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Prager, vax critic Jay Bhattacharya to speak in SoBu October 25

The Restoring Our Faith Summit will take place Tuesday, October 25 at the Doubletree Hotel, in South Burlington. Renowned national speaker, author and radio host Dennis Prager as well as social scientists, psychologists and faith leaders will debate and discuss how to restore the country’s lost faith in God, in trusted institutions and in the founding principles of the country based on Judeo-Christian principles. 

In the 21st Century, the country has endured a dramatic split,” said a statement from the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing, the event organizer. “The moral truths that have guided its history seem to have disappeared and the religious foundations that held it together for more than two centuries have fallen into disrepair.” 

The one-day event will provide in-depth discussions of the social and spiritual trends in the country and will feature world renowned leaders in psychiatry, epidemiology, social science, philosophy, and history. These include Ryan Anderson, Jay Bhattacharya, Aaron Kheriaty, Mary Hasson, Martin Kulldorff, Jay Richards, Miriam Grossman, Patrick Fagan, Rabbi Ari Lamm and others.

“The Summit is a first step in helping to strengthen our resolve as people of Judeo-Christian heritage,” said Deborah Billado, President of VIHF.  “After identifying the ways our country has lost its moorings especially in the recent years, we will contrast these with those of Americans at the country’s founding, highlighting what monotheism and biblical teachings inspired at the time and are still capable of doing.

Recent studies indicate Americans are living with increased anxiety and concern about the future. The pandemic exacerbated this trend as churches, synagogues and schools were shut down in the face of a dramatic social upheaval. Suicide rates continue to rise as religious belief declines. Is there a correlation and have faith leaders failed in their role to save souls?

“The Summit will provide in-depth discussions on these topics and most importantly provide action plans for restoring our faith in our families, communities and the nation,” said Billado. “We envision a flourishing society rebuilt by a renewed faith, strong families and a search for truth in science and government, where, once more, love, respect and tolerance prevail.”

The Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing (VIHF) envisions a state invigorated by the principles and civil institutions that protect the American’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Summit will begin at 8:30 am and conclude by 4:30 pm. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served, including a kosher option.  Please visit

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  1. Is Jesus part of the solution as He has been for 2000+ years? Why isn’t He mentioned on the Sovereign Global Solution’s website that is sponsoring the event? For those who may think, “What’s so special about Jesus?” Did any other God walk on earth and die for you?

    Have you ever done anything wrong that needed forgiveness? Sometimes those misdeeds need to blotted out and hearts be given a clean slate and set free with new life. Even little misdeeds need this, too. Call upon Jesus. Free forgiveness is what He offers you, though it was personally costly for Him to offer it to you.

    Does anyone else have legal authority in heaven and on earth to offer this? No. No, it doesn’t mean trying to be good enough or having your good karma out weigh your bad. It means calling on Jesus opens the door to a spiritual relationship with the God of all creation – who dearly loves you and wants to hear from you and give you abundance of life, love, joy and peace.

    Restore your faith, one by one, call on Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of world. Now that’s what I call a Sovereign Global Solution, but it MUST include Jesus’s paying the price for our bunglings. Thank you, Jesus, for going to the cross for all who call upon you – freely available to all races, sexes, and socio-economics groups.