Race-based bills, initiatives listed

by John Klar

Vermont’s Legislature has embraced a panoply of race-based bills during the 2021-22 session, including:

  • H.268 seeks to legalize prostitution, claiming that its prohibition was “historically … used to prosecute men of color for having relationships with women.”  (In fact, Vermont banned prostitution in response to national feminist fervor.) Status: Currently in House Judiciary Committee, whose chair Maxine Grad is one of the bill’s sponsors.
  • H.273 would create a “BIPOC Land Bank” for “Black and Indigenous People of Color” to be granted money to purchase farmland.  The Bill alleges (among other bald slanders) that Vermont excluded blacks from farmland using Jim Crow and sharecropping laws. Currently in House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee.
  • H.210 alleges that racial health and other disparities in Vermont are caused by “systemic racism” without regard to the influx of refugees and other low-income people “of color.” Enacted into law May 18.
  • S.25 allows black residents (“social equity applicants”) to receive loans, or fee reduction, to grow or sell cannabis. Enacted into law June 7.
  • Vermont House Devotionals have been used to vilify Vermont and its residents.

Bills that did not pass this year may be brought up for consideration in 2022, the second year of the biennium.

Concurrently, Vermont’s academic and executive circles have fueled the race focus:

  • Vermont’s newly minted (and recently arrived from NYC) “executive director of racial equity” has claimed that Vermont’s land-use laws (and CO2 deadlines) are racist and has scorned Vermont’s dairy farms.
  • Vermont’s police have been maligned as racists based on arrest disparities without consideration of the state-of-origin of suspects — in the midst of a heroin and fentanyl scourge.
  • Governor Scott has been quick to condemn Vermonters as racists.
  • COVID relief funds for sole proprietorships were distributed to minority but not white applicants

Most disturbingly, the indoctrination of Vermont’s public-school children with CRT is in full swing.  Segregating citizens by race in safe spaces has become commonplace in Vermont.  Now public schools will allow “students of color” to move to separate rooms during race discussions, and violent, white-hating poetry is being endorsed in school curricula.  (“Discrimination” is necessary, per the “theory” of CRT, to redress and cure discrimination.)

CRT seeks to eliminate First Amendment and other constitutional protections, in order to craft a novel society based on race and other identity attributes.  It posits no foreseeable end to this cycle of recrimination, offering not even the pretense of a world in which the MLK standard of “judge by character, not skin color” might be achievable.  This was exhibited in Vermont when a high school student who criticized CRT at a school board meeting was fired from his lifeguard position as punishment for his speech.

Thomas Sowell warns that no society in human history has achieved “equity” in the form of universally equal outcome — it is impossible.  But this does not dampen the allure of what Sowell dubs the “seemingly invincible fallacy” of CRT — that all racial disparities are necessarily the product of discrimination by white people.

Vermont is the ideal Petri dish to prove the fallacy of Critical Race Theory.  It is inequitable in distribution of resources, contemptuous of Vermont’s rural culture and abolitionist history, and divisive.  CRT is offensive to both moderate (MLK) Democrats and traditional conservatives.

Once dragged into the light of discussion and analysis, CRT will fail in Vermont, as it is failing across America.  It is racist opportunism dressed up as enlightened Utopia.  Vermont’s poor, white, rural inhabitants have witnessed equally pernicious liberal elite efforts previously — in the eugenics and lobotomy movements.

They won’t be fooled again

(Editor’s note: the op-ed above was excerpted from a longer piece published in the June 25 American Thinker)

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  1. Oh yeah, of course,…Here we go…Everything based on race from here on out and all of that backed up with “proof” by the fake Capital Hill insurrection on Jan 6…Already, any disagreement with the Dem’s version of the events of Jan. 6th, gets you a domestic terrorist label…Even talking about illegalities in the November Presidential election can afford you your professional credentials or right to work (Ask Mayor Rudy Giuliani)…Trying to peacefully protest is now a frightening thing to do for those of us on the right since Jan 6th…We’re either infiltrated with saboteurs from the left or physically attacked by the likes of BLM and/or Antifa, which are nothing more than Brown Shirts, initiated and organized by the left…They never seem to face justice…I could go on and on…Sadly.

    • It’s very interesting that the more information coming out regarding the january 6th incident at the capitol points to the democrats having more involvement in the insurrection than Trump supporters…

      I saw a video today of a gentleman who has several videos to share with the FBI and the news stations regarding the insurrection and the instigators.

      After much research this gentleman with the videos can not find any of the people that actually perpetrated violence in this event even being searched out by the FBI for interrogation.

      The same gentleman has offered these videos to news stations and no one wants to handle them.

      The videos that the white house has from january 6th should be exposed to all americans to view yet they continue to hide them. Just what are they hiding?

      We are dealing with the most corrupt government in the state of vermont and in the white house that has ever been forced upon us.

      Doesn’t it seem pretty ironic that the department of justice is suing georgia for trying to stop voter fraud in their elections..

      We keep being told we had the most secure elections ever in the 2020 election however democrats and the lawyers and the department of justice refuse to call for an audit of elections in every state to back up their claims.

      They have even gone so far as to block the audits that are taking place.

      Somebody please tell me who the corrupt people are in America and why they would be trying to block this process.

      Americans better wake up!

  2. These bills are racist ! That they propose to “put the shoe on the other foot” does not make them ant less racist or acceptable. Those that wrote, and support this should be voted out ! Affirmative action forever ! ???????????

  3. When the LEFTIST / COMMUNIST in MONTPECULIAR are done pleasing EVERYONE, NO ONE WILL BE HAPY with the results.

  4. “Reverse” racism is: RACISM. This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, I ask: WHERE are the Constitutional attorneys who are going to OPPOSE this?????

    Federal Law PROHIBITS discrimination based upon race! WTF (pardon my initials) is going down here???!!! And Ralph (above) is SPOT ON!

  5. I think the Progs and Lefties are now beyond the rabid frothing at the mouth stage. They seem to have taken to the “racism” theme like junkies to crack cocaine. They can’t get enough – they are now addicted to their “racisms”. This does go hand in hand with their other addictions – power and money – stealing money that doesn’t and never belonged to them – stealing elections that they would never win. They are really that pathetic and worthless – that is the root of all their hatred and inability to succeed at anything.

  6. I just notice the U-Tube video attachment of the Who, Won’t get fooled again. I’ve always loved that album, (Who’s Next) What are you suggesting Guy/Mr Klar ??? Poignant, prophetic, and yet borne out in history again, and again isn’t it ?
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss……..

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