Lawmakers, abortion providers attack pregnancy centers’ right to message

By Guy Page

Progressives in the Vermont Legislature next year will once again try to ban advertising by crisis pregnancy centers that do not provide abortions, according to a Seven Days news story published today. 

A bill to stop non-abortion providing pregnancy centers from promoting its services was introduced this year but didn’t advance. Sponsor Rep. Dr. George Till (D-Jericho/Underhill) is not running for re-election. However, Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (P/D-Burlington), who is not being challenged for election, told Seven Days she hopes to introduce a similar bill.

H634, introduced by physician, Proposition 5 supporter, and lawmaker George Till (D-Underhill/Jericho) proposed “to prohibit a limited services pregnancy center from disseminating any advertising about the services or proposed services performed at that center if the management of the center knows or, by the exercise of reasonable care, ought to know it is untrue or clearly designed to mislead the public about the nature of services provided.”

The bill closely resembled similar legislation in other “blue” states. Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have claimed for many years that pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion are “limited services” and use deceptive marketing techniques. A similar bill in California was struck down by the state’s civil rights commission. 

Vermont CPC not providing abortions include:

Aspire Now, Williston

Care Net Pregnancy Center, Barre

Women’s Center, Middlebury

First Step Pregnancy Clinic, Rutland

True North Pregnancy Resource Center, Bennington

Branches Pregnancy Resource Center, Brattleboro

Birthright, Burlington

Futures Pregnancy Care, Lyndonville

Critics of CPCs claim their marketing is deceptive because they do not immediately emphasize that they do not provide abortions, preferring instead to discuss services they do offer: ultrasounds, information, counseling, education, compassion. 

However, CPC websites generally do clearly state that abortion is not among those services. For example, Care Net states in bold print on every page on its website: “We do not provide or refer for terminations or emergency contraception.  We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions.”

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  1. That “Bill” was put forth by Death Till on Jan 14th.

    Till is the ONLY sponsor and that bill pretty much died right there.

    Only SEven Days and their ilk are trying , in their desperation , to bring at back from the dead ( where it belongs)

  2. I realize of course that the agenda here is the insistent demand that we see abortion as a “right” and not supporting it is a mortal sin in the new “theology”. But there’s more to this kind of legislative effort. We have a significant part of the constituency and it’s representatives who think they should be correcting our errors, compensating for our ignorance…RULING OUR LIVES. They have the effrontery to tell us how we should be pursuing our happiness. This is the legislative mind set that creeps us out…this is government OVERREACH. It seems to me that this impulse to oppress your neighbors is why folks had to escape Massachusetts Bay Colony and create Rhode Island? Perhaps we can vote in representatives with some prudent restraint.

  3. Wow…..if one didn’t buy into the “demonic” infiltration theory – how ’bout now? These ideologies & policies are the stuff of nightmares.

    Fortunately, if one single darn attorney licensed in VT had the ***** to take on some of these people/leftist groups pushing for stuff such as this, these crazies might just tire of getting creamed.

    Free Speech? Anyone ever hear of it? Pregnancy Crisis Centers HELP women to KEEP their baby —- as well as their soul. What a deal.

  4. If anyone mischaracterizes the services they actually provide, it is Planned Parenthood. If the critics of crisis pregnancy centers are concerned about marketing, they are implying that their concern is business based not care based. It seems that they have a bias against babies surviving pregnancy. It’s seems hard for them to grasp that, in a crisis situation, a person can be happy choosing life.

    Perhaps I have a jaded view, but I have a hunch that if the law were enacted, it would be inconsistently enforced, going after CPCs while giving entities like Planned Parenthood a free pass.

    I am saddened that we have come to the point that we have to consider not only the law’s intent, but the intentions of those who will be enforcing and interpreting the law. God help us.

  5. There is nothing deceptive about calling your service a “pregnancy center” pregnancy resource center” “women’s center” etc, etc. when that is indeed an accurate description of what you will find inside. What IS deceptive is calling your service “planned parenthood” when in fact very often what is meant is planned infanticide!

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