Prison in lockdown

15 of 25 cases already vaxxed

NEWPORT — Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport is again under full lockdown after 21 individuals tested positive for COVID-19.

The Vermont Department of Corrections says 17 of the 21 positive cases are in individuals who live in a general population unit where a currently COVID-positive staff member worked, and where four prior incarcerated positive cases were discovered.

In total, 25 incarcerated people and seven staff members at the prison currently have COVID-19.

Of those 25 incarcerated, 15 are vaccinated and 10 are unvaccinated.

The facility is on full lockdown pending the results of facility-wide outbreak testing of staff and incarcerated individuals which took place today.

As of today, there are positive cases in staff, the incarcerated population, or both at five of Vermont’s six facilities.

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