Phil Scott fumer-in-chief over low ratings for Jan. 6 hearing TV coverage

Rep. Benny Thompson opens another hearing of the House Select Committee investigating the events of Jan. 6 (C-Span)

By Guy Page

At his June 14 press conference, Phil Scott got about as angry as the low-key governor ever gets in public. He’s teed off that more people aren’t watching the live, televised hearing of the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Calvin Cutler of WCAX asked Scott [1:16:27 on YouTube video] if “you’ve had the chance to watch any of the Jan. 6th hearings, and if so, your thoughts on what you’ve seen.”

That’s all it took. 

“Yes, I have been watching,” Scott said. “I haven’t watched every moment, every minute, of the deliberations, but it’s been eye-opening, learning more every single time I watch about what unfolded.

“I wish more people were watching, to be honest with you. We have what, 330 million people in the country, and I believe we only had 19 million watching. This was an assault on our democracy. This was an insurrection. 

“And I think they’re laying out the groundwork pretty well. We’ll see as they continue to to lay out what actually happened, and how it happened, how it was orchestrated, who paid for it and so forth.

“What does it say that there’s only 19 million people that have watched it? I mean, what does that say about, maybe, apathy across the nation?

“Again – this was an assault on our democracy. This was an indisputable insurrection. So I hope more people tune in, more people listen, so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, and that we can uh we can move on from this.”

Gov. Scott didn’t say which channel he watches. However, he can scarcely miss it when he turns on the television. Most of the hearings have been wall-to-wall on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN and other major news outlets. Even Fox News has aired some of the live hearings. The Select Committee also has its own live-streaming page, with the added bonus feature of a tip line. “Chairman Thompson is interested in any information regarding the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol,” the tip line page says.

The next hearing will go live at 3 pm Thursday, June 23. On June 13, the second night of the hearings, the top-rated cable news program was Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, which did not air the hearings. 

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  1. Most likely because the whole world knows that Antifa infiltrated it with the help of the FBI, the capital police let the “protesters” in and it was all orchestrated as a ploy to show how dangerous the right was so that the Dems (communists) can remain in power and to distract from the STOLEN ELECTION that should have never been certified by the communist sympathizer Mike Pence.

    Certainly says who the Governor is doesn’t it “Gauleiter” Scott?

    • Can you describe in detail how you know what you posted is true. I have seen no one credible post that before.

      • I have the same understanding of the events
        I know this because I watched it happen in real time on social media platform, Parlor. People at the capital posted videos all day from the inside and outside of the building. One video showed the Capital Police holding the door open of the capital. A young woman actually asked the officer if it was okay to go into the capital, as she didn’t know the building was open to the public. The Capital Police officer said yes, go on in, so she did. There were videos of people hiding behind trees, changing from their Trump clothes and hats into black clothing and leaving. Antifa and BLM Member, JOHN Sullivan, was in the capital and arrested, as he broke the windows in the Capital. I know this to be true because for sometime all of these court documents were made public and I read a number of them. He was then let go, no criminal charges filed. The government then requested Amazon to remove the Parlor app from their hosting platform under the premis that it promoted violence. I watched all day and saw no violence on Parlor, just many Trump supporters harmlessly walking through the building causing no harm to the facility. I saw many Trump supporters outside begging police to assist and stop people. The police stood their with their arms crossed, and refused to take action. And all video evidence destroyed because Parlor was taken down by the government.

      • I’ll second CJ’s comments and there’s even more evidence than that.

        See the reason why you call this right wing rhetoric and far Right idealism is because you’ve been programmed to do so. It’s the same reason you call things conspiracy theories when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Please do the world and all of us a favor listen to both sides go look for clues and reasons and stop listening to the television because they’re lying to you. Now is the time where you need to take the time out of your life and go watch the raw footage of things so that you can see for yourself how things unfold. The media, and people in power are what is causing the division, not right wing ideology.

  2. Ah get over it Phil ! Not everybody is interested in a third impeachment of Trump as you, and the afore mentioned “news” channels are. And as to all that new information that is coming out at this hearing, if you watched Fox or News Max, it would not have been so earth shattering to you. After listening to Adam “Shifty” Shift, and Jerry “my pants are devouring me” Nadler, and the rest of the “Looney Tune” charactors sling their now debunked Russia, Russia, Russia, the evidence is hidden in plain sight, crapulosity How can anybody believe a word that comes out of their collective mouths ? It did not even fool me the first time. How many times are you going to let it fool you ??????

