Police nab alleged catalytic converter thief

Seventh time unlucky – heroin found in raid on home, police say

Catalytic converter suspected thief Elijah Emerson of Newport

NEWPORT — The Newport Police Department has charged a man in connection with a series of recent catalytic converter thefts. Elijah Emerson, 31, of Newport, was arrested and charged with grand larceny, and unlawful mischief.

Police received a call from a man who reported that the catalytic converter had been removed from a truck at his business on Farrant Street on Monday. The caller reported that he believed the theft occurred during the weekend.

During the investigation, police received information about the theft and were able to identify Emerson as the suspect. Newport police applied for a search warrant for a residence on East Main Street where Emerson was believed to be staying. On Tuesday, May 17, police executed the search warrant and placed Emerson under arrest.

While searching the residence, police seized a catalytic convertor, a substance suspected to be heroin, and other drug paraphernalia. During the course of the investigation, police determined that Emerson has been responsible for six other catalytic converter thefts in the area in the past few months.

He was held on Tuesday night at Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport, on $1,500 bail. – Republished from Newport Dispatch

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  1. Well. He could likely be in deep ship. He’s not a minority. Just sayin’.

  2. So many benefits to just legalizing, taxing and regulating ALL drugs- disenfranchising the cartels and street gangs, ending the spike in OD deaths due to fetanyl laced heroin, lessening shootings and other random violence between low level dealers, price stabilization so petty dirtbag criminals don’t have to steal copper, catalytic converters, bikes, you name it to fund the habit, HUGE savings on law enforcement and prisons (failed war on drugs)… We just have to be willing as a society to admit PEOPLE USE DRUGS and there’s NOTHING that will ever change that.

    • I agree the so called “war on Drugs” is an epic fail (i.e. you can get heroin in jail). Law enforcement is also addicted to the cash and material i.e. ( the militarization of police) they get to fight it.
      I think the dark money made by all is now why they are still illegal at this point.
      Treatment for those who wish to stop and for those who don’t… well that problem will solve itself eventually.

    • Yeah let’s just admit we as a society are a failure and get moving and legalize everything!!! Pot, opioids, you name it. Prostitution and pimping. Petty theft up to $900 value. And then let’s just whack the police. Cut, cut, cut. HUUUUUGE savings. And the cartels…..boy that’ll sure stop em, heh heh.

  3. There are not many aspects of islamic culture that are worthy of embracing, but removing the hands of repeat-offending thieves is something that we ought to consider. One aspect to this kind of crime that rarely gets mentioned is: where are junkies getting cash for these things? I thought there were restrictions on scrap dealers redeeming what are OBVIOUSLY stolen items. If a muffler repair shop with business credentials is cashing them in that’s one thing, but when some decrepit junkie shows up with a pile of them that were obviously removed with a sawzall, there ought to be serious sanctions for the scrap dealer who deals in stolen goods. This phenomenon is costing repair businesses and car owners big money. A southern border wide open to the flow of cheap fentanyl is not helping the situation…that is a Brandon problem.

  4. No worries! Even if they do put him in jail, they are too stupid to take that hacksaw away from him.

  5. No no wait. He identifies as a woman and is therefore marginalized. Poor guy has had the short end of the stick his whole life. He must be released from custody and vindicated in the name of transhuman rights.

  6. At a Red Ribbon Drug Free kick off event, Navy Captain Robert Erbetta of their Drug Free Campaign stated – America’s enemies do not need to pull a trigger to bring America down, all they have to do is fan the flames on drug use.

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