Prog business group calls for 4 PM July 13 walkout over abortion ruling

Progressive business lobby group wants members to stage late afternoon walkout, also wants action on EPA ruling

The following statement was issued today by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, a progressive policy advocacy group and business association.

By Roxanne Vought, VBSR Executive Director

For those of us who envision – and strive each day toward – a just, thriving, and transformative economy that works for all people and the planet, the final week of June 2022 was devastating.

On the 24th, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion, eliminating a federal constitutional right and bodily autonomy simultaneously. On the 30th they limited the EPA’s ability to reduce climate pollution from power plants, severely damaging our ability to tackle our escalating climate crisis.

Either one of these callous decisions alone is enough to crush one’s resolve. But the quick succession of these particular, nation-wide gut punches landed unexpectedly hard, even for long-time, savvy, and scarred justice advocates. I know I am not the only American who spent this recent Fourth of July weekend wondering “What aspect of independence, what form of liberty will be next?”

But as a Vermonter and as the Executive Director of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) I had parallel thoughts that bore a different weight.

As our member businesses have long understood: while we are steadfastly focused on prioritizing our employees, our communities, and our environment, we only do so in the broader, no-borders context of People, Planet, and Prosperity. We know that our actions have a positive impact beyond our state lines. We recognize – and embrace – our capacity to show leadership outside Vermont.

At this moment we must frame our unique capacity for values-led leadership not just as an opportunity, but as an obligation. We have a duty to inspire. We must be a brave, little state, because as public health and human rights are trampled here and elsewhere, others are studying our example as they perhaps never have before. If we want things to improve nationally, it is our job to show them how it is done locally – by citizens, by communities, by businesses, by legislators, all acting in good faith for the common good.

We can start by doing our part ­– as voters, as influencers, as advocates – to enshrine reproductive rights in Vermont’s constitution this fall. Proposal 5, a proposed amendment, will be on the November general election ballot and can make this happen. As Governor Scott’s office made clear this week, “Vermont is regarded as having one of the most difficult constitutional amendment processes in the nation.” In other words, if we can make it happen here, surely other states can find a way.

But there’s much to do before we vote this fall. As our partners at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) know, the consequences of denying people their right to abortion will be devastating. The SCOTUS decision hurts all genders, incomes, and backgrounds – including workers, businesses, and the economy. Along with PPNNE we are calling on VBSR members and the business community to speak out by walking out on July 13, 4:00 p.m., for the Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout.

We must also work to decarbonize Vermont’s economy, moving toward a more affordable, reliable clean energy future. In keeping with the Vermont Climate Council’s first Climate Action Plan, the Public Service Department is, as of July 5, revisiting many of our state’s most crucial clean energy policies and programs – including our long-outdated Renewable Energy Standard.

By contributing to their new Request for Input by August 5, we can put Vermont on track to power our state with entirely clean electricity faster than any other in the country. We can institute a 100% Renewable Energy Standard by 2030 and at least double the Tier II requirement to 20% local renewable energy. This change would not only help Vermont meet our emissions reductions requirements but create good paying jobs, ensuring that the communities, economy, and grid infrastructure of the Green Mountain State are more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

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  1. You are going to protest in a state that offers unfettered abortions. You people are idiots and murderers. This is nothing but a stunt of preaching to the choir and hoping we do not notice. Sad.

  2. Well I for one will not utilize any of the 13 businesses in my county that are members of this ridiculous nonprofit!!!

  3. Maybe we should have a list of businesses that are members of (Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility) so normal people can boycott and not buy their crap. If you want to support the insanity of these WOKE businesses go ahead and cut your own throat. Social responsibility in Orwellian speak means, we push progressive polices on you whether you like it or not. Go woke, go broke! Haven’t people had enough of these cult robots ramming their totalitarian policies into every aspect of your life?

  4. Seriously, walking out on the business you get paid to work for? And calling it socially responsible? Let’s get the list of those businesses and call for them to drop their support for such idiocy.

  5. I think if you walk out on an employer for a protest you should be excused from the company
    for lack of judgement and harming the very business who pays your salary. The woke are having so many protests and honestly, they look like the walking dead. Please stop it.
    If the Supreme court rules something your happy with then be happy. Not everyone gets what’s
    on their wish list and the supreme court is the supreme law… whether we like the decisions or not. Grow up people! Try to set a better example for our youth. All your doing presently is confusing our youth and setting them afloat without a rudder. All in the selfish pursuit of control and power.

  6. Where in our law(s) is there a right to abortion? Terminating a life is merely allowed by some jurisdictions, illegal in others. You have a right to Life; does that apply to all?

  7. Bring it on. I’m adding to my “boycott “ list all the time. Between those who mandate the vax(still!!) to those who support abortion to those who pretty much stand for much of what I find offensive, such as Ben & Jerry’s. That’s ok. It’ll keep my spending down and as much as possible I can spend my money with those who at least aren’t flagrantly blasting their leftist values.

  8. With all due respect Roxanne, the VBSR is a suicide cult. CO2 is lifesaving! It is crucial for plant-based food to grow which is a good thing. BTW carbon-based fossil fuel is essential for producing fertilizer via the Harber-Bosch process. We can’t feed the world without fossil fuel. Putin’s fault is a Red Hurring. The substitute for petroleum-based fertilizers is cow manure but human life requires us to eliminate cattle because they fart methane gas so what’s the last decades alternative? Our FDA now allows Human feces to be spread on our crops and we wonder why food is being recalled for e-coli contamination. Following VBSR lemmings is consistent with saving the planet by ending human life through starvation, biohazards and the lack of energy to shelter us during the winter months and ending life before it has a chance to devour earth’s resources. The policies of VBSR are that of dark paranoid pessimists. I’d rather embrace science that is aligned with life such as more CO2 to eliminate famine, more sunshine and fertilizer to give us better crop yields, building desalination plants in California to supply an endless supply of water. VBSR is advocating dead end policies that in my opinion end life and that is not a sustainable or a desirable plan for society.

  9. Did I mention that because of the lack of diesel fuel our farmers can’t harvest our crops, the price of diesel will put truckers out of business and the lack of supply of Diesel Exhaust Fluid additive will shutdown all trains, trucks and farm equipment in the near future to SAVE the planet. When people have nothing to eat, it doesn’t end well. Already UPS, FED-X and Train cargo have limited the amount of shipments on a daily basis. No amount of Federal monies and platitudes will fill the stomachs of the Vermont people.

  10. Checked the site out…..looking for an actual list of those businesses…VSECU is on it and several you wouldnt imagine… King Arthur Flour. I want a bullet list so I know where not to spend a dime!

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