Primary questionnaire: Gregory Thayer, GOP, Lt. Governor

On Monday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the same questionnaire to candidates in most contested statewide races in next Tuesday’s Democratic and Republican primary. Below are one candidate’s answers to these questions: “If elected, how would you:

Reduce the cost of living?
Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?
Protect the public from crime?
Promote successful schools?
Protect a clean environment?
Protect civil liberties?
In any other way promote the welfare of your constituents?

Gregory Thayer, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor

I’m a Constitutional Conservative Republican with a Common-Sense Approach to Governing. My campaign is about you, “We The People” and bringing all people into the political process. I have 40 years of professional business experience working with many different people and groups with very diverse thinking. I was a banker, with mortgage banking experience and business development along with the last 15 years working as an accountant doing audit and tax work. I served on the Rutland City Boar of Aldermen and I have served on many nonprofit organizations and government committees and boards. I have my Master’s degree, an MBA Accountancy. Further, I have four awesome adult age children all doing very well working in their communities. My girlfriend Tammy Lancour and we have 2 cats.

Greg Thayer at PEG TV studios July 27

Reduce the cost of living? Cut taxes and regulations! I believe the number reason for the high cost of living here in Vermont are our high taxes and too many of them and over burdensome regulations by governments. The democrat leadership have handcuffed every Vermonter and business organizations. They have made living here very expensive and their continued assault on families and businesses is not healthy for working family’s. People will not spend and invest in our communities with all these regulations. I will work to REPEAL the Global Warming Solutions Act, fix Act 250, stop following the California Fuel Standards, streamline the permitting process and get government out of people’s pocketbooks.

I have worked on these problems with clients first hand. I’m my Accounting practice with clients dealing with these issues, and as a former Banker.

When I ran for Mayor 22 years ago here in Rutland, one of my platform issues was that we export too many of our children. We raise them, educate them, rear them and then they leave. That is not acceptable then, nor is it today, especially with older folks leaving too.

I will be the same kind of Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie was and what I did positively promoting Vermont around the World in this global economy, but Vermont First is my motto!

  1. Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?

Again, cut taxes and regulations! It is expensive, time consuming and to much duplication in the government process for developers, contractors, and people trying to investing to build/buy a home or a multiple unit project.

As a former Banker and a Mortgage Lender, I have witnessed these problems first hand. I have experience as an Accountant with clients dealing with these issues, and as a former Banker.

  1. Protect the public from crime?

Give Law Enforcement every tool possible to do their jobs. We need to support our Police officers. Enhance law enforcement budgets to hiring more officers and retain officers already in Uniform. I purpose enhancing Qualified Immunity for our men and women in Blue. Police need our positive talk and actions, not despair. We also need to expand Community Policing efforts like National Night Out and Officer meet & greets, and School Resource officers in our Schools.

We are a State of Laws, and prosecutors and the Courts MUST enforce the laws on the Books and hold criminals accountable. Criminals need consequences, not a slap on the hand.

  1. Promote successful schools?

Put parents in charge! Parent involvement is most needed in our schools.

No more wokeism in our school! Stop the CRT, SEL, Sex teaching, and stop the indoctrination of our children. Let the parents teach their children this stuff, not the schools. We have some excellent educators, these need to teach the 3-R’s, real math, science, the Arts, true US history from 1776.

I will promote choices in educating your child(ren) with school choice and home-study programs.

  1. Protect a clean environment?

Friends, we all live, work, & play here living and raising our families. Our air and water are very clean. We all want a clean environment, and we can achieve that with sound economic development. The Democrat Leadership must STOP their fear mongering about the use of fossil-fuels. We’ve been hearing for 40 years that, if we do not stop using fuels now we will have 10 years to live. Hogwash people!

REPEAL the Global Warming Solutions Act. It will devastate every Vermonter. Stop following California’s Fuel standards and their 2035 projections. Fix Act 250 and do not let unelected people make very important decisions especially one that relates to money and spending. I believe people will do the right things, and if they don’t the law will hold them accountable.

