Retired, fixed-income reader: “Give what you can, this website is priceless”

by Steve Merrill

I’m retired & on a “fixed income” yet I send Guy a donation whenever I can. It’s worth it, every penny. And if I can send him a check then so can other readers.

Digger sends darn near daily e-mail requests for funds yet they get massive grants & Lib Cash.

They have streets named after them too – “One Way.” Just try and comment on any other outlets/websites. They don’t care what readers think or they would allow comments.

Not so here! As Guy will attest, sometimes the comments are as good as the articles. Give what you can, this website is priceless.

The author lives in Troy and produces the video news program, “It’s News To Us.” He was a regular on Gov. Phil Scott’s Zoom press conferences, asking probing questions about the pandemic response, before being kicked off the queue of reporters because he was not deemed to be a ‘real journalist.’

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Steve…a subscription helps this site to continue to bring us current and valuable news…it is part of my morning regimen every day to read all VDS articles and especially the commentaries…I feel right at home here among likeminded friends who share the precious values that are needed right here in Vermont and throughout the nation…help Guy keep this important site going and growing…as Steve says, “It’s worth it, every penny.”

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