homes.

  4. So, it’s OK to issue an M-16 to an 18yr. old to defend USA “interests”, but it’s not OK for him to OWN a semi-automatic variant? A Glock 19 with a threaded barrel is now an “assault weapon”?