Prop 5 passes House, goes to voters Nov. 8

Adoptive mom Susie Connerty of Stowe asks lawmakers to vote against Prop 5. Page video

by Guy Page

Prop 5, the constitutional amendment to allow unrestricted abortion, passed the Vermont House by a 107-41 roll call vote today. The legislative process of amending the Vermont constitution has been completed. On Nov. 8, voters will decide in a statewide referendum whether to ratify the Legislature’s decision.

Only one Democrat voted against Prop 5: Rep. Michael Yantachka of Charlotte. Here is the complete list of those who voted no:

Achey of Middletown Springs  

Brennan of Colchester  

Burditt of West Rutland  

Canfield of Fair Haven  

Cupoli of Rutland City  

Dickinson of St. Albans Town  

Donahue of Northfield  

Fagan of Rutland City  

Feltus of Lyndon  

Goslant of Northfield  

Graham of Williamstown  

Gregoire of Fairfield  

Hango of Berkshire  

Helm of Fair Haven  

Higley of Lowell  

Labor of Morgan  

LaClair of Barre Town  

Lefebvre of Orange  

Marcotte of Coventry  

Martel of Waterford  

Mattos of Milton  

McCoy of Poultney  

McFaun of Barre Town  

Morgan of Milton  

Morgan of Milton  

Morrissey of Bennington  

Norris of Sheldon  

Page of Newport City  

Palasik of Milton  

Parsons of Newbury  

Peterson of Clarendon  

Rosenquist of Georgia  

Shaw of Pittsford  

Smith of Derby  

Smith of New Haven  

Strong of Albany  

Terenzini of Rutland Town  

Toof of St. Albans Town  

Williams of Granby  

Yantachka of Charlotte  

Harrison of Chittenden

At least three Republicans voted yes: Scott Beck of St. Johnsbury, Paul Martin of Franklin, and newcomer Matt Walker of Swanton, who was appointed to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Brian Savage. 

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    • Such a vaguely worded lie designed specifically to camouflage the true intent to the majority of Vermonters who will vote on this. Even the authors are blind to the bad and unintended consequences which are coming if this is adopted. So focused on the ego and the self they cannot see the evil. Let us pray for clarity and the veil of ignorance to be lifted.

  1. This is their proposed amendment:

    Sec. 2. Article 22 of Chapter I of the Vermont Constitution is added to read:
    Article 22. [Personal reproductive liberty]
    That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to
    the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be
    denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by
    the least restrictive means.

    Which literally says that the state can override your interests. Why would anyone vote for this?

    Does no one remember UVM and their project to stop people of color from having children….

  2. I’m speechless, who in their right mind would vote for this? Where is common sense?

  3. Get Ready for God’s Wrath. Vermont is ripe. It has crossed the line in the sand way back in time, and has not repented, and now it will reap what it has sown.

    • Remember….VT is the most Vaxxed state in the nation. The reaping shall begin soon. God shall not be mocked.

  4. As usual, THREE RINO “republican POSERS voted for this diabolical proposition! Remember their names. Say their names. And vote them OUT!!!

  5. They are all doing the bidding of planned parenthood who paid for their campaigns and helped them get elected or re-elected. Let’s open up everyone’s eyes to it because they show no remorse for their actions!!!!
    I want them OUT!!!! I don’t know if giving a reason such as immoral or unethical will work any longer? They don’t care what kind of damage it will do to anyone at any age-again I’ll say it-they just want to maintain their control over the state of Vermont. We have to show how it will hurt every minority and everyone has to fight back. The elites are telling you how to vote because they control you financially and are making you feel that you have no control but you do!!!! We all do!!!!!
    Because of this pandemic, mental health issues are skyrocketing. The CDC has said that during this pandemic increases of ER visits for suspected suicide attempts regarding 12-17 year olds has gone up30-50% different dates of it caused by isolation, lockdowns and drugs.
    Please try to imagine the mental health problems caused by abortions and not just for an adult woman which are very high but think of what it will do to children 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 year olds without parent involvement-how do you think they will be able to handle it??? Do you think children can handle gender reassignment surgery without parental consent? Do you want sex traffickers and pedophiles to get a free pass? Do you really think Vermont forefathers had this bill in mind when writing our Vermont constitution??? Today the vermont legislature has spoken—-they don’t care about what will happen to our children!!!! Keeping power is all they care about!!!!!! You can say NO!!!
    I say, NO!!!! Vote out the democrats across the board!!!! And send those three RInOS packing too. Mary

  6. Totally disheartened to see that two local House Republicans (?) voted YEA on Prop 5: Felisha Leffler of Enosburg and Matt Walker of Swanton.
    May God have mercy on you when you are eventually face-to-face. I will never put another Leffler sign in my yard again.

  7. If you believe in right to life, you’re wrong. If you believe in abortion rights, you’re wrong. How about the right to choose? Is that wrong? Deciding to have a child, or to abort a seed, is a right that women have and always should. Maybe we should go back to barefoot in the kitchen. If we, as women, vote against the right to choose, we are regressing to the 30’s. Oh, wait, now in the 30’s, we can’t vote! If you want to preach the bible, then you might as well live during those times. It seems no one thinks about the woman going through pregnancy. Then what? Give the baby away? That would screw me up more than an abortion. Keep the baby? That, my friends, is a whole lifetime of mental illness if a person cannot choose their future. As I grew up, I was always taught to respect the decision of others who are in this position. I still do. NO one has the right to tell Anyone else what is right or wrong for their own bodies, their own life. Ever.

