Prog bill wants transgender therapy without parental consent

By Guy Page

A bill introduced by a freshman Progressive Tanya Vyhovsky (Essex) and Winooski Rep. Taylor Small (Progressive/Democrat), who identifies as transgender, would allow a minor to receive medical treatment for transgender conversion without parental consent.

H659 “proposes to allow a minor who identifies as transgender to consent to receiving hormone blockers and other nonsurgical, gender-affirming care and treatment without requiring

parental consent.”

The bill cites information from the Trevor Project that 42% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in 2021, and that transgender conversion therapy reduced the likelihood of teen suicide. 

The bill contains no age limit. “Consent under this section shall not be subject to disaffirmance due to minority of the individual providing consent. The consent of the individual’s parent or guardian shall not be necessary to authorize the minor’s access to legally authorized nonsurgical, gender-affirming care or treatment,” the bill says. 

H659 was introduced into the House Jan. 18 and referred to the House Committee on Human Services. The other sponsors are Elizabeth Burrows (Windsor), Brian Cina, Selene Colburn, Barabara Rachelson, and Emma Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlington, Mari Cordes (Bristol), Katherine Donnally (Hyde Park), and Heather Surprenant (Barnard). Except for Cordes and Donnally, who are Democrats, all are listed as Progressives or Democrat/Progressives. 

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  1. Who gave the State ward over parents children?…These are Democrat wannabe laws based on lawlessness….Parents need to understand that the Dem’s will keep trying to get away with these types of things unless there’s push-back, either from the parents and/or the courts.

    • Agreed. Again I ask: WHERE is the GOP & VT GOP Party on this? WHERE are their TV ads? P.S.A.’s? Editorials? Letters to the Editors? Rallies? And yes…WHERE are the LAWSUITS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      Speak up NOW or forever hold your Hitler Salute!

      • I can’t up vote you apparently, because I’m not registered…But consider yourselves up voted…The republicans are practically in bed with the Dem’s all across the country and especially in D.C.

      • The GOP and conservative-minded individuals are as terrified as everyone else to speak up against this madness lest they lose their job and have an angry mob of oddly-dressed freaks protest at their home.

      • Those sponsoring the Bill are 2 Democrats and 6 listed as Progressives. See the included response by the Chairman of the Republician Party. He lists those sponsors. Unfortunately, as I understand Courts cannot get involved unless the Bill is enacted. Then when a case applies there can be a challenge in the court(s) to decide if it is constitutional in the state. Then if the case stands, recourse is through the Federal Courts. By then a child in question could be at least 50 years old and the parents deceased. Is that what Vermonters really want to happen to our children?

    • Ralph, I suggest you get yourself registered so you can vote! You don’t know what is going on in the world and our country if you really think “the Democrats are in bed with the Republicans all across the country especially in DC”! Ignoring the privilege to vote, as a resident of Vermont, does nothing to improve our situation.

  2. Well, sure! Is it in California and elsewhere where teachers can make a grade school student get a COVID shot? Other hip and unholy states allow for gender-questioning kids to chemically confuse themselves without their parents’ approval. Vermont has been primed via leftwing governors for some time now. But, then again, I am racist and sexist, and not educated and evolved enough to be a Democrat.

  3. Maybe they should research how many transgenders commit suicide AFTER transition.

    Destroying your god-given body is never a great idea. Oh well. We live in Clown State.

  4. Wcax had a story today about double digit decline in academics for vermont public govt schools after 2+ years of lost learning (somehow they still fit in the woke lessons), which were a disaster before covid but much more so now.

    Recently Guy or TNR did a story on the mental health issues schools are overwhelmed with.

    Yet our govt wants to add MORE confusion and LESS order. And they choose to spend their time and our money on this.

    This is child abuse. They are grooming our children.

    The depraved mind is surely what we are seeing.

  5. So…They can’t read nor write nor do math but they can be shoved in life-changing surgeries & ALL w/NO parental consent? NO wonder why these “Progs” & Dems want to restrict our gun rights! There’s no end to their insanity..With a 50% failure rate in our costly schools lately it’s no wonder they want to change the subject from their (lack of) academic performance! Great Job “educators”!

  6. If you haven’t figured it out yet! Vermont is fastly becoming the California of the east coast and Burlington is the NYC

  7. Puberty blockers, genitalia mutilation surgeries, life long wrong sex hormones…who stands to benefit? Its rooted in separating families from values and enriching big pharm. No one was born in the wrong body. Gender dysphoria is real, and when these kids grow up they tend to regret such changes they cant undo.

    • According to US.Gov less than 1% of the population are trans. is this the Progressives way to build their influence? 3% are listed as gay! Polls say the public thinks gays are 30% and trans are 21%.

  8. Just imagine if we treated anorexia the same way. Some people are truly dysphoric and see themselves as fat even though they have starved themselves to skin and bones. It would obviously be wrong to affirm them, tell them “yeah, keep starving yourself, you could definitely stand to lose weight, and while you’re at it let’s sign you up for a liposuction that you’re parents have no right to object to.” I honestly can’t see the difference between that scenario and this bill. If anyone knows of any groups that are fighting against this I would love to get involved.

  9. To the legislatures. MYOB and stay out of our private lives. PLEASE Work on eliminating policies and laws that make us less free and honor Vermont families by letting them parent their children without government interference.

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