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VT Headlines: Rep. Becca Balint moves to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene

Photo courtesy Becca Balint for U.S. Congress
NBC 5FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried testifies at fraud trial
WCAXVt. leaders celebrate Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge anniversary
NBC 5Rep. Becca Balint moves to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene
NBC 5UVM unveils new solar research and training facility
WCAXOfficials seek feedback on Vt. EMS services ahead of legislative session
VT DiggerTop health care contractor at Springfield prison has long history of diverting opioids
WCAXVt. trapping season gets underway

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  1. Balint is an embarrassment. MTG isn’t flying a Palestinian flag outside her Congressional office like one of Balint’s comrades, rather, her allegiance is to the American flag and the United States Constitution. I’ll take that any day over someone who is compromised by accepting questionable donations, aka bribes.

    • No instead she accuses the Jews of controlling the media, government, and starting wildfires with space lasers. (Which probably would come in handy right now) totally normal

      • You should do some homework because they do and they do exist. The laser they use is called IRON BEAM. Do you know anything about lasers, I do and if you can shoot from the ground then it is only obvious that they can set something up in space. They have internet that goes into space, just as a simple example. Try doing some homework oops I repeat myself.

      • I’ve done my homework and she was describing them in the context of starting the California wildfires in 2018. Is that what Iron Beam being used for? You should do less homework and work more if you only made 15k last year because you’re not as clever as you think you are. You’re not as clever as you think you are. Ooopsie

  2. This is a way to get cred from the progressives here and the commies at the federal statehouse, nothing more. Like when punks go to prison and their buddies think this it is wonderful. She is a nobody doing nothing except screeching to collecting a check, for what is it now about $170,000 a year. Which is at least 11 times what, I a poor Vermonter, makes form the same gubment.

    • OK Chris, let’s dance,
      Lasers are on ships in the sea to stop incoming missiles. Lasers are on jets to send out beams to stop missiles. on helicopters and on and on.

      No you have done NO homework, you apparently just like to insult people. I am amazed your comment is actually here .
      Sounds like a personal attack.
      Lasers that produce enough heat to start a fire have been around since the 80s with only power being the only issue to make them more portable. I know that a troll usually has no time to actually look up some real proof of things so I not wanting to be an enabler in you actually having a original thought. You bring up my income as a stain, you are some kind of troll who wants to hurt my feelings. NOPE! Iron beam was and is being used by IDF to shoot down missiles coming into Israel. I changed my mind, here is an article from 2021 from the ARMY.


      The future is not so far away and they have stuff you probably don’t believe exists but does especially for crowd control. All based on lasers and sound. Like I said do some homework, stop just using your computer to look at porn in mommy’s basement.

  3. Have you heard how she discribes thw new Speaker of the House ? According to her he’s a right wing, soul sucking Christian ! Heaven forbid !

  4. She should be censured for taking $1.6 million in FTX ill gotten gains. She has not returned it nor has Peter Welch. This is where all those glossy post cards came from.Specifically $100,000 for campaign funds for her. It has been reported that Sam Bankman Fried was sending millions to “woke” candidates. To get them on the ballots. Not tha he agreed with their agenda. She can call names all she wants. She only represents the 0.01%. Not any other Vermonters!!

  5. Balint would do well to assume a level of humility. She was elected only because she effectively ran unopposed. She may be the least qualified congressman in Washington. And that’s saying something.

    • Oh, no, I have to disagree NEK Patriot. The least qualified congressman in Washington is AOC followed immediately by several other people who have no business pretending to be adults, much less in Congress. Just sayin’.

  6. How did we ever allow that idiot to run unopposed. Even the lame brained democrats should be embarrassed they allowed her to run. You can write me in if you have no one else, at least give her a challenge.

    • RE: “How did we ever allow that idiot to run unopposed?” Outstanding question. We can thank Vermont’s Republican committee. Imbeciles that handed Vermont to the progressives. I and a thousand others have professional credentials and leadership skills far beyond what Balint offers. Yet, no search was done for an ELECTABLE candidate to challenge her. Time to forcefully derail the Republican committee leadership.

  7. I’m not a big fan of MTG. Lacks finesse, a certain je ne sais quoi. But I would not prevent her from speaking or block any other of her Constitutionally guaranteed rights, unlike Congresswoman Balint, the grandchild of a victim of Nazi Germany, who would take away all your rights because it makes someone feel “unsafe”.

    • Yup, I have to tell folks from out of state that I’m the one that did not vote for Boinne Sanders !

  8. Balint is serving the schemes of satan, and the ignorant electorate of Vermont is perpetuating it…research and becoming knowledgeable before voting next time is sorely needed, but lemmings will simply fall over the cliffs because of mindless roboticism..this is the bane of the American future…it is written, it will happen…read the Bible, learn and understand

  9. I think that Becca Balint and MTG should have a WWE Steel Cage Match on Pay Per View, I’d watch that. Bets on who would win anyone? A person who ran a construction or a do nothing Communist.

  10. We had three stooges before the last election, we still have three. Same book, just different pages.

    • We still have the Three Stooges. Larry, (Boinnie) Curly, (Welch) and SheMoe, or Shmoe, (Balint)

  11. I’m sure MTG is shaking in her stilleto heels. Tit-for-tat as Rashida Tlaib caused an insurrection a week ago with protestors storming the Capitol and being looked at for being a domestic t-you-know what. Being Becca is a sorority-Squad-sister-in training, release the hounds is the order of the Dem/Progs.