Phil Scott: Vermonters want us to work together

By Governor Phil Scott

At 4:00 a.m. the day before every election, my team and I set out on a 14 County Tour, visiting all of Vermont’s 14 counties in one day. This 500+ mile tour has a way to put things into perspective. It reinforces how beautiful our state is and how much it has to offer. And it reminds us that the differences between counties and communities can be stark.

We’ve been making progress to close this gap, but we must do more to make sure every family, in every part of our state, has the tools needed to be healthy, safe, and successful. 

So, with the election behind us, I hope everyone elected to serve in Montpelier will work with me to level the playing field from region to region, restoring economic security and prosperity statewide. 

And Vermonters want us to work together. They want balance and moderation. They made that clear when electing me with about 70% of the vote and Democratic ‘super-majorities’ in the Legislature. 

Gov. Phil Scott

Of course, they don’t want me to be a rubber stamp for the Legislature, nor do they want the Legislature to blindly go along with whatever I put forward. So that means we’ll be debating the issues, which I will continue to do with civility, seeking consensus where possible, compromising when necessary, and agreeing to disagree or let the process run its course when we cannot resolve our differences. Vermonters want us to put their needs ahead of politics.

This type of thoughtful, balanced government – with less partisanship and political positioning – is what gets the best results. 

Unfortunately, hyper-partisan political parties are driving Americans further and further apart – and seem to get the most attention from the media.

They feel the strategy focusing on issues that divide us is easier to motivate more people to go to the polls, donate to campaigns, and click on headlines.

But I don’t believe that’s where most Vermonters and Americans are. A large majority of us are somewhere in the center.

And most of us could live without all the labels and name calling. 

Think about it. Would you ask your neighbor who they voted for before lending a helping hand in their time need? Of course not. 

We need to remember to view each other as people first – fellow Americans – and judge each other by our basic decency, kindness, and generosity toward each other – not political labels. 

 Just because we don’t agree on every issue doesn’t mean we’re enemies.

The vast majority of people with whom we disagree are, in fact, good people. They want to make a difference in their communities and things better for their kids, family, and friends.

Whether we’re seasoned politicians or newly elected officials, each of us has the power to stop the cycle of partisan politics that is poisoning our nation.

We can lead by example by treating each other with dignity and respect, living up to the responsibility we’ve been given, and remembering that our children are watching. We need to put aside gamesmanship and divisive national agendas to make the people we serve our priority. 

I’ll do my part by continuing to work every single day to get the results Vermonters deserve, by listening, learning, and leading. And always putting people before politics.

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  1. What a joke !
    I said it on the true north reports, I’ll say it again here:
    Balance ?

    There has been NO balance in Was-4 / Montpelier district for over 20 years, and many other regional districts in Vermont, where is the balance in the Vermont US senate or House ?
 You play the game well, take no sides, sadly you have failed to communicate with all those in the state who courageously ran for office and are truly trying to restore balance, as well as restructure the GOP and build new bridges. Apparently you are absent while “Freedom & United” is collapsing in our state, all happening right under the rino’s nose.

  2. “We’ve been making progress to close this gap, but we must do more to make sure every family, in every part of our state, has the tools needed to be healthy, safe, and successful. ” – Phil Scott

    How about the magazines to fill the tool to keep me safe, or is that different when you put your desk on the front lawn of the statehouse?

    Come to think of it has the gun crime gotten better or worse since you made these UNCONSTITUTIONAL restrictions?

    Traitor. I saw you sign that contract saying you would not change the gun laws. It’s what got you elected, and subsequently rich like others who take advantage of the system. It’s easy to say we need to come together when you have security around you all the time. It’s easy to say come together when you keep getting elected as a Republican even though you’re obviously a Democrat who leans progressive.

    • There should be a Deafening Roar from all the Vermonters Scott lied to when he signed the contract to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.
      But the silence is Deafening.

      One question for the many Democrats that are Hunters and shooting enthusiasts… He’s your Guy, why don’t any of you call him out for lying to your face ?
      The transrepublicans are silent, but they don’t represent Real Vermont Republicans.

      And like Brian asks rhetorically, How much worse is crime now compared to when the marxists weren’t writing illegal and unconstitutional Laws ?

      Yes Brian nailed it , Traitor.
      Scott fits the definition perfectly.

  3. Gang – spewing anger at not getting your way makes you seem petty. Grasp the olive branch by participating. Write, call and speak up to your representatives (ie your employees) about your wants. Get your neighbors on board. Otherwise you’re spitting into the wind.


    • You make assumptions you don’t understand I’ve done all those things, I’ve been doing them for years.

      This can’t be fixed by playing by the rules because the other side isn’t playing by the rules hence why the head Republican is actually a Democrat.