  3. Maybe people are tired of watching a dead horse being beaten. The coverage is biased and does not show all perspectives. I am sure there is no reference to Antifa being Arrested or the fact that the Capital police opened the doors and let people in the building. Interestingly enough all of the videos that evidenced my claims were uploaded to Parlor in real-time. One revealing video was of a corporate media channel and another stakeholder talking. The individual talking to the camera man said, “I can’t believe we did it. We got them to enter the building.” She then stopped and said something like wait are you filming? Did you record what I said? The camera man responded by saying don’t worry I’ll edit it out later.” What neither of these people realized was that someone accidentally captured their conversation and posted it to Parlor. There were at least 100 videos uploaded to Parlor that day. People invited into the Capital, thanking Capital policers, old women telling her husbands to walk in the designated area, and so on. These videos should have been submitted, as evidence. Although, this outcome was not possible, as Parlor was removed from it’s hosting platform, AWS, by big tech. No more videos, no defense, no evidence. Isn’t this the same as police officers tampering with evidence? The exception is that this occurred and was supposed by our so called democratic leaders. A great example of fascism in action! Our country is officially no better than the corrupt Ukraine government, which imprisons it’s political opposition. Spoiler alert, Ukraine is not a democracy for anyone out there who doesn’t know this. Ukraine is a dictatorship.

    • copies of those video’s should be sent directly to someone who will make them available to this “pony show”….I’d like to use stronger language than that; but I won’t!!

  4. Way to Go Texas GOP! All State GOP Must Follow the Lead!

    Report of the Permanent
    2022 Platform & Resolutions Committee

    1580 Resolutions
    1581 1. 2020 Election: We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that
    1582 various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in
    1583 multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3, 2020. We believe that
    1584 substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas significantly affected the results in five key states in
    1585 favor of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

    1586 We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph
    1587 Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States. We strongly urge all
    1588 Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and to show up to vote in November of 2022, bring your
    1589 friends and family, volunteer for your local Republicans, and overwhelm any possible fraud.

  5. Wow….Calling this guy a “RINO” doesn’t even cut it. I would guess he’s merely just a poser like a couple of other folks we all NEVER hear from – UNTIL the subject of voting for Republican Christina Nolan is within an article on this site…….then they’re ranting & raving attempting to get Vermonters not to vote for her & instead vote for some “challenger” to the DemocRAT status quo in this state who isn’t, by the way, spending more than 10 cents in campaigning.

    OBVIOUSLY, for the first time in decades – the democRATS and their man in line for the throne Pat Leahy are running scared because of a Republican!!!!!!!!!!

    It is AWESOME!

    CHRISTINA NOLAN FOR U.S. SENATE IN VERMONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And there you are again “Anonymous”….my how brave you are to post your actual name. Huh. Anonymous. Is that Germanic?

      • She’s worse than a Democrat, she is hiding what she really is a RINO!

    • We don’t need another RINO ! Nolan is not the best choice. She has already shown her true colors.

      • In my opinion I would strongly take a look at Gerald Malloy or Myers Mermel before I were to vote for Christina Nolan.

        Gerald is constitutionally solid former graduate from West point well connected in military circles and business circles and knows a ton about finance and is a family man.

        Meyers is a real estate guy from New York City who has some pretty major Republican backing and money behind him, he’s extremely well spoken and has a very good head about his shoulders. In my opinion his negatives are his ties to the Republicans

        Christina is a lawyer who wanted to vote for the judge Jackson recently, appears to support abortion (first term mind you), she’s also relatively well funded and well spoken.

    • Who are you thinking should run against him that can get elected? Isn’t the most important thing to get someone elected?

  6. think everyone knows what the Democrats are trying to sell. the truth is the last thing today’s politicians want. what was the FBI and their informants up to? believe truth is only Ashli Babbitt was only person cold bloodedly murdered by a cowardly cop. how do we know what the people who were violent actually believed in and what their purpose was? that people who trespassed spend a year and a half, some in solitary, in jail is ridiculous.

      • That is the best video! It is right in line with my commentary on the conversation between a news media camera man and another individual he appears to know. They actually had a conversation about how they manipulated Trump supporters into entering the building. I believe the video you posted appeared on Parlor prior to the site being taken down.

