RNC committeeman Shepard starts Throw-up Thursday

On Robert Chernin’s “Of The People” podcast, Republican conservative activist Jay Shepard has started a new weekly program he calls “Throw Up Thursday.”

Each week, Shepard discusses what makes him sick in politics that particular week. On the September 7 program, apparently it’s about masks but not just face masks. Biden and his administration are masking the truth devastation that they are causing this country and Shepard, AKA Jay The Republican, has some feelings about that.

The Rumble-based program is co-hosted by Republican/Libertarian candidate and podcaster Erica Redic.

In the August 31 episode, Jay The Republican goes in on Vivek or as Jay is calling him, ViFake Ramaswamy. Is he a real candidate? A Plant? Is he really a Republican or someone that will champion Republican positions? Or is he just playing a game for fame? Let’s have the discussion, all with a healthy dose of irreverence.

Shepard, a video and communications consultant, is a Director of The American Center for Education and Knowledge, a 501-c3 non-profit committed to protecting the ideals of individual rights, freedom of will and personal responsibility while defending American exceptionalism. He was elected as the National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee for Vermont in both 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Shepard has served as RNC Vice Chair and on the RNC Executive Committee. He is currently a member of the RNC standing Committee on Rules, The Faith Advisory Board and Grassroots Committee. He was previously the National Director of Catholic Engagement for the RNC. In addition, Jay was a member of the Platform Committee, the Committee on Permanent Organization, Rules Committee, and the Committee on Arrangements at RNC National Conventions.”

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  1. Does he DO anything else? Could it be possible for the RNC to find victory anywhere? Not impressed by this guy.

  2. Everytime I hear the name Jay Shepard I wanna throw up, his title is perfect. He preys on candidates like Christina Nolan, milking consultation fees & horrible media advice. Shepard’s mayonnaise ad for Nolan was the dumbest messaging EVER.

    Jay’s the VTGOP grifter, let’s all throw up in unison!

  3. 6,289,643 Covid hospitalizations, 1,139,457 Dead Americans. Deaths UP 17% over the last week recorded. New virus mutations found. This guy makes this nurse want to Throw Up. The United States has the LOWEST INFLATION. FACT. Throw Up again.
    Republican Party Platform? NONE. Throw Up. U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force promotions BLOCKED. Throw Up. Feeding America’s children? Nope.1,139,457Throw Up.
    “Throw-Up Thursdays”? Nope. GOP makes people dedicated to caring for people Throw Up EVERY DAY. Sad? Disgusting? Horrific? Well, yes.

    • Nurse Ratched. Happy you are retired and even happier you never took care of me or any of my unvaccinated loved ones

    • It’s very poor scientific method to cherry pick statistics and even more reprehensible to utilize incorrect statistics when attempting to make a point or debate. Thorough and rigorous analysis of the data does not support your attempts to instill fear. It does point out quite remarkably, the lengths some people will go to get a rise out of others. I would recommend to all the commenters to avoid responding or acknowleging this particular commenter. It is not a good idea to engage. Only encourages them and makes them feel powerful. People soon tire if they don’t get the feedback they desire. And they move on.

  4. CO2 poisoning? Well, in my decades in The Unit, ER, etc. while working with doctors, nurses, RTs, I must have witnessed thousands of us passing out from masking many hours on end. Bodies dropping everywhere. Your surgeon coughing into your open incision, mask off, to avoid passing out.

    • Maybe you should suggest that President Biden wear his mask when standing directly next to an elderly Medal of Honor recipient, when his own wife, “Doctor” Jill Biden has just tested positive for COVID…

  5. “The mask over Lady Justice’s eyes” You mean the blindfold? Are you completely unaware that this is the most conservative court in history? What reality do you live in? Where are these mask mandates that currently don’t exist? (and won’t cuz no one on either side is going back to wearing a mask) Why make up strawmen when there are real issues like the economy that you can attack the Democrats about?

    I threw up all right, but not for the reasons you think.

  6. Propaganda works. Endless psyops work. Not only here, but across the globe. The reality being forced upon humanity is what is good is bad, what is bad is good. Any independent, open-minded, critical thinker sees and hears the Truth, while all others are lost in the wilderness of mind control psyops and witchcraft. For more details, open and read the Bible to see how it all plays out over 2000 years and counting. We are in times of great sorrow and great evil is everywhere doing what evil does – control and destroy anything and everthing in it’s path. No fear here, God is in control. Those who continue to mock God and turn away from Him, woe onto them. Those who believe and are faithful are spared the wrath of His judgement. Stay intuned and pray without ceasing. The incessant babbling (Babel) from the left and right holds no power and no authority without the Word to back it up.

  7. Mr. Shepard was on the WVMT Morning Drive show a few months ago. I called in to ask Mr. Shepard why he supported the 24 VT State transrepublican representatives that voted for H89.
    He answered that isn’t the only issue. What he should have said was the VTGOP Platform doesn’t mean anything. Maybe that is why he campaigned statewide for Ms. Nolan. Maybe that is why he supports people who lie to Conservative Vermonters that have placed the unborn, our children and grandchildren at risk.
    The hypocrisy makes me want to throw up.

    Paul Dame and Tom Koch have failed Conservative Vermonters. There are fewer Republicans in the State Legislature than before Dame was elected State Chairman.
    Dame and Koch’s goal was to open the Party to anyone that claimed to be a Republican so there would be more numbers in the State House. Not only did they fail, their Big Tent agenda gave VT Conservatives Liam Madden, who openly boasted about not being a Republican. It also gave them Jarrod Sammis who left the party after his election and became a Libertarian.
    They supported Christina Nolan as the U.S. Senate candidate despite Ms. Nolan’s admission to supporting abortion thru the 2nd Trimester, over 99% of all abortions. She also vowed to fight to codify Roe V Wade in all 50 States.
    Gerald Malloy was the 100% Pro Life and Constitutional candidate and they refused to support him.
    They continue to support the 24 Transrepublican VT Representatives who voted for H 89, the Law which gives the State the right to take your child regardless of their age to sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy your child. It goes further to make it possible for the State to arrest you and any medical provider who refuses to give up the child, while providing protections for anyone who does abuse the child.
    Phil Scott, Benning, Parent and other Transrepublicans support this also.
    Dame has boasted multiple times about Scott being the most popular Governor in America. What Dame won’t tell you is Scott receives the vast majority of his votes, 60 – 70% from democrats.
    If you don’t care or you have given up, disregard this.
    If your children and grandchildren are worth fighting for, you must get involved.
    Here’s how, you must go to your Town or County VTGOP meetings and become a member. You must become a delegate to have a vote.
    Share this with everyone you know who is sick of watching evil win.

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