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Organic dairy crisis, home schooling, sports betting on committee agendas

Schedule for All Vermont Legislature Committees this week: Click on Committee name for Zoom links. Agenda listings top-line only, not inclusive. Click here to see the complete weekly schedule of all committees on one page. Click here for list of all committees and links to their bills, members and contact information. 

House Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry

Universal School Meals

Climate Council Update

Organic Dairy Crisis

House Appropriations

FY23 Budget

Budget Adjustment

House Commerce and Economic Development

Budget Adjustment

H. 10 – Create VEGI oversight board

House Corrections and Institutions

Corrections Funding

Judicial Process

Act 56 Corrections amendments

House Education


Critical staffing shortages

Home schooling

Public Funds for Tuition

School Construction

House Environment and Energy

H. 67 – Household Products Containing Hazardous Substances

Climate Action Plan and Natural Solutions

Old Forests and Biodiversity

House General and Housing

Native Affairs

Vermont Housing

H. 66 – Paid family and medical leave

H. 21 – Landlord notice of utility disconnections

House Government Operations and Military Affairs

Sports Betting Study

House Health Care

Act 167 of 2022

Department of Mental Health Updates

Insurance Regulation

House Human Services

Food Programs for Older Vermonters

House Judiciary

H45, suing abuse survivors

H41, community justice center referrals

H. 53, Driver’s license suspensions

Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife

Not yet published

House Transportation

Capital Program “White Book 101”

Transportation Budgets


House Ways and Means

Universal Service Fund

Universal School Meals

Home Health Provider Tax

Cloud Tax Exemption

H. 61 – Pass-through entities

Senate Agriculture

Food Hubs

Protection from nuisance suits against farming

Universal School Meals

Senate Appropriations

This agenda has not yet been published.

Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs


Vermont Underserved Community Index

Senate Education

School Safety

Technical Education


Senate Finance

Cloud Tax

Consumption Tax

Health Insurance

Education Tax Study

Time-Share Properties

Senate Government Operations

Legislature Modernization

S. 17, Sheriff reforms

S. 9, State Auditor examining State contractor records


Senate Health and Welfare

Legislature Modernization


Health care reform

H1, payment for disability services

Act 167 Report

Substance Misuse Prevention

Senate Institutions

Capital Budget

Agency of Natural Resources Budget

Senate Judiciary

S. 6, Interrogation of juveniles

S. 14, Justice expenditure reporting

S. 7, Public defender qualifications

S. 15, Presumptive probation for non-violent crimes

S. 4, Juvenile gun control

S. 3, Prohibiting paramilitary training camps

Senate Natural Resources and Energy

S. 5 – Affordable Heat Act mandate

Overview of Electric Grid


Senate Transportation

DMV, other agency departments


Northeast Kingdom Day

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