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Quebec bans unvaxxed from major retailers

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) provides links and brief excerpts from news reports in the national media.

Quebec Bans Unvaxxed From Buying Groceries at Major Retailers Unless They Are Accompanied By a ‘Health Warden,’ Who Will Ensure They Only Buy Food and Medicine | 27 Jan 2022 | The Canadian province of Quebec has officially banned unvaccinated individuals over 12 years old from shopping at big box stores, including Walmart and Costco, unless they are accompanied by a “health warden” that will supervise their every move and only allow them to purchase extremely limited goods, such as food or medicine. The dystopian segregation policy went into effect January 24 and applies to any retail stores that are over 1500 square meters.

GoFundMe freezes more than 4 million d-llars raised for Canadian truckers protesting vax mandates| 25 Jan 2022 | Fundraising website GoFundMe has frozen access to over 4 million raised for the trucker convoy headed to Ottawa in protest of Canada’s vaccine mandates. The fundraising platform is still accepting donations to the campaign, but it is unclear at this stage when the group will have access to the money. “Funds will be safely held until the organizer is able to provide the documentation to our team about how funds will be properly distributed,” Rachel Hollis, a spokeswoman for the crowd-funding platform, said in an email. According to Canadian media, as of Tuesday morning over 55,000 people had donated over 4.2 million dollars to the campaign, which seeks to put an end to the dictatorial COVID-19 mandates that have been imposed on Canadians nationwide. Of particular concern was the implementation of Justin Trudeau’s federal vaccine mandate for truckers that barred “unvaccinated” truckers from making cross border deliveries.

11,000-Truck, 93-Mile-Long ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests Canada’s Vaccine Mandate, as Government Digs in Heels | 26 Jan 2022 | As the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers protesting Canada’s vaccine mandates rolled through southeast Alberta, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday slammed conservative politicians, accusing them of fear-mongering. The 11,000-truck, 93-mile long convoy is traveling from the country’s westernmost province, British Columbia, toward Ottawa, the country’s capital, where they will hold a demonstration on Jan. 29. The truckers said they will not leave until the mandates are lifted. The Toronto Star reported the convoy drew “large crowds of supporters from across the region, many holding signs and waving flags.”

NATO member will withdraw troops in event of war with Russia – president –Croatian President Zoran Milanovic blamed the US for escalating the crisis and said his country would stay out of a conflict | 26 Jan 2022 | With tensions growing on the border between Russia and Ukraine, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has announced that Zagreb will pull its troops out of NATO contingents stationed in the region should the situation spiral into a full-scale conflict. Speaking on Tuesday in a televised address, the leader said he sees “reports that NATO – not a separate state, not the US – is increasing its presence and sending reconnaissance ships.” He insisted that Zagreb’s authorities “have nothing to do with it and we won’t have anything to do with it, I guarantee you that.” “Not only will we not send the military, but if there is an escalation, we will recall every last Croatian military man,” Milanovic said. “This has nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia, it has to do with the dynamics of American domestic politics, Joe Biden and his administration, which I supported.” However, the Croatian president pointed out that he “sees dangerous behavior in matters of international security.”

Wisconsin Assembly Unanimously Votes to Withdraw Biden’s 2020 Electoral Votes | 26 Jan 2022 | The Wisconsin Assembly has voted to officially withdraw Joe Biden’s 10 electoral votes, citing voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Last night, the Wisconsin Assembly has unanimously voted to withdraw its 10 electoral votes that contributed to the certification of Joe Biden’s controversial victory following the hotly contested 2020 presidential election. The legislation now heads to the Wisconsin Assembly Rules Committee, and then on to the Wisconsin Senate for confirmation.  