  7. Sorry you’re fuming, Governor. We’re saving up our committee viewing hours for the Biden impeachment next year.

  8. We still don’t know WHO Ray Epps is, if he works for the FBI or other entity and what HE was doing there. We still don’t know WHY Nancy “I’m drunk again” Pitlosi didn’t summon the NG. Or why the CP weren’t better equipped when the FBI had intel that told them some groups had some things planned. WHO Planted the bombs at the DNC and RMC?? I mean after the Boston Bombing we had 82 videos from cameras around THAT city, so???? HOW and WHO opened the 20,000# rotunda doors on the east side of the building….when it requires a CODE! WHO DID THAT???? So, you fake RINO gubnah, we aren’t watching this TV sitcom setup of lies and one sided information. AND YOU voted for all this. You’re a disgrace. Please go to the D party where you belong.

    • Let me help the folks on this thread to identify Ray Epps. This short podcast was released by Liberal Hive Mind sharing actual testimony from Ray Epps to the Jan 6 committee, with video of Ray Epps activities on Jan 6. Thankfully, folks saved a copy of this video prior to Parlor being deplatform.

      • Exactly and those of us who have been paying attention know that all of this is BS.

        It’s all a bunch of lies by the deep state that has infiltrated our government and is attempting to pit one citizen versus another. It’s all done up by the media with lies and misdirections half truths all done to steal from us not just our money but our freedom and our time.

        If the rest of you don’t start paying attention soon and put your foot down and say no more we will all be enslaved even more so than we are now.

        I’m not being dramatic.

  9. There are those who believe the utterances of Government, and then those who have studied history. I think we know which group Phil Scott is part of……………..

  10. Poor Phil Scott. Such an embarrassment. He continues to demonstrate he has little to no critical thinking skills. He still doesn’t understand that January 6 hearings were all political theater. Any person with a scintilla of common sense understands this. He’s really going to be fuming when his progressive brethren and the associated policies they support all get crushed in November.

  11. The governor asks us…“What does it say that there’s only 19 million people that have watched it? I mean, what does that say about, maybe, apathy across the nation?” OR… Perhaps the citizenry has doubts about the credibility of the enquiry process? …that the conclusions have already been drawn? In addition the Governor says “this was an assault on our democracy. This was an indisputable insurrection.” Ok, sound like criminal acts…right? Isn’t that what the enquiry is intended document so perhaps indictments can be put forth? The posture of disappointment…and indignant expectation that we invest credibility in this spectacle is not helpful.

  12. 19 million of 330 million……Well there ya go…..most of us dont want our laundry on television for the world to see, and I would further guess that the majority are not buying into this “pony show”…

  13. According to the governor this is the first ever insurrection attempted against any government with no one being armed! Not one person has been charged with insurrection. No one has been charged with gun violations and no guns were found that day on the grounds of the capitol. Nasty Nancy 82 years old rejected the offer of 10,000 national guard personnel twice 2 weeks prior to the event. The truth will come out after 1/20/23. If President Trump is charged prior to the red wave coming, evidence and depositions will crush any charge they bring. People should dust off their US Constitution and read it. People, legislators and states have a right to question any US election and it is up to one vote per state in the legislature to correct a fraudulent election. Each state gets one vote. I would hope that an accurate count could be had without a machine.

  14. Phil Scott just learned that most of the county is more intelligent and discerning than he ever was or will be. I’m sure the check from 10% Joe is still good, but I suggest cashing it rather than depositing. Tick Tock. Nothing can stop what is coming.

  15. Trump called for the National Guard but Pitloosi turned them down. He was calling for peace the entire time. Those of us who were watching all know it. Saw his speech. Read all the first hand storied we could find . . . it’s nothing like those cry babies want people to believe it was. We know and they can’t psyop us into believing stuff with their fake news media. When they are all criminals in that sham show. There are enough clips of it floating around to get an idea of what was going on OUR TAX dollars paid for that, won’t give them one click or one view. NO way.

  16. Well Phil, I could agree with you- then we’d both be wrong.
    The democrat party assault on all things Trump started in 2015 and has continued unabated since.
    This pageant of characters from the DC swamp fabricating stories and manufacturing evidence of an (unarmed) insurrection is but a repeat of the ‘russia ‘russia ‘russia story already played out and proven false.
    Methinks Phil, you are becoming a swamp creature yourself.

  17. It boggles any sane mind that so many actually watched a Democratic political ad. It is really just Impeachment III and has the same credibility as the first two

  18. It’s the same old play book Problem, Reaction, Solution all three created by the same actors.

  19. Hey Phil….why don’t you just skip doing the conferences and have your WEF buddy Klaus do them for you? We all know he’s writing your pathetic script.

    The question is this Phil? What do the boys at the WEF have on you? Must be something really juicy…..

