Obituary for America

America died today after a relatively brief illness. 

She was conceived in Liberty and born in the year 1776 to immigrant parents of English descent. Throughout the course of her illness, she valiantly fought against the diseases of torturesome tyranny and deeply embedded corruption that plagued her, as well as merciless Marxism which ultimately ended her life. 

Like everyone, America possessed both good traits and bad. Over the many years, she was generous to a fault to so many friends both here and overseas – gifting them both money and goods in both good faith and in charity as they needed with often nary a thought of reimbursement. She tirelessly exuded benevolence and was genuinely beloved by billions of admirers including those who lived with her, as well as those from afar who set their sights on one day meeting her personally. Though never one to turn her back on those who genuinely sought her help or even her protection, she nonetheless insisted in “playing by the rules” which she so wisely set-up years ago – rules such as politely waiting one’s turn and making appointments before barging in to meet with her, always being orderly and abiding by all laws and constitutions once there and adhering to some semblance of moral and religious convictions; the latter which she gleaned from her forefathers.

Yet one of America’s most notorious faults in light of her beneficence, was her tendency toward inadvertently fraternizing with the many unscrupulous opportunists and calculating thugs who took advantage of her good heart, and instead chronically tarried and schemed against her right in plain sight within her own abode located in Washington D.C. These well reputed ne’er do wells who often portrayed themselves as upstanding leaders and servants of the public, instead often stole from her until she was deep in debt, unjustifiably tarnished her reputation worldwide, impeded her allies at her once free press rooms and enabled distortions of her to be circulated, and through these cunning and malevolent acts, eventually caused her such egregious harm that she fell so gravely ill, that she succumbed.

So many refuse to believe that she is truly gone, and so in keeping with America’s favorite words: “In God We Trust” – we remain trusting that God will somehow raise her up again against as He once did for Lazarus and other dear ones.

Especially at this time of year with the beckoning of the Resurrection close at hand, many pray for a somewhat similar rebirth of America – imbued with her once original strength of character and with the integrity of her Creator; never again to fall prey to those who would again sell her out as they benefit in terms of personal power, control, and monetary gain. 

Godspeed, America – may you rise from the ashes to a renewed presence – one forever truly ordained to be; of, by, and for the people. Kathleen Gaffney

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  1. Awful!! This is why things don’t work out so well because to many people are waiting for their magical pretend friend to fix the problem.

    • What do you suggest to fix the problem? My suggestion: Those who are in law enforcement, the military, elected positions, and bureaucrats who have a duty, swore an oath to defend the People, do their freakin job that we pay them to do. However, as we see, those people won’t do their job. Even those standing behind the pulpits are not doing their job – the covenant they swore to uphold to the “magical pretend friend” you speak of. Until the corruption is addressed, don’t expect any changes. For those seeking solace and justice in a higher power, aka collective consciousness, they wield a whole lot more power than a divided, stupified society. The hour of decision is now. The French get it and they are taking it to the streets right now in big numbers. God bless them!

    • My, my how this rather standard-format obituary so obviously stirred such upset. However, according to the late Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, you are but merely displaying one of the Five Classic Stages of Grief – experienced by many people upon learning of a death – that being: denial.

      My personal prediction is that another stage of such grief, that of anger, may soon follow, but we’ll wait to call it.

    • What happened Sam and John? Thought you knew what snark was before you feebly attempted it on here?? I’m waiting…………………………………………

  2. “Yet one of America’s most notorious faults in light of her beneficence, was her tendency toward inadvertently fraternizing with the many unscrupulous opportunists and calculating thugs who took advantage of her good heart, and instead chronically tarried and schemed against her right in plain sight within her own abode located in Washington D.C. ”

    Ms. Gaffney correctly summarized the Trump era, election deniers, and those who tried to destroy the Constitution. Amen.

    • Unique interpretation John, for as it so happens, I know Ms. Gaffney directly, and I’m quite personally aware of what the references you quote from her were specifically pertaining to:
      1.) The election interference in 2018/19 & early 2020 caused by the DNC, the FBI, (on behalf of the Democrat National Committee) in corroboration with Twitter and Facebook which censored news, candidate’s opinions, blacklisted the POTUS from forums, and obstructed FREEDOM of SPEECH in the USA – a Federal Crime.
      2.) Democrat elected officials & their appointees in 2019 & early 2020 enabling and encouraging the illegal rioting and murders instigated by left-wing militias such as BLM and Antifa by largely refusing to prosecute those who were arrested for the specific crimes they were charged with as well as refusing to employ the National Guard to discourage and potentially prevent the level of horrendous devastation which resulted in two Billion dollars worth of losses to public and private properties.
      3.) The dismantling of this nation’s free press and media that disables this once-free nation and prevents the citizenry from being informed and knowledgeable of current affairs. Much like government-sponsored TV “news” in Communist countries such as China, most of the press is now committed, based upon their unsavory affiliations with the aforementioned DNC, to generate only political propaganda.
      However, as Lady Liberty conveyed – In God We Trust – that He might restore this once great nation back to the Constitutional Republic it was once formed as. Amen.

      • I agree with you, MS Gaffney 98 % of the time. That is a “not bad ” rating as ratings go. However, the failure of the party who was on the receiving end of voter/election fraud stands out like a sore thumb. It is beyond mind boggling that this Party, The R Party, would reinstall the biggest fraud of all, that being MS McDaniel. She drove the R’s in the ditch in Nov, an election that should have by all accounts been a slam dunk huge win for the R’s and the country. What of any consequence did the D/P crowd rack up that was so compelling to warrant their almost win in the House and a rewin of the U S Senate? A two year dismal at best performance, led by the renowed Pres Incompetent. Fecal material rolls down hill and landed in the Halls of Congress to a most disturbing and disappointing two year record. The States that saw this fraud being thrust on the country, and decided to be proactive on their own, such as FL, for the mostpart came out ok; FL better than ok. So there are ways to get around this useless RNC Chair. Don’t look for VT to be a part of that effort, as their 3 votes landed with 2 for McDaniell, and one for Dillon, who would have been a much better choice.
        I rest my case, and may the Blessings from On High remain with us.

    • John, You obviously need help. Are you blind to the America you live in right now under Mr. Potato head and his handlers? None are so blind as those who refuse to see!

    • Actually, the description goes back to when the bankers financed our wars (both sides mind you) and our so-called leaders sold us out to the highest bidders. All of which has gone on since the Titanic sank. JP Morgan and Alfred Vanderbuilt oddly and suddenly cancelled their plans to be on that voyage. The ones who were on that boat did not support the creation of the Central Bank aka The Fed. Add onto that the legalized theft known as taxation without representation, and it should become clear to see that slavery was never abolished, it was tweeked to encompass all races and creeds to feed the corrupt, fraudulent system we pay for with our blood and sweat.

    • Dear John,

      Please adjust your worldview. Who is your GOD? What is good and what is evil?

      If you are on the side of the Freedom destroying, Life destroying Marxist/Liberals, I believe you have good and evil confused. They think they are gods and can remake themselves (genders) and the foundations of our culture without consequence. Those who stay on this path will ultimately find out the Truth.

      Please get some help with your thinking and get out while there is still time.