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One dead in St. J hospital parking lot shooting

The Vermont State Police can confirm that one person is deceased in connection with this morning’s incident in St. Johnsbury.

Police were notified at about 8:50 a.m. of a reported shooting in the parking lot outside Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. The deceased individual was located in the parking lot. The body will be brought to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death. The individual’s identity will be released following further investigation and notification of next of kin.

The investigation remains in its earliest stages. VSP’s Crime Scene Search Team and Victim Services Unit are responding to the scene, in addition to detectives from the Major Crime Unit and Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and uniform troopers from the Field Force Division.

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  1. Am I to understand that, after all the energy put into crafting the recent guns at hospitals legislation, an actual gun has made its appearance at such a venue?

    • It was actually in the parking lot across from the hospital. Hospital has stated that the victim was neither a patient nor a member of staff.

      • I am somewhat familiar with that hospital. I think all those parking lots are associated with the hospital complex and would come under the gun ban because the ban extends to hospital grounds (as I recall from having to read through that legislative monstrosity).

      • I was wrong. I reread that bill S30 as passed by house and senate and it doesn’t say anything about “hospital grounds”. It just says you can’t possess a gun while in a “hospital building”. Very interesting; I don’t know where I got my idea. So guns could be left in the cars at those parking lots.

    • Nothing like predictive programming, eh, Diana?

      In London, as soon as the major headlines started running ‘knife attack’ stories, people started using knives to start hurting each other. Now TV shows actually use knives a deadly prop where previously they were laughed off the set as nearly useless unless you were trained to use them. But but but all those knife attacks…

      False flags happen to justify the narrative. Real people get hurt and that justifies the narrative its appears to support.

      Good catch, Di.

  2. Update from the Caledonia Record; “A Be-On-The-Lookout notice has been issued to law enforcement for a silver Jeep Wrangler with Connecticut license plates that may have been connected to the incident.”

    At the risk of profiling . . . is anyone else shocked that the vehicle in question bears Connecticut plates? Off the top of my head I can thing of 6 Connecticut individuals currently facing charges in the NEK for drug related shootings. At the risk of being called a racist . . . never mind, let’s just leave it that they all have gang-related ties.

    • Let’s please assume that it was some nice folks from Greenwich who came up to go skiing and an argument ensued with some other folks about borrowing their Grey Poupon…

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