Right to Life informs about Prop 5 in Morrisville Jan. 12

Mary Beerworth, Executive Director of Vermont Right to Life Committee, will speak about Proposition 5 at the Crosby Center (behind Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish church) in Morrisville at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Beerworth will provide information on Proposition 5, a proposal to amend Vermont’s Constitution to enshrine ‘full reproductive autonomy’ there.

The talk will be livestreamed.

Vermont Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski – former lead lobbyist for Planned Parenthood – has said the House will act on Prop 5 in February. If approved there, it will go to a statewide referendum on Election Day in November of this year.

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  1. Mary Beerworth spoke at a fundraiser for Futures Pregnancy Care in Lyndonville held in October at Union Baptist Church. Her message is very informative as all the hidden damages, aside from abortion, that Proposition 5 will bring forth if it as passed when voted on by the people in November’s election. The wording of the proposed Constitutional Amendment is so obfuscated that almost anything will be Constitutionally allowed including; abortion up to the last second in delivery rooms, forcing ALL medical care personnel to participate in abortions, eliminate parents notification of minor children’s decision to about or seek transgender procedures, and the list goes on.

    In short, I highly recommend going and hearing Marry Beerworth speak so you will be informed, something that our legislature does NOT want people to be, and you can pass the information on to family and friends. This Proposition was intentionally written to hide the real truth of what these liberals and progressives are trying to accomplish. Don’t be fooled . . . be informed.

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