No Zuckerbucks for VT local elections in 2022

112 towns and cities received grants in 2020

The border town of Fort Fairfield, ME received election funding from Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life – as did 112 Vermont communities. CTCL photo

By Guy Page

Vermont cities and towns this year won’t get election grants from a group founded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as 112 of them did in 2020. But Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life will offer municipalities financial assistance in the future, the not-for-profit announced at the annual TED conference Monday, April 11.

The program that pumped $350 million into local election operations will be discontinued. However, financial support for Vermont elections in the future may be forthcoming from a new five-year, $80 million CTCL program called the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence.

As reported on Vermont Daily Chronicle on January, 2021, 112 Vermont towns and cities received election-related grants, typically about $5000, from the CTCL.  “Many clerks also received funding support from the Center for Tech and Civic Life,” Barre City Clerk Carolyn Dawes told the House Government Operations Committee January 19. The $5000 grant paid for plexiglass shields for election workers, she said. “That was very helpful.” Fairlee used its $5000 grant for PPE and safe-distance signage, the Fairlee town clerk told the committee.

A spreadsheet of all town and county governments in Vermont and across the country receiving Center for Tech and Civic Life funding is published on the organization’s website. The spreadsheet prohibited “cut and paste.” Instead VDC made screenshots of the Vermont towns. They appear below:

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  1. How is this even remotely legal?

    Private companies running and funding elections? Isn’t that SOS Condo’ s job?

    How can private industry be involved, isn’t that fascism?

  2. “ Fairlee used its $5000 grant for PPE and safe-distance signage, the Fairlee town clerk told the committee.”
    The more we learn about the plandemic the shadier it all looks.

    • If you live in one of these 112 communities, would you inquire as Timothy did, about what was done with your Zuckerbuck grants? It’s worth sharing with us. Thank you, Timothy – and others.

  3. I am a Vermonter living overseas and voted by mail for over 30 years.Up until the last two election cycles I was always able to vote and got my ballots in time. Since Contos and team took over the elections cycle, my vote has no longer counted! I am outraged and sick to my core, about this! Now I must file paperwork every vote ,mandated by his office, and have not gotten the ballots in time for my vote to be counted!!! I am a loyal American who has served his country well as have my forefathers. For town meeting elections I received the ballot the day before it was due so how do I get my ballot to Wilmington in one day from Europe? Hire a private jet? Also the last presidential elections the ballot mailed to me had 22 people running for President…Biden was listed number one in dark and large letters and Trump was listed number 20 in small letters! In the past it was always the major political parties then the minor ones so Contos and his team with Zucker sucker bucks bent the election to Biden in an underhanded, and in my mind, illegal manner, then Biden got in and Contos decides not to run for re-election, and his number 2 announced he was running, and what a great job they did! This is what Vermont’s election process has become. Some leaders! Sold us out! It makes my service to our country worthless! I hope all of you go to jail.

    • It would not surprise me, that after Contos steps down, that he would take a position, in the Biden administration, in Washington as that is how these people play it…bent.

    • THANK YOU for your service and THANK YOU for ellaborating on a voter fraud experience that most of us would not have known about or conceived of.

      God, heal our nation. Truly it’s time to fervently pray for His help. Yes, He parted the Red Sea once before, we need Him to part the CCP Red Sea again. He is the only one capable of all the tactical procedures needed. Let us pray – God, bless America, help us stand strong for the freedoms 32K Vermont Veterans sought to protect.

  4. There is no election fraud according to those committing election fraud. Likely this has gone on for decades – yet, the stakes being so high as they were, 2020 was a full out blitz of ballot harvesting, Dominion machines cutting votes up like cocaine, and when that wasn’t working- ballots were driven from New York State to Pennsylvania and counting stopped in six states at the same time. There are a number of Secretaries of State who are culpable, but that would mean the Attorney Generals of those States have to press charges. If they play on the same team, getting the same compensation for their dirty deeds…we, the People, must do it ourselves.

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