Reader: “I recommend the VDC to all my like-minded friends, and some who are not”

Editor’s preamble: Waiting in my post office box Saturday morning was this letter from a Windsor reader and retiree. Hand-written in an orderly, elegant cursive that is sadly becoming a relic of our public education past, this letter gave my spirits an indescribable lift.

Dear Mr Page:

I’ve been a subscriber for some time now. I’m sending a small contribution in appreciation of your efforts and coverage of news that goes unreported in local papers like the Valley News. My neighbor shares that paper with me. I don’t have cable, so I don’t see news on TV, and until discovering the Vermont Daily Chronicle had to search online for news from the legislature or other issues impacting the state of Vermont and its citizens.

Shortly after you sent out some questions for readers’ opinions, my computer died, so I lost the ability to answer until I had it repaired. To make a long story short, I appreciate very much that the subscription is free. Social Security, even with the raise this year, still leaves me operating on a shoestring. I recommend the VDC to all my like-minded friends, and some who are not. Hopefully they also subscribe. 

I’m fearful of the current trends with our one-party rule in Vermont, because it is making life here discouragingly unaffordable. But the heads up you provide regarding proposed legislation is a launching pad for my efforts to write to them either in opposition or approval (mostly in opposition these days). It seems to me they have forgotten what it means to Serve the People unless it affects the small vocal group seeking their own ends, regardless of expense. Lest I sound too much like a curmudgeon, I’ll close here. 

(Name withheld)

PS – I often think of your paper as the modern version of Paul Revere’s ride. Keeping us informed and aware also enjoy the perspectives written by others on various issues like climate and gender.

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  1. Another great reason to subscribe to the Daily Chronicle…and loved the reference to the “hand-written orderly, elegant cursive” … the way we were brought up and taught years ago, instead of just learning a keyboard.

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