    • What like the Vermont Health Department continually hanging up on us when calling about the fact that the Pfizer “docs” reveal that the CDC knew that the Covid-19 mRNA “Vaccines” not only do not work, they killed people and animals in trails.

      Or State Representatives and Senators not having a clue what the VAERS Reporting is and the unprecedented harm, death and other adverse events, done by the Covid-19 shots.

      Governor Phil Scott and Dr. Levine have been put on notice, and should be indicted for murder.

  4. You were elected with 60 – 70% democrat votes.

    Your hyper partisan Marxist agenda proves the lies you are trying to cover.
    You called 116,000 Vermonters who voted for President Trump, White Supremacists and Racists.
    I called you out for that two weeks ago and you lied, saying you never said that.
    Check the video.
    In fact, Benning quoted you the next day on WCAX. Another transrepublican.

    Your division is directed at Real VT Republicans because of your Marxist agenda to destroy the unborn, all Female Vermonters and support of the woke agenda.
    You are part of the reason for the insanity at Randolph High School.
    Ironic, because of your agenda the Superintendent defined Girls and punished them.
    Nice going Scott.

    Those of us who you called White Supremacists and Racists could live without your labels and name calling.

    When are you going to start treating the unborn with dignity and respect ?
    When are you going to treat Law Abiding Vermonters with dignity and respect ?
    You are no more a Republican than Sanders.
    The only people you work for every day is planned parenthood.
    That is the reason you kept them and VT Liquor Stores open everyday during the plandemic.
    While the damage you did to Vermont Families and Businesses will take years to recover from.
    The only people you put before politics are the Marxist that vote for you.
    They support your agenda for unconstitutional mandates, illegal Gun Laws, killing the unborn to the moment of Birth and pushing the EV agenda.
    Write another Article for VT Daily Chronicle. I would love the opportunity to prove how much more you have betrayed every Real VT Republican.

    Pull a Jeffords and make it official.

  5. I wouldn’t ask my neighbor who they voted for before helping, but I know plenty of folks who wouldn’t help me if they knew. The left is like an emotionally abusive family member you can’t easily avoid… one who tells you that you’re always the problem while burning down the house. And if you think the majority of Vermonters are somewhere in the center, then you need to travel more.

  6. Phil you are a drone. A drone is a male honeybee. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers, and like you have no veto power. They gather neither nectar nor pollen and are unable to feed without assistance from worker bees better known as your commie friends. A drone’s only role is to mate with a maiden queen, the Demoprogs in nuptial flight then die.

  7. God is your judge, Phil. You make it perfectly clear whose side you are on. The day to repent has passed. I am joyful to know the Lion of Judah is coming now. You shall reap what you have sown.

  8. “…must do more to make sure every family, in every part of our state, has the tools needed to be healthy, safe, and successful.” Tax payer funded and Gov’t provided tools, no doubt.

    “A large majority of us are somewhere in the center.” The Left has been very successful at moving the Overton Window leftward so now the “center” is actually much more Leftist than it would have been just a few years ago.

    “And most of us could live without all the labels and name calling.” See Jim Sexton’s comment above.

    “They want to make a difference in their communities and things better for their kids, family, and friends.” Isn’t this the main sticking point? Conservatives and Leftists have very different ideas on how to do this.

    • Dear Paul B.,
      Please elaborate. Your statement,“A large majority of us are somewhere in the center.” Do you really think there’s a middle?

      Please do tell Paul, where is the middle of Right and Wrong, Truth and Lies, Cheating and Honesty, Evil and Good?

      Does your fear of rejection deceive you? Are you afraid of conflict?
      Are you afraid to disagree and stand up for your opinion and point of view? Are you afraid to be who you truly are because you want everyone to like you?

      “If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection.”

      • “A large majority of us are somewhere in the center.” vtbeliever, please note the quotation marks. This is what Scott said not me and, the sentence that follows it should indicate my disagreement. If it doesn’t then I should have elaborated.

    • Paul B,
      I apologize if I have misunderstood the meaning of your post about “you being in the middle.”

      To me, you still seem to deny the obvious existence of the radical Progressive/Marxists that are the majority in our state legislature.
      Along with a governor that calls himself a Republican yet doesn’t uphold and protect our citizen Constitutional Rights and Privileges.

      Go read the Bills that are being past in the state legislature and being signed by Scott. The Progressive/Marxists are all about stirring up contention by dividing us into groups, (victims and aggressors), controlling us with elitist (expert) tyranny and spending huge amounts of tax monies on their god and cult of climate change with no measurable evidence or results.

