Plaintiff in mandate lawsuit runs for Vermont House, decries noblesse oblige

by Kathi Tarrant

Circa 1981, I left the ‘burbs’ of Philly in search of like-mindedness and greater opportunity. As a budding musician, I moved into an apartment in a once burgeoning neighborhood of (mostly) working-class Norwegians and Chinese immigrants; where it was possible to find oneself amidst comparative encouragement and affordability. No, I wasn’t living in Manhattan (yet), but I sensed a “noblesse oblige” even then; the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility towards those less fortunate, especially for young artists like myself. 

Kathi Tarrant

Fast forward: I’m a single mom/musician. Not unlike times of yore, I moved in search of like-mindedness and greater opportunity in community. After having been a long-time homeowner in central Vermont, it became less appealing as my children aged out. Costs associated with general maintenance and taxes were also a deciding factor. Finally, I didn’t wish to assume sole responsibility of land and a house. So, I moved into an apartment in the village of Waterbury during the fall of 2018, and continued to pursue my livelihood in relative comfort and safety. 

Then Covid hit in the spring of 2020 which changed the landscape of what it means to function in society. Can I say I did my best to carry on? Given the incomplete information and/or out-and out lies purported, I would say yes. After suffering scientific fraud and political mumbo-jumbo from a crew of characters representing our most treasured 3 letter agencies, I would say yes again. But, beyond that, an admittance of how loss has turned to gain; that Covid has forced us all to confront our own shadow in the midst of supreme moral ineptitude is worthy of admittance. 

I learned of the wanna-be “noblesse oblige” around Waterbury Center when an acquaintance informed me of their evil intent. They live up in the hills, and openly confer with each other. I can only imagine what they say about us commoners who value rights and responsibilities. To be exact, a leak occurred, and they were found to be pushing reinstituting the mask mandate. As a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit–who fought for the mask mandate to be lifted—this was quite revelatory; confirmation as to who we are up against, and that local matters

We hear about this sort of thing occurring in many third world countries; where there’s more of a class divide re: haves and have nots. But to find wealthy elites are literally lording over us in small-town Vermont is a significant realization. Often, in our busy lives, We The People are often unaware of what is happening behind the scenes; in our county districts and neighborhoods. With that said, we will need to start paying more attention, and to acknowledge the hills are alive with those who may not have our best interest in mind.

As a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit in May ’21. The judge, a Quaker, took to heart the testimony of us five plaintiffs. My testimony focused on violations of the 1st amendment; how my church experience had been altered; that singing which is considered the highest form of speech was being tampered with via the mask, and that I simply needed to breathe freely, especially when I was praising God in song. Miraculously, the day after our hearing in federal court in Burlington, the mask mandate was lifted. 

To judge means to evaluate a given concrete by reference to an abstract principle or standard. Often, it is not an easy task, because he/she must speak into situations where silence can objectively be taken to mean agreement with…that the men and women serving should adhere to moral values. In fact, to abstain from condemning a criminal is to become an accessory to the crime.   

Moral neutrality, buzzword phraseology and virtue signaling seem to be the modus operandi of the heir apparent “noblesse oblige” these days as we are told to trust the science when there is none; to play god when there is One. We must keep in mind: climate change is a theory, just like gravity. And that what goes up must come down. In effect, any compromise between good and evil…it is only evil that can profit, because it’s a form of surrender; of that which is true and good to that which is false and evil. 

My hope is that “noblesse oblige,” a term first used by [French] novelist, Honore de Balzac be brought to light as it is a term belonging to an earlier time of medieval generosity where lords claimed the responsibility for the wellbeing of serfs. Similarly, I can imagine how the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, and Hamilton’s American System of economics were all a product of that profound transformation of human life, human mental life, and initiated by faithful souls. Take into consideration: the only way forward is another Renaissance; a completing of the mission statement and to defeat an oligarchy that is undermining human growth and potential.  

Waterbury resident Kathi Tarrant is a professional musician and Republican candidate for state representative running in the Waterbury-Chittenden district

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  1. The mask Karens and control freaks are everywhere and are usually elitist (in their mind) members of the dem/prog party cult. The bacteria build up in a cloth mask can cause illness. Children forced to wear them have stunted their growth and social skills. M95 masks were designed to contain bacteria and are meant to be change every 20 mins. Those people wearing masks now have been jabbed 3 or 4 times and now know that they have destroyed their immune systems. They are being infected anyway. Natural immunity in children should not be ruined by an experimental, nanotechnology spike protein, unapproved scientific elixir that has no bases in reality other than profit margin. You can’t sue they makers of the “vaccine” for damages, so why would you be part of the experiment. These mask Nannys are angry they lurched forward in fear without doing any research on their own. They are angry and scared, and they will lash out at those who didn’t buy into the lies being spread by the media. It is those people we should be weary of because they are now the carriers not us.

    • A recent find: Titanium dioxide is a suspected human carcinogen; when inhaled, fiber-grade Ti02 (nano)particles were demonstrated in synthetic textile fibers of face masks intended for the general public. In order to see my doctor last month, I HAD to wear this kind of mask. Never again…

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