Pink slips coming at state colleges, Newport City Hall

Karen Geraghty, interim city manager in Newport

Vermont State University Interim President Mike Smith released a plan last week to eliminate 33 full-time positions, including 21 at the executive, management, or supervisory level. 

According to a VTSU news release, the newly unified school’s administration is 20% larger than peer institutions. The full plan is here (PDF). The Times Argus has coverage, including breakdowns by office area where the reductions in staff will be made. – today’s Journal-Opinion

Newport city manager dismissed – The Newport City Council voted to dismiss interim city manager Karen Geraghty, who has been on the job for only four months, the Newport Dispatch reports. 

The vote, which was not featured on the original meeting agenda, was taken during a closed executive session, with the council voting 3-2 in favor of Geraghty’s termination. The council did not offer any public explanation for their decision.

Geraghty’s dismissal comes amid ongoing disputes between the council and the interim city manager over the respective roles of the city’s elected officials.

Tensions have been high in Newport’s city council meetings with disagreement over the roles of the mayor, city manager, and councilors. Earlier this year, a similar dispute led to the unexpected resignation of the former mayor, Beth Barnes.

Geraghty, in an emotional speech at the conclusion of Monday’s meeting, called for unity and an end to hostility within the community. She had been appointed interim city manager following the retirement of Laura Dolgin in June, and had been in contract negotiations for the permanent position.

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  1. Perfect for Halloween week. The Ghost of Jeb Spaulding. Trick or Treat, Vermonsters!!

  2. What the hey is going on in Newport ? As I remember, this is the second city offical to “leave” in about a year . Is there a problem with the student council ?

  3. If state colleges would fire the do-nothing DEI department they would save some money and create better communities. That goes for every DEI department anywhere and everywhere too.

  4. May 2021 report: “Vermont lawmakers chose to underfund the system in the 1990s and early 2000s, during tough economic times, which resulted in a loss of compound interest. So this isn’t a new tension by any means.” The issue of paying State Colleges and State of Vermont benefits, salaries, and pensions is coming to it’s final resting place. Anyone watching the bond markets and interest rates climbing knows the jig is up. The real numbers don’t lie and the despots have covered it all up like feces in the cat box – still smells though you won’t see it. This will also include towns and municipalities. The last resort is to purge employees either figuratively or literally. The system is bankrupt. The rotted carrot is falling off the stick.