  9. Real balance left Vermont politics decades ago. What we are soon to have- is a free-for-all in the legislature, programs and spending to fulfill a lobbyist’s wildest dreams. Education, Environment, Health Care, Social programs and the dreaded carbon atom will be fair game for billions of dollars in spending. All without Veto power, if Scott even chose to challenge the legislature. Scott’s few true allies in the legislature will mighty busy trying to negotiate with these petulant legislators, as to not throw Vermont into an economic abyss in one session. Senators Mazza, Brock, Sears and Starr will have their work cut out for them, attempting to moderate zealous legislators- the ones claiming the alleged ‘mandate’ that voters supposedly gave November 8th.
    Scott’s signature “affordability” issue went out the window. The divide between rich and poor in Vermont will expand and state government will only exacerbate that problem in 2023.
    Sorry, phil. Your ideal of balance left Vermont politics the day the mail-in-ballot became law.

  10. Governor Scott – When you made the decision to interrogate children after Thanksgiving 2021 to see if their families and grandparents had violated your illegal gestapo seperation orders, I made the decison to make you the only Republican I will never work with or support ever again.

    If you wonder what you would have done in Germany during the 1930’s…don’t wonder. You’re doing it now.

  11. If phil scott wants unity in Vermont then start with painting out the black in blm painted on State St. Then get rid of that stupid racial equity position we taxpayers are funding for nothing but dividing Vermonters.

  12. Hey Phil, did you see the dress down Prime Minister Trudeau got from President Xi of China at the G20? This is where you are leading us!!!! Why have you sold us out Phil? Vermont has changed from moderate democrats to progressives who are Maoist’s? They hate everyone and will have total control and will be able to override any vetoes. Because the democrats lied and didn’t divulge all the dangers of articles 22 and 2 —they will be having children deciding to be a different gender without a parents consent and to hell with the consequences!!! They will be sterilizing themselves—you should be so proud!!! The progressives will be able to decriminalize— Prostitution, pedophiles, human traffickers, and sex traffickers —decriminalize all of them and if crime goes up, so be it. And if anyone complains we will put you in jail for 4 years via the criminal threatening law you signed in May. Criminals won’t be in jail but you will, really??The middle class has all but gone from the state. Inflation has retired people going back to work or move. People who work are paying for those who don’t work. The teachers are either indoctrinating and/or grooming children and not getting the kids test scores back up pre-pandemic. Do you even care that you are destroying this state all under the disguise of saying you would put “people before politics”??? You are just like the progressives and just keep lying to the people of Vermont. You are NOT a republican and care about people over politics, you are a progressive and care very little for the state you are systematically destroying.

  13. Phil Scott has either been “given over” and he is fully lost having a completely “depraved mind” with the resulting actions, OR he is fully conscious and has become a Fantastic Liar and Gas Lighter.

  14. The Dominion machines used in Vermont sure did their job to keep it Blue.
    Fortunately, all the evildoers will be going away soon. Looking so forward to that.
    Hang in there good folks, it’s almost over.

  15. In recent times, how many self-anointed “Real Republicans” have won an election in Vermont?
    I can’t change or enact legislation without being elected.
    And standing on the state house steps shouting, and name-calling gets you nowhere.
    Mr. Sexton has proven so.

    The mess we’re in has been brought to you by the self-anointed, unelectable ‘Real Republicans’.

    • Mr Arnold,

      At least you can “know” what Real Republicans believe in and stand for. They aren’t afraid to line up with the published and promised Vermont GOP Platform like the RHINOS.

      How’s that “big tent all beliefs are allowed Vermont GOP” working out? Vermont RHINOS in leadership said it will win us seats. What happened?

  16. Yes, martyrdom is the first thing that comes to mind. Followed by an image of Real Republicans standing in front of the capital complaining about everything and denying everything including their irrelevance.

  17. Re: “I’ll do my part by continuing to work every single day to get the results Vermonters deserve, by listening, learning, and leading. And always putting people before politics.”

    How poetic. Yet how incongruous can this sentiment be, Governor? What are ‘… the results Vermonters deserve…’? putting who before what politics?

    A constitutional amendment on ‘reproductive liberty’ perhaps, destined for the courts, that opens the door to a public education system that can now impose its gender perspective on children without notifying the child’s parents?

    What about mandating vaccines from a pharmaceutical industry that profits from the mandate while accepting no responsibility for the ill-effects of that vaccine?

    What about the State’s granting of guaranteed retirement benefits (unavailable to anyone else) only to government, healthcare and education workers who form the State’s largest voting block?

    What about the State’s Public Utilities Commission that allows energy special interest groups to profit from the mandated policies those special interests lobbied our legislature to enact in the first place? All while other green energy, available at 1/3rd the cost, is forsaken?

    Do this for him,
    Create a myth
    With a twice spun hitch
    Of fantasy.
    Create, explore,
    Walk through that door,
    And write so cleverly.
    But one small thing
    Before you go.
    Please write in iambic feet.
    It sounds so nice,
    Who needs the words?
    The sound will keep their sleep.

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