Redistricting cause of Senate page snafu on election website, SOS says

Screenshots show GOP Windham Senate race dropped 300 votes in 15 hours

by Guy Page

A spokesman for the Vermont Secretary of State (SOS) has apologized for the lack of information about state senate results from the August 9 primary. The “senate” tab has not been visible on the Election Night Reporting page since Tuesday night.

SOS hopes to have all results reported and certified by the county election officials by tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, screenshots show that the Windham County race actually dropped by 300 total votes in 15 hours from Tuesday night to the following afternoon, based on Associated Press statistics reported on VPR website. Some news operations gather election returns directly from town clerks, rather than rely on the Vermont Secretary of State.

This morning, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed this question to Eric Covey, spokesperson for the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. “Hi Eric Trying to find more information on the Windham Senate race. What’s the problem with the page? When can we expect results? Thanks.”

The Windham County race between independent/Republican Mark Coester, Richard Kenyon, and Richard Morton was – at last official report – separated by just a handful of votes.

At 12:35 pm, VDC received this email reply from Covey.

“It is important to note that all results are unofficial and preliminary until they are carefully reviewed and certified as per the deliberate process laid out in state law. Preliminary results reporting is completely separate from the tabulation, counting and certification of official results.

“Our vendor has, so far, been unable to correct an issue with a narrow subset of how Senate races are appearing from Election Night Reporting (ENR), as a result of redistricting. Our focus is on the process by which the Town Clerks submit their official returns of vote, and the certification of those official returns by the respective canvassing committees.

“Following the election, the Clerks have 48 hours to submit their official return of votes. Senate and County results are certified by the County Clerk’s canvassing committee on Friday morning. Statewide results are certified by the statewide canvassing committee on Tuesday, August 16.

“At this time, I would encourage you to contact the Town Clerks directly if you need their unofficial results for a race not appearing in our election night reporting site. After the County Clerks hold their canvasses tomorrow at 10am, you could get the Senate/County official results from the County Clerks.”

“I apologize that we are not able to provide the convenience of the ENR site in these limited cases,” Covey said.

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    • Interesting 🤨 I guess if you can read code you’ll have your answers…. We demand better than this!

  1. Glad to hear the new software and a third-party vendor have our selection season well under control. Maybe we can be more like Michigan and just post the results before the election even happens! When can we expect a memo from Mr. Condos explaining how our democracy here in the Banana Republic has conducted the fairest, safest, most effective selection cycle of our generation?

    • Thank you Mark. Running an election should be about accountability and competence. I suspect SOS is striving for those things, at least will give them benefit of the doubt at this time. My guess is that some town that WAS in the Windham District was included in the original count and oh, whoopsy, they discovered it and……oh my. Wait until county certification Friday AM. That’s one possible explanation. I really don’t know.

      • That would not account for 2 separate reductions . No Excuse is good enough for slipshod election process . The Vermont Constitution, Specifically calls for Pure Elections . Not Fake Voters with over inflated Voter royals

  2. The news agencies call the various Town Clerks to get the numbers? Do they manually tabulate them together to get the preliminary totals?

  3. Personally I do not remember a time when in Vermont there was a race that wasn’t counted until a couple of days later.

    Literally the same year that we get Dominion machines (branded Dominion machines) suddenly we have to wait just like all those other states for a decision on who won? It sure seems like a selection to me, one in which they’re having a hard time deciding.

    Now I don’t live in Windham county but I would be expecting a public hand recount immediately. County wide.

    Then I ask if you can’t have results immediately on that night that are accurate and trustworthy what is the point of having a machine do it?

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