Right to Life to hold final January march this Saturday

Vermont Right to Life will hold its 50th (and Final) March for Life Saturday, January 28 in Montpelier. 

At this year’s Rally for Life, Vermont Right to Life will say “goodbye” to Roe v. Wade. They will “celebrate”, in June, the US Supreme Court Decision, Dobb’s v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization, that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Guest speaker Savannah Craven of Students for Life will speak at the post-rally banquet at Capitol Plaza on Main Street. 

There are many ways to participate in this event.

9:30AM ~ Join us for prayer services sponsored by the Lighthouse Christian Church and the Catholic Diocese. The Lighthouse Christian Church is located at 3 St. Paul Street in Montpelier, Vermont St. Augustine’s Catholic Church is located at 16 Barre Street in Montpelier, Vermont

10:45AM ~ Rallyers will march to the State House steps for photo. All participants will gather behind the City Hall at 10:45 for the March to the Capitol. Pro-life signs will be provided by the Vermont Right to Life Educational Trust.

11:15-11:30AM ~ Photos of participants will be taken and there will be short opening remarks.

Noon ~ a deli-buffet luncheon with guest speakers at the Capital Plaza Hotel in the Governor’s Ballroom (reservations required, $20, scholarships for students and young adults).

Craven will speak about being pro-life in the Post Roe generation.

Call the Vermont Right to Life office at 802-229-4885 or email for information about potential scholarships to cover the cost of this event for our youth.

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  1. Fact: Vermont will never again elect a Pro Life candidate. To field conservative candidates carrying this torch only assures continued election of legislators soft on Fentanyl trafficking, 2nd amendment erosion, pro carbon tax, anti industry, anti hunting & trapping, critical race theory brain washing, and mental health of gender confused children. Time to campaign on rebuilding industry so Vermonters can afford their own homes.

  2. Fact ; Vermonters did elect a Pro Life Candidate this cycle. Representative Charles Wilson won the Caledonia 3 District. Not only 100% Pro Life, Charles believes in and supports the Constitutions of VT and America 100%.
    Fact ; The disillusionment of the Republican Party by the VTGOP not only allowing but encouraging the Big Tent agenda of Chair Paul Dame and Rules Committee Chair Tom Koch were responsible for the fraud Liam Madden’s run as a Republican. Fact ; They are also responsible for supporting eight candidates who supported Prop 5 / Article 22, which included Scott and Benning.
    Fact ; The abandonment of the VTGOP Platform is responsible for many Republicans leaving the party and not voting.
    Fact ; The election of Representative Wilson is a victory for every Vermonter that believe Life begins at conception and that the Founding of our Country and the Constitutions are Law and must be followed.
    Fact ; Representative Wilson’s victory is an anomaly in a Sea of marxism and the loss of several very good Republicans will make it difficult for Charles.
    Fact ; He will stand up and represent those who voted for him.
    Fact ; Your words pissed VTer prove you have given up.
    Fact ; That is exactly what the marxists in the Legislature and Governors office want you to do.
    Fact ; Representative Wilson received no support from either the VTGOP or the Caledonia County GOP. Must be they agree with you.
    Fact ; I don’t, which is why I supported Representative Wilson from the beginning of his campaign all the way thru to his victory.
    Fact ; Representative Wilson’s victory has given faith to other Vermonters. Some of whom are currently running for local office.
    Fact ; Representative Wilson knew what he would be facing and chose to step up.

  3. Good for these young people. If there’s ever a chance to restore society to a more peaceful and compassionate state, it’s these kind of people who will do it. Over the course of my 60 years I’ve witness the slow and steady increase in lawlessness, societal disruption through technology and a general lack of compassion for life. Vermont is center stage in this slow decline to dystopia. It starts with supporting the idea for life. Progressives can use all the euphemism’s they want to disguise the true nature of killing infants in the womb. These are the same people who think it’s OK to late term human beings and also to prevent life saving measures for these infants who do survive. Can there be anything more despicable? Is there any wonder why Vermont is slowly sliding into the dystopian abyss? It’s great to see these young people promote life but I’m convinced there’s no way you can shame this progressive cult into supporting high ideals and high level principles. Vermont is in for a dystopian ride for a generation or two.

  4. The choice is to build or destroy. I’ve been criticized for years for supporting a “divisive” issue.