    • “Deciding to have a child, or to abort a seed, is a right that women have and always should” – this is blatantly false, what about women who can’t have children, do they have a decision? Having a child should be a blessing not a curse as you make it out to be.

      “If you want to preach the bible, then you might as well live during those times” – you can be anti-religion all you want but do not bust down on other people’s religion. In my opinion with the attitude that you show if enough people are like that God’s going to put us back in that position anyways.

      “It seems no one thinks about the woman going through pregnancy.”. – I think what you mean to say here is nobody thinks about sex leading to pregnancy…

      “Anyone else what is right or wrong for their own bodies, their own life. Ever.” – the problem is it’s NOT JUST YOUR LIFE.

      I’ll put it to you this way I don’t believe in abortion at all I think it’s morally reprehensible. However we do have technology that allows us to do this safely (for the mother) and although I believe it’s morally wrong I think that there are reasons why someone would choose that and I just don’t agree with them. With that said the conversation from those were pro-abortion always says and thinks about the woman and her rights but they never seem to take into account the baby’s rights. I’ve held a baby at 29 weeks that was premature. That child has gone on to go to college and to be a wonderful human being. In my opinion the cut off for an abortion should really be about viability. Only then would we be talking about human rights and not your right to get laid.

    • Laurie Griggs, although I do not agree with you, “aborting a seed” does have room for debate. However, aborting a child’s body, one that is self supporting, the moment before it passes out of the mother’s womb is killing a fully sustainable life. What about that child’s right to have a choice to live? Or would you argue it should be YOUR choice to say “Doc, carry out the procedure and kill that living being”? Laurie, do you condone abortion up to the instant of birth? Yes or NO, as that is what the vote is about . . .

    • How about….YOU make your “choices” to exercise some self control and choose either to not have sex or refrain from sex when you are fertile?? How about YOU take the 5 total seconds out of your very busy “woke” day to use BIRTH CONTROL which is generally FREE or low cost?? How about you tell the supposed “men” in YOUR life to accept some responsibility for THEIR own “choices” and use birth control to prevent the pregnancy YOU don’t want???? The fact is? Most couldn’t care less.

      You are being PLAYED…..big time! Slaughtering your own progeny Laurie – is not your “choice”, it’s not the government’s “choice” – it is: murder. And do not spew forth the nonsense narrative about rape/incest which comprises approximately ONE percent of all abortions — men are using women by claiming they can sleep around like rabbits & it’s all “OK” because all you need is a simple “procedure” that can simply involve scalding your baby (yes….a FETUS is a baby as per Dictionary definition & as per the Latin word which means: unborn baby) with chemical acids, crushing your baby’s head with surgical implements or ripping off your baby’s appendages one by one as it bleeds to death, etc. etc.

      NO ONE has the right to tell anyone what is right or wrong for their bodies? Do you EVER watch news other than phony CNN or MSNBC or PBS?? Do you realize that this government has told millions of citizens they MUST get Covid19 vaccines?? That little children of all ages MUST wear masks? This is not about you, Laurie: You and your mate have made your “choices” – to have sex, to not use birth control, & once unhappily pregnant, to not choose adoption. This is about a separate, distinct individual with unique DNA from YOU who has the Constitutional right to life as you once did!!!

      Do you know that the State of VT, with the passage of this bill, wants a woman to opt to kill her own baby based on the fact that she doesn’t like its gender??? Think males get preferential treatment now, Laurie? Wait until even couples say they are aborting their baby because she is a girl. Like you once were. Like I once was.

      Abortion is: MURDER. It’s NOT about “choice”. Always.

    • Sometimes wanting is better than having. It may not be logical but is often true. You are more resilient than you could ever know. There is nothing like a newborn to teach a parent about a Copernicus revolution.

  8. “Compelling state interest” One legislator asked Rep Pugh, the sponsor of this bill what this term meant and to provide an example of it. Rep Pugh could not define it, nor give an example of what it means. When also asked if this bill would also permit the abortion of a baby at 8-1/2 months, she replied “No” There was a noticeably gasp from people in the audience just prior to taking the vote. These supporters of the Proposition 5 have written it so cloudy as to its meaning an application (except to leave it up to the courts to decide it later) and they cannot even tell us what it means.

    • The old Nancy Pelosi tactic, We have to pass it before we can figure it out. Bought and paid for legislators. Money and power over, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the unborn!

  9. This amendment proposal must be defeated!!! I will pray and fight for its defeat. In addition, I must say that I would not be surprised if the legislators who supported the proposal are supporters of decriminalizing prostitution. Evil notions beget more evil notions. May Jesus forgive us our sins and protect us from ourselves.

  10. When you look up Vermont prop5 on Ballotpedia , you can see WHO is funding the Darkside . The Infanticide crowd and THEY have MONEY…Lots of MONEY. The Pro-life groups??? $778.00 The other side …..$180,000. They are ready to put their money where their pieholes are. WE are not.

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