Biden confirms he’ll pick black woman to replace Breyer on SCOTUS | 27 Jan 2022 | Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, saying such a move was “long overdue.” In remarks from the Roosevelt Room at the White House, the president said he intended to settle on a choice before the end of February following a “rigorous” process and vowed his nominee would be “worthy of Justice Breyer’s legacy of excellence and decency.” Biden also indicated that Kamala Harris would play a key role in the selection process, calling her “an exceptional lawyer” and noting her past service as California’s attorney general, as well as on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire –Breyer to step down at the end of the current Supreme Court term early this summer | 26 Jan 2022 | Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, Fox News confirmed, setting Joe Biden up with the first opportunity to fill a vacancy on the high court. A source close to Breyer told Fox News that the justice will step down at the end of the current Supreme Court term early this summer. Breyer, who is 83, has been the subject of rampant speculation about his retirement. During his campaign, Biden promised that he would nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court.  

Breyer was relentlessly bullied by the left to get out before Republicans seize the Senate –Groups such as Black Lives Matter and Women’s March launched an effort calling for the justice’s retirement | 26 Jan 2022 | News of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s intention to retire comes after months of pressure from the left to hang up his robe in time for Joe Biden to name his replacement… Breyer also faced pressure from legal scholars, including a letter that was signed by 18 academics last year calling on him to step aside. Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, penned his own op-ed pleading for Breyer to announce his retirement. Progressive activist organizations also joined in on the chorus, with 13 groups such as Black Lives Matter and Women’s March launching a joint effort calling for his retirement.

OSHA Signals Pursuit for Permanent Jab Mandate After Supreme Court Loss | 26 Jan 2022 | The Biden regime announced Tuesday it is withdrawing an emergency order forcing private companies with 100 employees or more to inoculate or constantly test their workers for Covid-19, instead opting to push for a permanent rule. This comes just a couple of weeks after the Supreme Court of the United States decided to block the administration’s previous Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate on private businesses. According to a draft of the memo that will be published in the Federal Register, the agency will be withdrawing the temporary order on Wednesday. The agency reportedly continued to pressure companies to force Covid-19 inoculations on their employees regardless.

North Carolina zoo temporarily closing its bird habitat amid avian flu outbreak –Three cases of the avian flu have been identified in wild birds in the Carolinas | 25 Jan 2022 | The North Carolina Zoo is temporarily closing its aviary, which is home to more than 100 exotic birds from 36 species, amid an outbreak of avian flu in wild birds in the state. Three cases of avian flu were confirmed this month in the Carolinas, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Closing the Aviary is a preventive, precautionary measure to protect all our bird species at the Zoo as the disease can spread very quickly and is often fatal to them,” NC Zoo Director of Animal Health Dr. Jb Minter said this week. “The disease has so far only been found in a very few wild birds in North and South Carolina.”

Rep. Tenney calls for Biden’s impeachment after covert migrant flights revealed | 27 Jan 2022 | New York Republican lawmakers Nicole Malliotakis and Claudia Tenney blasted Joe Biden Thursday after leaked footage revealed migrants being flown to a suburban part of the state. “This is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed. His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security and to tell the truth to the American people,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told Fox & Friends. Leaked video shows migrants being transported on secret charter flights under the cover of night from southern border states to Westchester, New York. “The government is betraying the American people,” a federal contractor told a Westchester County police officer in a conversation recorded on the officer’s body camera on the tarmac of a Westchester airport on Aug. 13, 2021.

Three cops shot in Houston, search underway for suspect | 27 Jan 2022 | Three Houston cops were shot Thursday and the suspect is currently on the lam, police said. Houston PD said in a tweet the officers were shot in city’s Third Ward. The injured cops were brought to a local hospital and are in “stable condition,” according to a police update, but no more details about their injuries were provided.

NYPD patrol car tires slashed as crowds gather for vigil honoring fallen officers Jason Rivera, Wilbert Mora –Police tires slashed near vigil at NYPD’s 32 Precinct station house | 27 Jan 2022 | The tires of a half-dozen police vehicles, including those belonging to the NYPD, were slashed on Wednesday during a vigil honoring the fallen New York City officers who died after they were shot by a domestic violence suspect earlier this month, Fox News has learned. The tires on four New York Police Department patrol cars, an auxiliary van, and a police vehicle from Darien, Connecticut, were slashed sometime shortly around 6:30 p.m. local time Wednesday in Harlem, near a vigil at the NYPD’s 32 Precinct station house, Fox News confirmed Thursday morning. At the time, crowds had gathered at the station house around that time to honor officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, who were assigned to the precinct.

