Prayer vigil participant pelted with eggs

A prayer vigil participant in front of the Barre Planned Parenthood was pelted with eggs recently, 40 Days for Life Coordinator Tom Kelly reported. Quick thinking by the participant resulted in police getting the identity of the car owner.

Vigil participant, “Carol,” (whose last name was not provided) reported to Barre City police that a vehicle made three passes as she prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic, and each time she was pelted by eggs as the driver yelled, Kelly said. “She was not struck by the eggs. She reported the registration as Vermont KCK206 and said a passenger hurled the eggs out the sun roof. Barre Police Officer James McGowan responded and further described the vehicle as a cream colored Honda from Marshfield.”

“Good thinking and awareness on Carol’s part to get the license and report it right away,” another vigil participant said. “But so very sad that there cannot be true dialogue instead of resorting to violence, and all of this while we are praying to end the violence of abortion.”

This vehicular-based attack is the second this month at the Barre prayer vigil location. Last week, a driver aimed her car at Kelly and narrowly missed seriously injuring him, while making the universal hand-gesture of disrespect. Confronted later by police, the driver claimed she was merely upset about missing an appointment.

The clinic has been the scene of vandalism. Someone painted ‘Baby killers” on several locations outside of the building. Police have no leads on the perpetrators.

The final event of the 40 Days for Life fall campaign of public witness and prayer on the sidewalk in the vicinity of the Planned Parenthood clinic at 90 Washington Street, Barre, will take place on Sunday, October 31 at 2:15 pm.

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  1. Has anyone been criminally charged in either case? Has a referral of either case been forwarded to the State’s Attorney for review? Has a prosecutor made a decision in either case? The public needs to know!

  2. The perp in this case is a coward. They will pay for their dirty deed as what they reap is what they will sow. Some may think there is no justice system for those who are fighting for humanity. There is a judge upon high who will take care of the justice from here on out. They know they are losing this battle and the tide is turning against them.