Opinion: Sanders, AOC offer death sentence for the poor

To the editor:

America is losing its way. The radical left, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s squad, have taken over our country. They have too much power and are driving us apart with their divisive agenda.

Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez’s squad support a $15 minimum wage. New employees aren’t productive enough to warrant it. Without training and good work habits new employees are a financial burden and unemployable for entry level jobs.

Government education fails to provide necessary skills for entry level jobs. Two thirds of high school graduates are illiterate. Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez’s squad oppose school choice which would allow parents to opt out of government schools for better options.

The entitlement agenda of Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez’s squad with free college, child care and guaranteed income destroys incentives to work. There is no place in the cosmos where increased entitlements lifted people out of poverty. Conversely, there is strong evidence a job will.

Senator Sanders continuously rants about economic inequality being a death sentence for the poor. What he and the Ocasio-Cortez squad advocates is the real culprit. Renown black economist Thomas Sowell renounced their approach years ago. The way out of poverty is restoring the dignity of work, quality education and reducing government dependency. Sowell’s approach is credible. Sanders’/Ocasio-Cortez’s squad approach is damaging as evidenced in Cuba and Venezuela. Sowell makes sense; Sanders/Cortez promotes socialism, mediocrity and divisiveness.

Frank Mazur, South Burlington

The author is a former member of the Vermont Legislature from South Burlington.

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  1. Beanie Sanders is is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, wrapped in a turd. Term Limits !

  2. America has tried for sixty years to spend it’s way to equality and eliminate racism- to the result that we have today. But Thomas Sowell’s advice won’t get Sanders re-elected nor profit Sanders personally, so it’s a non-starter for him. AOC cannot get to the level of power and wealth she seeks by actually fixing a problem, can she?

    • Racism dates back to the time of Genesis. When in those days was there not racism, tribal presence, and just plain hand to hand combat rooted in the same things we write and talk about today? Is it right? Hell, no! Is it right to attempt to right the wrong? Of course! Will it ever be corrected? I doubt it, based on history. We could learn so much from history, if we just took the time to absorb it.

  3. Everything that Bernie is and has is the result of capitalism. Where else could an uneducated angry demagogue who’s been spewing the same socialist (“commie light”) drivel for 70 years become a millionaire? The epitome of HYPOCRITE. Socialism is for the common people NOT the socialists like him. Any dissent from the “doctrine” must be met with swift retribution. Socialism always leads to totalitarianism. Such an embarrassment to have him as our senator.

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