Pfizer pushes Shot #4 – ‘not now,’ Scott, Levine say

By Guy Page

It’s too early to determine whether Vermont will push a fourth shot for Covid-19, as recently recommended by Pfizer, a major vaccine manufacturer, Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine said today. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked at today’s press conference: “Pfizer is now recommending a fourth dose. What is your position on that? What, if anything, will be the state’s involvement in facilitating a fourth shot?” 

“I haven’t seen or heard from the CDC or FDA, to see if it’s advised or not,” Scott said. “The reality is that there will be a series of boosters in the future, much like the flu.”

Then Health Commissioner Mark Levine intervened. 

“They [manufacturers like Pfizer] don’t set the national policy as to how this plays up,” Levine said. “Right now the word we’re getting is that boosters will probably be necessary in the future, but this may not be the time…. without the pressure of a variant strain, we’re not going to see that now.” Levine also advised Vermonters to hold on to their masks and rapid tests, just in case.

Gov. Scott was asked if Vermont would ever return to employee vaccine mandates. 

“I think it’s premature to determine that at this point in time. If we believe that Covid is going to become the next flu…I’d assume we’d treat it the same,” Scott said. Some hospitals require flu shots of all employees, he noted. “A widespread mandate is something that I do not foresee, unless something unforeseen happens.”

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  1. Then it will be a 5th and 6th shot and on and on . Follow the money ,Pfizer wants it ALL and WE will pay forever.

    • I agree with Guido! It will be never ending so big Pharma can continue to fill their coffers.

  2. Currently the influenza is more dangerous than covid. Driving your child to and from school is more dangerous than covid. All while non covid mortality rates are up 84% in millennials. Wonder why? Long term effects? No one knows. I suspect auto immune problems and mass inflammation in areas where it can kill you. You can have my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. shots. Ive had covid. When it got bad i took fluvoxamine and it worked almost immediately. A $4 prescription with a proven safe antidepressant/anti-inflammatory used off label. If youre obese, start exercising. If covid doesn’t kill you heart disease will.

  3. With all the reports starting to leak from Pfizer at this time it is amazing that anyone is still talking boosters. These are the records Pfizer said wouldn’t be released for 75 years, well another judge gave them a year. They are starting to show solid evidence of people who were more adversely affected because of vaccines. To think that anyone can mandate such proceedings is horrendous.

    Vermont legislators – that includes most of you… Get off the band wagon that has been taking Vermont down the paths of socialism and government mandates – like those Russia is imposing on the Ukraine. Recognize that we need to align with Freedom and Unity’s foundations. Don’t do obesience to those who demand votes that want to defund police, that want racism taught in our schools, don’t want community voices in school board meetings, promote sexxxx ed under 4th grade, and want mask mandates to linger anywhere… Let’s promote constitutional rights education for young and old alike.

    Dr. Breggin is right – his book is We are the Prey. For an overview of what he shared at Vermont’s Global Covid Summit go to You can find a written summation of his message or listen to it there.

  4. Kiss your body parts where the sun doesn’t Shine period! Please Folks Remember on November 8th 2022 to vote out the liberal Dens Rats period!!
    Your livelihood Depends on it period!! DO NOT FORGET WE THE PEOPLE !!

  5. Fauci is missing in action as of late. Is that why Scott and Levine are not pushing for more poison? Could it be the information that over 60,000 young adults 25-40 years of age have died in the past year? One doctor referred to the loss of young lives as that generation’s Vietnam. The abuse continues with masks, more tests, and mandates for work. Two years of lives being turned upside down and ruined by these dispicible bureaucrats and their NWO marching orders. They must be charged with crimes against humanity and prosecuted in military tribunals.

  6. Stand-up comedians, these two are.

    “They [manufacturers like Pfizer] don’t set the national policy as to how this plays up.” Of course they do. The FDA gets the majority of its funding from Big Pharma via “user fees.”

    “A widespread mandate is something that I do not foresee, unless something unforeseen happens.” I got whiplash reading that one.

  7. ‘Not Yet’ translates to ‘After the midterms’.

    How dumb do they think we are…..oh wait this is VT.

  8. Notice…officialdom no longer discusses this as a “vaccination”. Repeat: notice…..

  9. When people allow themselves to trust man fully, and never question what they say; slowly you see a brainwashing take place. They never question yet God is always questioned, if believed at all. Now our elected brainwashed executive and legislative branches in Montpelier can no longer see deception. The man becomes their God as they eagerly submit to anything they hear. They can no longer see and understand the true data, and adjusting or fraudulent data is ok, because it comes from their new supreme being.