On Election Night, web traffic went from China to battleground state election centers. What does it mean?

by Guy Page

In his second Deepcapture.com post about the 2020 General Election and concerns about election fraud, journalist and CEO Patrick Byrne posts a document that appears to show heavy internet traffic between China and election centers in the battleground states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Patrick Byrne

The blog post title says it all – or rather, asks it all: “Was There Foreign Interference in This Election? You Make The Call.” He makes a startling statement: “I start with an analysis of the packet traffic on Election Day 2020 provided me by the best cyber-forensics specialist (aka “dolphin-speaker”) I have ever met. As packets travel through the Internet they leave a trail, and dolphin-speakers using the right tools can, in a sense, “shine a light” and reveal those packet trails in the cyber-fog. The cyber-specialists to whom I refer, who has access to such tools (and even more arcane ones), has documented vote-flipping in the Problematic 6 states amounting to 299,567 votes, just enough in each state to flip the election. 43% of that activity came from China.”

You can see the analyst’s log of these “packets” for yourself at this www.deepcapture.com link, or see this partial shot from the lengthy document:

So – what does this mean? Does this apparent internet traffic between China and election centers in contested battleground states demonstrate foreign meddling? Or, could it be information gathering – just as you or I would check town-by-town returns on the Vermont Secretary of State Election Night dashboard?

Byrne readily admits that information shown on the sheet above is best understood by “dolphin speakers” – analysts who speak the incomprehensible, acronymic language of the IT priesthood. Plenty of tantalyzing questions – but for the layman, anyway, no hard evidence of fraud.

But this is only Episode #2 (the first appears below.) Episode #3 deals with an unscheduled Dec. 18 meeting between him, General Mike Flynn, attorney Sidney Powell, and President Donald Trump. It’s riveting reading. And there’s little doubt the meeting did happen. The New York Times scooped the world the next day.

Flynn, Powell and Byrne urged the president to send troops to impound the votes and voting machines of the battleground states, then hold a thorough, biased audit of the votes. Trump seemed interested. He even appointed Powell as his lead lawyer, to make it all happen. But unfriendly forces in the White House slowed the plan and then stopped it altogether, Byrne says.

* * * * * * *

The first Deepcapture blog post was published January 27. It provides the first “insider” look at the president’s election fraud investigation handled (Byrne would say mishandled) by key top aides of President Trump. 

Byrne’s team found the Antrim County, Michigan voting irregularities. In this post, he describes how he and Mike Flynn were consistently frustrated in their efforts to find out what was really going on in other states.

I don’t know, of course, but I am guessing the figure he calls “The Mediocrity” is Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Byrne’s account is highly subjective. It’s critical of some iconic figures. Whether that criticism is fair or not must be left up to the reader. And it’s worth the read as concerned Vermonters try to determine what happened Nov. 3, and afterwards, and how they should proceed. – Editor.

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  1. Guy, I had just calmed myself and convinced myself that maybe the conspiracy theories were just MAGA supporters’ paranoia. Also, the feedback from MSM, Facebook & other ‘fact checkers’ kept saying, “There’s nothing to see here. Just move along!” Makes me wonder where it could lead, if anywhere. We could still be speculating about this in 2023 as the next election cycle gets underway without enough facts to make a decision. It’s too bad, because I had almost convinced myself that so many people voted against Trump because they just couldn’t deal with the drama anymore. If this leads to anything (a big ‘IF’) I wonder where it goes next….

    • I wonder too, Pat. I’m not convinced there was systematic fraud. But there are too many questions and if China really did hack the election, it’s the biggest news story of the century. Yet neither media nor government will follow it. Someone has to.

      • With even the remote possibility that election distortions are evidenced, some of which being irrefutable, why are the courts stifling the investigations? Why not take the time to demonstrate, unequivocally, that our election process can be trusted?

        That PA changed its voter process in an unconstitutional fashion is irrefutable. That we watched the at-least-questionable Georgia ballot count in its State Farm Arena, is irrefutable. And since when are hundreds of sworn affidavits of witnessed voting and vote counting irregularities not considered as evidence?

        Even from an anecdotal perspective: In my town of Westminster, VT, our largest Australian Ballot voter turnouts over the last 40 years have rarely been more than 600 or 700 voters. Yet, for November 2020, the State mailed out 2395 unsolicited mail-in ballots and more than 1600 were cast. And this doesn’t address what happened to the nearly 800 missing ballots.

        In fact, just a month and a half later, in early January 2021, Westminster held a town wide Australian Ballot vote to determine whether or not to withdraw its elementary school from the Act 46 forced merger the State imposed. It’s a highly charged issue. But only 258 people voted, even counting mail-in ballots.

        Again, if I dare to question the results, at least according to Anne Galloway and Governor Scott, I’m considered to be a racist, white supremacy insurrectionist. The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Me Thinks.

