Patrissi: Doctor, ex-cop Meyers unwelcome at Dem debate

The five declared candidates for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Congress (clockwise from left) – Molly Gray, Louis Meyers, Becca Balint, Kesha Ram-Hinsdale and (below) Sianay Chase Clifford.

by Joe Patrissi

When Louis Meyers knocked on my door and asked for my wife and I to sign a petition supporting him for congress, we began a conversation that we’re still having these many days later. Louis, a doctor of many years, a former policeman and social worker, reminds me a little bit of the protagonist in the movie, ‘Mr Smith Goes To Washington’. Although not as naively idealistic as Mr Smith was in the movie, Louis is honest, and so not a career politician. He would fight against corrupt politicians just like the character in the movie did.

Candidate Sianay Chase Clifford

He is a moderate. He is a pragmatist. He is a man of principle.

In his experience as a doctor, he has a graphic understanding of community needs in Vermont that are the underlying contributors to community and individual health outcomes including housing, substance abuse, employment, domestic abuse, crime, isolation, etc. He will be a voice of reason and integrity. He will use his voice to help Vermonters achieve prosperity in health as well as the economy. And protect our environment, and the safety and security of our state and country.

I watched the debate hosted by VTDigger on April 13th that included Molly Gray, Becca Balint, Kesha Ram Hinsdale and Sianay Chase Clifford.

When the debate was announced, I asked Paul Heintz, editor, why Louis wasn’t included. He wrote that Digger ‘couldn’t accommodate’ Louis. When pressed what the accommodation barrier was, no response was given. I then asked the four invited candidates to advocate for the inclusion of Louis. Deafening silence. 

That VTDigger couldn’t pass the smell test with a reason to exclude Louis (who was announced as a candidate in Digger) was disappointing. Here, a debate for public consumption, hosted by a well regarded journalistic pursuer of truth, excluded an important voice seemingly arbitrarily. Inclusion, not exclusion is supposed to be a value of democracy.

Even more disappointing were the invitees. When pressed to advocate for, that’s right, inclusion, of another candidate, nothing. Not a word.

I thought Democrats stood for the value of inclusion. Inclusion and diversity. If they do, they must demonstrate it. They didn’t.

I have concluded long ago that you only really know people but what they do, not by what they say. That’s one of the big reasons I’m supporting Louis Meyers over the other candidates.

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  1. Louis Meyers is attempting to campaign based on his merit and experience and that concept has been long absent from the democrat party’s operating principles. He is a white male, and lacks any of the basic prerequisite “victimhoods” claimed by the other candidates, which are the basic qualifications of today’s democrat.

    • I’ve personally been permanently thrown off TWICE (two different towns as I had relocated) for penning traditional, pro-democracy, anti-censorship opinions – ones I got compliments for from the readership, a couple published on FPF & others sent to me via private messages…..ironically(?) I was then censored by FPF!

      FPF is but another phony publication selectively picking & choosing who gets heard & who should not, in their feeble, close-minded, intolerant opinions.

      Since Guy doesn’t censor, I feel quite comfortable in “shouting” on here, in very “unladylike” fashion:

      Front Porch Forum: YOU SUCK!

  2. Moderate Democrats need not apply. Consider the fact a large number are stepping down from their seats and a number of once loyal Democrat voters are walking away from the party. Perhaps the Pedo Party is losing legitimacy and the GOP is losing credibility in the eyes and hearts of real Americans. They will all still cheat nonetheless.

  3. This is not “disappointing” re: VT Digger; it is their M.O. Those who write there are not journalists; they are democrat operatives for socialism.

    If one sends a conservative (i.e.: traditional) letter to the editor there, one must typically badger those in charge to have it printed – lest it appear that NOT everyone in VT, as example, believes God is a fairy tale or biological men who grow their hair long & wear dresses are women.

    Until we are ready, en masse, to protest in front of their offices, demand that candidates be covered, send letters uncovering VT Digger’s bias & censoring policies to other papers – not merely one that conservatives read, this will happily continue unabated.

    Despite Vermont’s deep leap toward socialism, government take-over, one party system, & sheer insanity – most folks are still just taking their kids to soccer practice as though our nation isn’t falling apart with the aid of the once-free press.

    SHAME on VT Digger.

  4. VT Digger is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt corporation and, as such, is required by the IRS to be ‘nonpartisan’ in its activities.

    “If you suspect a tax-exempt organization is not complying with the tax laws, you may send information to the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division.”

    Two of the violations listed in the IRS complaint form are:
    Organization is involved in a political campaign
    Organization is engaged in excessive lobbying activities

    “In addition to oversight by the IRS, tax-exempt organizations are subject to oversight by State charity regulators and State tax agencies.”

    “In addition to oversight by the IRS, tax-exempt organizations are subject to oversight by State charity regulators and State tax agencies. You may also want to send a copy of the referral you send to us to your state tax agency”

    Five of Vermont’s agencies overseeing 501 (c) (3) tax exempt corporations are listed on the IRS web site referenced above.

    As taxes continue to increase, the financial benefit of tax-exempt status is becoming more and more burdensome on for-profit organizations and individuals. And, in case you weren’t aware, Vermont has the highest number of non-profits per capita in the country.

  5. Thanks. Good to know. Here’s what FPF has done to me: They’ve claimed I’ve “violated” their posting policy and when I ask them, repeatedly no less, to specify which one or ones I purportedly violated, there is NO reply. Of course, because I violated nothing, they cannot reply but very much oppose “neighbors” exercising their freedom of speech if it potentially benefits traditional, conservative, or Republican viewpoints & perspectives.

    But hey….I betcha that FPF administration peruses this site – how about THEY answer to their censorship customs and when attempting to explain – they use MY name (I hereby give permission) and MY posts as to precisely how their policies were “violated”? How about it FPF?

    This, before we all begin to now report them as described above for censorship tactics? Fox? Can a story be brewing here – between FPF and VT Digger amongst others?

  6. I got kicked off front porch forum after donating a total of $125 to them, voluntarily.
    SOS, Only conservatives are required to be open minded and tolerant.

    • OMG……SO many get the boot for not conforming to their leftist commie views. I know of dozens now & I don’t get out that much. LOL.

      This is all done, VT Digger included & others, to make it appear as though all Vermonters love men in dresses, hate God, & are itching for a socialist takeover along with restricted rights.

      Just KEEP PUSHING! They loathe us! It’s awesome.

    • Keep in mind that:

      “Front Porch Forum is a Vermont Public Benefit Corporation and not a nonprofit. Contributions are not tax deductible. Acceptance of payment does not create any obligation for Front Porch Forum to fulfill.”

      Anyone who donates to them accepts the fact that they do not have to be nonpartisan, as VT Digger does as a nonprofit. Caveat emptor.


  8. Front Porch “Forum” is a bunch of Uber Progressive
    thin skinned Zealots.

    Kicked me off after over a year, I had bought, sold, learned community activities,and donated a total of $125!
    They kept the $$$ 125 – of course!

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