  1. Protect civil liberties?

Protect and preserve our Federal and Vermont Constitutions! I will stand up for laws established for the good of the community at large. Freedom of Speech as well as in our actions are paramount to me. I believe in your rights in the Constitution, with our laws from an unruly and unjust governmental interference.

I support the Bill of Rights, and your rights to own and carry a Firearm.

The democrat leadership believes they have the power and they keep trying to take it, “We The People” must STOP them now. Government cannot be all things to all people!

  1. In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents?

I have solid experience, a proven professional business background, and I am a very positive and genuine person that will work very hard for every Vermonter. We can all live, work, and play here with respect and listening to each other. I understand the role of LT. Governor and I will work endlessly for you!

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  1. Reduce the cost of living?

    “Cut taxes and regulations!” Bingo.

    Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?

    “Again, cut taxes and regulations!” Bingo…. again.

    Protect the public from crime? “I propose enhancing Qualified Immunity for our men and women in Blue.”
    Yes, support law enforcement. But just what Qualified Immunity enhancements are you talking about? Please don’t be as vague and evasive as your opponents.

    Promote successful schools?

    Put parents in charge! Bingo. Bingo. Bingo.

    Protect a clean environment?

    “REPEAL the Global Warming Solutions Act…. do not let unelected people make very important decisions,…”

    In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents? In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents?

    “I understand the role of LT. Governor and I will work endlessly for you!”

    OK. But how do you differentiate yourself from Benning and Kimball’s assertion that the Lt. Governor is, basically, powerless?

  2. Greg I always admire your heart’s at. It’s always in a good place and that’s important to me.

    “Protect the public from crime?” – your answer is to give the police every tool possible… No I’m sorry I have a hard time with that, they already have more tools than they need most of those tools at this point infringe on our normal natural rights to behave as individuals. Something I know you also care about so when you speak about this I would appreciate it if you gave clear delineation between the tools that the police can have versus what they should have.

  3. Two previous word salads and then this breath of fresh air. No candidate can be all things to all people, but common sense is what we need now more than anything. Secondly, we need less restrictions and more freedom, which equates to smaller government. Third, we need elected politicians who honor their oath of office to protect, defend and not harm our constitution, our customs and our sacred individualism. We need people who are fresh and new to lead us out of the progressive onslaught and disaster of woke policies, progressive control and the mindset of forced equity, inclusion and indoctrination of our people, especially our children. We need to leave our constitution alone and return this state to its people. No more unelected boards making ideological laws. We need to see, in broad daylight, those who would punish the people with crushing laws to save the planet from Vermont to enrich out of state environmental organizations. And finally, ban out of state money that buys politicians to act against the people who actually live and pay for Vermont government. Greg Thayer is a good start.

  4. Vermont has I believe the 4th highest cost of living to wages in the country because of the progressive policies. VT is ranked in the top 5 in taxes per capita, also because of progressive policies.
    We don’t need a yes man for progressive Phil, we need a leader who is in Phil’s ear saying represent your party. Greg is that person.

  5. I confess I am a reluctant fan of yours, Mr. Thayer. You did an outstanding job at the GOP economic forum the other day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuj5-lMjkuA). You have a keen understanding (as did President Trump) that the government solution to prosperity (and ironically equality) is almost always *less government*. The free market will thrive in Vermont if given a chance.

    I would ask that you give more voice to the farmers and work to provide tax breaks so they can succeed. Farming in Vermont is a win-win-win scenario particularly in the impending age of double-digit food inflation and shortages. Have a look at Klar’s Farming Manifesto if you haven’t already (https://klarvt.com/fm) I have not seen this important area of the Vermont economy mentioned in your platform yet, and it should be.

    Good luck sir. I hope you beat Benning.

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