Primary results: voters ‘cure’ defective ballots for first time; Dems outpoll GOP by more than 3-1

The results and winners of statewide and federal races in the August Primary Election were certified as official at the meeting of the canvassing committee on Monday, August 22, the Vermont Secretary of State’s office announced today.

Almost 134,000 votes were cast. Of the 809 defective ballots, 492 were “cured” by voters under a new state law – leaving only 317 ballots unable to be counted.

After thousands of ballots were determined to be defective in 2020, a new state law allows voters can ‘cure’ defective mail-in ballots. Town clerks would notify voters of defects (unsigned envelopes, unreturned ballots of primaries in which voters did not participate), and voters could either submit amended ballots if they chose.

Also, the canvass shows that of the 500,692 registered voters, 133,578 cast ballots in the primary. 102,408 cast ballots in the Democratic Party primary. A mere 610 voted in the Progressive Party Primary. 30,560 voted in the Republican Party primary.

Secretary Condos, along with Chairs or their designees from the three major parties (Democratic, Republican and Progressive) certified vote totals and winners for all federal and statewide offices. The results and canvass report can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

“The tri-partisan certification of election results as official is an important step in verifying the accuracy and integrity of our election results,” said Condos. “Vermonters deserve to have 100% confidence that official vote totals accurately reflect the ballots cast by voters. That is why results are carefully reviewed and certified by a member of each major political party.”

At the meeting of the canvassing committee Secretary Condos celebrated the new ballot curing provisions of Vermont’s election laws.

“Vermont’s low defective ballot rate, and the fact the majority of defective ballots were able to be cured by voters under the new law, is proof that when you work to remove barriers to the voting process more people are able to successfully exercise their civic right to vote,” said Condos.

Of the 133,578 ballots cast only 809 were deemed defective. 492 were cured by voters under the new law, leaving 317 defective ballots that were unable to be counted and a very low defective ballot rate under 0.25%.

“The combination of better instructions, voter familiarity, and ballot curing has worked,” Condos said. “Every vote counts. That’s why we have worked so hard to make sure every vote is counted. I want to thank the Legislature and advocates who worked with us to create a ballot curing process that works.”

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  1. I really want to go back to voting in person with id!!! That’s the only way to make sure ballots come from the person voting/ citizen. Absentee ballots are ok as long as they are returned by mail or dropped off personally at the town office and that person is marked as voted.

  2. The conservatives in this state realize that the state of Vermont is lost, never to be recovered. Too many liberal flatlanders have moved here. It’s ruined Vermont. So why bother voting? It’s gone.

  3. this makes me feel real confident come this November….
    “The combination of better instructions, voter familiarity, and ballot curing has worked,” Condos said. “Every vote counts. That’s why we have worked so hard to make sure every vote is counted. I want to thank the Legislature and advocates who worked with us to create a ballot curing process that works.”

  4. Yeah fully certified that’s why the Windham county canvas doesn’t exist when you go to that page. Last night one of the Chittenden ones didn’t have a link.

    That’s why the vote totals went down via all the news outlets.

    That’s why the Senate category doesn’t exist in the election results.

    How long did it take to get the actual results was a lot longer than the 48 hours the state allows….

    Certified alright. Certifiably insane to say nothing’s wrong. Certifiably insane to use machines to count ballots.

  5. voter id is the only way to make this work in the way it is suppose to. mail-in ballots should be reserved for those who are away from home (military…)
    this is such a set up for misuse, manipulation, corruption…….NOT OK WITH ME

  6. Vermont’s population stands at +/- 647,000. And we have 500,700 registered voters? If we exclude 82,000 elementary and secondary school students (per Vermont DOE), that leaves not even 65,000 people who aren’t yet kindergarten age, aren’t registered, aren’t citizens, or aren’t otherwise disqualified. Does that seem remotely fishy to anyone?

    • Voter rolls are bloated and make it impossible to conduct a pure and fair election.

  7. How do you know we have open primaries? There is no way to know who is taking what ballot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. With Vermont’s open primaries, comparing the number of ballots cast in a party is no indication of support. I abhor the democrat party viscerally, but I cast a ballot in their primary to do what I thought would benefit their opponents.

  9. And many of these Democrats voted in the Republican primary against the two conservative women candidates, and FOR Liam Madden, the Fred Tuttle of the August 2022 primary. Whatever the truth of that may be, there is NO excuse for Republicans staying home and not even bothering to vote in our own primary. I voted. So did my husband. Shame on the people who just plain won’t vote. Who says you have to vote only for the printed candidates? Ever heard of write-ins? But VOTE, for goodness sake! Use it or lose it.

  10. Voting is Still Rigged. It will Never be Fixed unless the Populous STOPS the madness, Denies Voting in All Towns/Cities until there is Voter ID, NO Machines, No Drop Boxes, No Ballot Harvesting, Voter Rolls that are Transparent/Up to Date, can be searched by any valid resident taxpaying citizen and on Paper, no Computers of any kind counting the Votes, Vote Counting done by hand and watched Livestream as well as the Public coming in, sitting down or standing and watching every move. Don’t forget that Voter Rolls are on ERIC System (look that up folks), the Voter Rolls are manipulated any way they want (up or down), at any time, so they can “Select” who they want. Why Vote in a Rigged Election when you know it’s Rigged, Your Vote means nothing.