  2. You wonder, Guy?! Really? Because one dolphin whispering nerd dude finds internet tracks to those particular states? Man, if I was a journalist, I’d be asking a lot more questions before spreading such idiotic innuendo. Such as: what about the other 45 states? Was there increased Chinese traffic there too? Or, did the dude want to join the fray and simply bear down on these states? And let’s ask the main question, why on earth would the Chinese want to lose Donald? He was great for them. They’ve knocked out the virus and their economy is roaring back, We are pathetic after 4 years with him.

    • That there were voter irregularities in only a half dozen States is the point. And that the evidence is found in only a dozen or so counties within those States is even more to the point. Those counties are alleged to have been targeted because their results could change the entire election. So why not investigate them?

      And why would the Chinese not want Trump as President? Because they’ve paid the Biden family millions of dollars in order to get preferential treatment.

      Watch the portion of this video that was smuggled out of China. Specifically, go to the 55 minute mark and watch Dr. Di Dongsheng’s remarks for just five minutes. Di is the Vice Director and Secretary of China’s Center For Foreign Studies.

      Conspiracy theory???

      My question to you is: why do you so vigorously resist the possibility that voting indiscretions occurred when not one of the 60 or more court filings, with hundreds of sworn affidavits, has ever made it to the legal discovery process?

    • All good questions, Jodi. I wish I had the time, skill and access to information to deliver the whole story with undisputable conclusion. Unfortunately the nature of the story – the ongoing investigation into alleged electoral fraud, and the resistance against it – doesn’t lend itself to that kind of treatment, even if I had those assets (which I don’t). So I will continue to follow it, even though none of my more skilled and well-heeled colleagues in the media seem to think it worth their attention. Which I would find curious – except that it is consistent with how they treated Trump during his presidency. They probably view whatever happened or didn’t happen as an ask-no-questions gift horse in the mouth. Which, if so, is part of this story, too. And hey – you ARE a journalist, at heart if no longer in practice (as far as I know). Keep the comments comin’.

  3. So what exactly is hammer & scorecard? Obama has his third term and what a happy day it is for the establishment to continue to tear this country apart and destroy it for good. Perhaps the military taking over Myanmar is exactly what should happen here – otherwise enjoy your meadow muffin sandwich from now here on out.

    • Re: …. the military taking over Myanmar is exactly what should happen here.

      For the record, I want to say I know your being facetious. But you must be careful, nonetheless. Others who have said such things have paid a consequence – 1st Amendment right to free speech or not. The cancel culture will use statements like that, not only against you, but against the rest of us who also support our individual freedom and don’t want the country torn apart either. Please be smarter than they are.

      • I’m not being facetious. I understand there is a global war going on, our republic is under attack, we are all under attack for whatever reason the Master of Puppets justifies at this juncture in history. We all must pick a side and pick a lane. I will not cowtow to tyrical, technocrat, government sponsored bullying – I will not go along to get along when I know damn well it’s akin to selling my soul to the Devil. The law of the land is the Constitution. No matter the amount of executive orders, executive declarations, veiled threats, damnations through proclamations, or whatever other assaults perpetrated upon peaceful, decent people will change that fact. If the founders of this nation sat on their hands and shut their mouths in fear of retribution or “cancelling” – we’d be Canada

      • If you are serious that our military should overthrow our government, as is the case in Myanmar, you don’t support individual freedom or our Constitution. Your anger and emotion have turned you into that which you claim to despise. And yes, at some point sides will be chosen. But I, for one, will not chose one tyranny over another. There are other choices.

  4. This is not a partisan issue or about who is President. This is about election integrity and preserving the future of our Constitutional republic. Evidence is worth examining and discussing. See documentary released today called “Absolute Proof” at michaeljlindell.com where you can see a comprehensive presentation of all the moving parts.

    • Mr. Lindell presents evidence that is similar to, if not the same as, evidence presented by Byrne, Sydney Powell, and the hundreds of others who have provided sworn affidavits that they witnessed these and other election irregularities.

      But the most telling evidence of all is the fact that our judicial system (including but not limited to the DOJ and the FBI) continues to deny the due process of litigation, discovery and cross examination in a court of law, as specified in the U.S. Constitution.

      Think about it. Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence that was under congressional subpoena and there was no litigation. The DOJ and FBI presented false evidence to procure the FISA warrants leading to the two year Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign, and one low level FBI Agent received a sentence of probation. And now, when presented with sworn affidavits from hundreds of witnesses, there is no litigation. At the very least, this circumstance offends the ‘equal protection clause’ in the 14th Amendment, never mind the obvious Obstruction of Justice.

      The remedy is to continue to pursue the issue in the courts – not to overturn the election – but to protect and defend U.S. citizens.

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