  20. Ahh… The summer of love !! The burning of cities and the Dems were fundraising to bail them out ! 4 years of Russia Russia Russia ! Release ALL of the Video footage from Jan 6 ! We as citizens have every right to question the legitimacy of elections just as the DemonRats have in the past ! Where is Ray Epps? There is so much that they are not showing , but don’t worry because it will come out ! Truth always prevails !

  21. Phil has become more and more offended as of late. The only thing I find offensive are his restrictive and corrupt policies, which are approved more by his friends in D.C. than Vermonters. I wish a true Vermonter, who holds our interests and way of life close to heart would run for Gov. I’m voting Democrat the next election, just to remove Fake Phil. ; )

    • So Phil is not conservative enough, so I will vote for someone more liberal than him ? I’m not a fan of Phil’s anymore, but if it comes down to him or a Boinie Sanders wanna be ? As Russel Crowe stated in Master and Commander, I’ll take the lesser of two weevils…..

  22. He vetoed the CHS bill that would have crushed the lower and middle class Vermonters.Scott learned very quickly how to be a skillful politician.

  23. He’s definitely had his share of kool-aid. Someone should get him another shot of mrna to calm his nerves.

    • What shot? Phil never took any of these. Lookup the youtube video where he fakes his booster. Super Phil doesn’t even Phlinch.

    • Who do you have that can get elected. First we have to get someone elected. We won’t get anyone elected who spouts off whacky right wing rhetoric all the time like the posters on this thread.

    • And if he was like your version of republican he would never have gotten elected and never veto’d all those progressive bills and never shut down the ridiculous revision proposed for Act 250. It would help if the extreme right wing republicans in Vermont also had a tad bit of practical politics in their schtick.

  24. I would like to address your claim that the majority of Republicans in this state are right wing radicals. This claim is nothing but propaganda designef to silence and intimidate all Republicans in this country. You insult yourself by using such propaganda. I am a moderate Republican. I support classical liberalism and American values, such as exceptionalism and individual accountability. I have spent much of my life as an artist in Boston and Baltimore. I support first term abortion and later term abortion based on the pregnancy being a threat to the mothers health. I read a survey that supports that most Americans have similar views on abortion, inclusive of all parties. There are many Republicans with views and life experiences like mine. I also would call governor Scott a RINO. I will tell you why, because when I called his office and reported that seniors were being attacked in the state for any and all reasons to include having an American flag, he did nothing. There was no press announcement stating that Vermonters do not attack seniors. The individual I referenced was a veteran that happened to have an American flag on his car, during a Veterans day car parade. There were no political flags on his car. This event occurred post election. Based on the issues or events that did warrant the governor’s public response included a black couple concerned that they were being descriminated against during COVID-19, and a child that wrote a letter to feed the homeless.

    My second example I called the state equity office to discuss the heavy handed equity policies at the EWSD, which was emotionally harming very young children. For example, one five year old came home from school distressed because all white people were bad and responsible for slavery. The young boy was crying that he didn’t want to be white. When I told the equity office of this incident and about how emotionally disturbed the children was she responded with a question. The question was and I quote, “Don’t you think white children should feel the same pain as black children?” I hope you grasp the cruelty and vicious nature of such a comment. I called the governor’s office and made a formal complaint. Nothing happened to this state employee and the governor could not be bothered to call me back. I hope this substantiates why many Republicans in this state dislike Governor Scott.

  25. ‘They’ have been trying to oust Trump since his election and nothing has stuck. Every conceivable trick has been employed. Do you mean to tell me Trump is guilty of everything under the sun? It should be obvious ‘they’ are attempting to make anything stick because they are afraid he just might get reelected. Btw, it’s time to reelect another guv. He’s an embarrassment.

  26. I would like to piggy back on your comment. The truth is that they determined that Trump needed to not remain in office or render him unelectible because he did not support the Paris Accord, the UN Agenda 2030 or goals of NGOs, like the World Economic Forum. These organizations required America to give up its sovereignty to support the Great Reset or as Biden called it Build Back Better. This Agenda is well underway globally. America is four years behind where other countries are in its implementation. I work in government contracting and an seeing very large federal government acquisitions with requirements around ESG and Equity. The following definitions provide insight.

    Justice in Social Justice means communism, which is the spontaneity that artists after forced Equity, and Socialism is an administered economy in which outcomes are make equal.

    The terms Social Justice and Equity appear in the Paris Accord, as will as many UN and UNESCO documents. The WEF stated that the perfect societal model is China’s Communist model. They are implementing such a model, which is referred to as stakeholder capitalism.

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