Prog coasts to victory in Burlington’s Ward 3

by Guy Page

Despite a tough campaign fought by Republican Christopher-Aaron Felker, Progressive Joe Magee easily won the August 17 special election for the Ward 3, Burlington City Council seat.

Of 1011 votes cast, Magee garnered 475, or 47.08%. Independent Owen Milne was second with 397, or 39.05%. Felker talled 136 votes, or 13.8%.

22% of eligible voters cast ballots, according to city election returns.

Felker ran on a platform of restoring public safety depleted by the Progressive’s “defund the police” movement. He also charged the Progressives had done little to solve Burlington’s chronic housing crisis.

“Thank you, Ward 3,” Magee said on his Facebook page. “I’m so grateful for the support we earned in this campaign, and I’m looking forward to getting to work as your next City Councilor. From day one, our campaign has been focused on the issues facing working and poor folks in the Old North End and Downtown; housing affordability, a less-than-living wage, community safety and so much more. I want to congratulate Owen Milne for City Council for a strong, issues-focused campaign.”

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  1. The goal of radicalism is to avoid efforts to solve problems until the most drastic measures are inevitable. Also, they have probably brought in people from outside to register as Burlington residents.
    This is extreme but factual.

  2. Marxist Agenda at work. Burlington, for that matter the State of Vermont, is being purposefully, willfully radicalized by its Evil, Godless, Lawless Puppets (many of whom are in local, state government, municipalities, school boards, etc.) to make Vermont into a Marxist State by any means possible, by Rigged Elections and/or Forcing Unconstitutional Policies or Laws (which all are Null and Void).

    The only way Vermont can rise above this Marxist takeover is that the God-fearing People say NO! Enough is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    No is NO IS NO!

    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    Liberty is from God not men.

    • Although I do have faith and belong to a religion, I look at the sheer corruption and coercion that is leading this country, and this world, into a shambles.
      We need honest people to stand up, regardless of religious considerations.
      For My part, I refer back to the Laws, or Commandments as set forth in the TANACH, commonly referenced as the Old Testament.

  3. This is no surprise. The voters of that ward are mainly renters, deadbeats, welfare recipients and junkies who embrace the concept of “more free stuff”. Burlington is experiencing the downfall of society that results from voters realizing that they can elect people who will give them free stuff paid for by “other people”.

    • richlapelle, in all fairness, many are people dismayed because a person can hold down 80 hours of labor a week and still have nothing to show after rent and other essentials. This is why free enterprise and capitalism aren’t synonymous. If mega corporations didn’t control everything, if taxes and other restrictions went back to the pre-Reagan practices, this might have been avoided.
      Don’t misunderstand me, Reagan set about to break up the Soviet Union. This wasn’t a bad thing. It was as bad as U.S. interventionism.
      However, afterwards things weren’t restored. Clinton continued the trend. Obama’s policies deported more people than Trump. Obama also invaded Libya and placed into power Islamic Fundamentalists who are sworn enemies of our culture. The democratic advances made under Ghaddafi were reversed.
      I myself have an Invisible Disability. Similar symptomotology took my mother’s life. I’m active in anti-psychiatry. I can work but not hold a steady job. Rather than support efforts to habilitate, the “system” used illegal methods to attempt to force me into mental health. Many people receiving assistance have been forced to take psychiatric drugs. The effects are often debilitating. Many people view the Left as their salvation, not realizing that they are being deceived.

  4. Burlington ward 3 voters got what they voted for. I only hope the crime and shootings don’t BITE THEM IN THE ASS, if so I won’t feel sorry for them. You reap what you sow. you plant nothing you only get weeds

  5. The Dem-progs run on throwing themselves and their friends more money to ‘solve’ the issues they create. Until there are dissenting voices speaking to them, they will simply spiral out of control. Dissent however is not tolerated on the left for this exact reason.

  6. Big whoop. Another Progressive wins a City Council seat. Good luck Wart 3 , you’re going to need it. For the rest of us, just stop patronizing this Marxist City that is centered on confiscation, violence and other forms of mayhem. Let’s see how their confiscatory model works when the revenue has tried up and citizens choose the safety and good fortune of patronizing other towns/cities in Vermont that reward good behavior (vs bad behavior). Essentially, put the economic squeeze on Burlington to drive the right changes needed.

  7. Shame on you, Burlington, Ward 3! You cared so little about the welfare of your area that ONLY 22% of eligible voters in your ward would even take the opportunity to vote. So that means your winning candidate earned only about 9% of the total eligible voters in Ward 3. When things don’t go as you desire in Ward 3, remember 91% of the people who could have voted, didn’t.

  8. Sad to see burlington go down the drain. They had a chance for a moderate but selected a marxist. I am done with shopping in burlington. We can only hope more businesses do what LL Bean did and leave the cesspool the progressive’s have created.

  9. The Progressive candidate, Joe Magee, didn’t ‘coast to victory’. He won by the slimmest of margins, 75 votes out of 1008 cast, or 1.6% of Ward 3’s 4581 registered voters, over 2nd place finisher Owen Milne. Felker, an apparent spoiler, finished a very distant third – in other words, dead last.

    Mr. Milne, by the way, had said: “I strongly advocated against defunding and decreasing the police department as the sole method of reforming public safety. If I had been on City Council the past few weeks, I would have voted to raise the cap of officers temporarily to get the city through to a point where data and consultant reports become available to assess police reform.”

    Go figure. Had Mr. Felker not run, I suspect Milne would have won the election.

    So, instead of the headline ‘Prog coasts to victory in Burlington’s Ward 3’, perhaps it should have been ‘Republican candidate shoots self and other Ward 3 police-supporting constituents in the foot’.

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