San Jose, California, votes to institute first-in-the-nation gun ownership requirements –Gun owners must pay a fee and carry liability insurance | 26 Jan 2022 | The San Jose City Council voted Tuesday night to adopt a first-in-the-nation ordinance requiring most gun owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance. The council split the vote into two parts: the first approving the bulk of the bill, including the insurance provisions and the second approving the fee provisions. The insurance vote passed 10-1 while the fees vote passed 8-3. The ordinance must be approved next month at its final reading in order to take effect in August.

New Jersey school district renames Woodrow Wilson High School, citing ‘racist values’ | 27 Jan 2022 | A New Jersey school district is changing the name of Woodrow Wilson High School due to the former president’s “racist values.” The Camden City School District changed high school’s name during Tuesday’s school board meeting, according to NJ.com. The change will be official when the 2022-2023 school year begins, and the school will be named “Eastside High School.” Several community members had raised concerns about the school being named after Wilson, an early twentieth-century Democrat who “expressed and demonstrated racist values,” district Superintendent Katrina McCombs told the news outlet.

Washington state school board removes classic novel from curriculum after complaints of racial insensitivity | 25 Jan 2022 | A Seattle-area school board has voted to remove the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird from the district’s ninth-grade reading curriculum after teachers, parents, and some students complained that it was racially insensitive. The Mukilteo School Board approved the resolution Monday night. District Superintendent Alison Brynelson has supported the move, according to a school board agenda. Though the novel has been removed from the required reading list, it is not outright banned and can still be found in the school library. A school board member told Fox News that teachers can still use the novel in the classroom if they so choose.

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  1. Quebec, a testing ground for the rest of Canada and the U.S?….If that’s tried here, it’ll be getting close to enacting the 2nd amendment in it’s full purpose and intent in my opinion..

    • The proverbial ‘Catch 22’. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

      The game being played here is serious, irreconcilable, and existential. Not only will there be winners and losers, the difference between winning and losing, for all sides, has become a matter of definitive self-defense. When one side wins, it survives, while the other side ceases to exist.

      Why must the game be existential, you ask – a matter of life and death?

      Because it takes but one side to reject compromise, to insist on the elimination of the other side, in its totality. And when just one side determines to fight to the death, the only choice left to the other side is to submit and be eliminated, or to fight – even when, to them, compromise is a reasonable outcome.

      On one side we have Collectivists. On the other, the Individualist.

      For the Collectivists there can be no compromise. If only one Individualist survives (let alone thrives), the basis for the Collective is threatened. For if just one Individualist can survive, so can others.

      The Individualist, on the other hand, and by definition, can make a gracious allowance not permitted by the Collectivists… to live, and let live. That a Collective exists is no threat to the autonomy of the Individualist – unless, of course, the Collectivists declare the Individualist an enemy of the Collective, to be destroyed at all costs, because the Individualist has committed the mortal sin of rejecting the Collectivist’s order.

      The absurdity of the Collectivist’s dogma is exemplified by the precept that one cannot even choose to be a Collectivist in the first place. We are what we are. Or, rather, we are what the Collectivists say we are… because, merely expressing a ‘choice’ is the epitome of committing the original mortal sin.

      Game on. Second Amendment? If it comes to that, so be it.

  2. I see it in a more simplified light…Get in the way of my ability to sustain my life will put yours in jeopardy.

  3. I think the article about Wisconsin from Gateway pundit included an honest mistake. The unanimous vote was on a different bill, but was interpreted as the assembly voting yes to take back those electoral college votes. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that.

  4. Pure Insanity….policies like this will KILL and economy and its citizens. Who will ever do business at any establishment that really does not serve the public? The implosion begins!

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