No vax required for schoolchildren

Health Commissioner Mark Levine

by Guy Page

Vermont schoolchildren will not be required to receive Covid-19 vaccination, Health Commissioner Mark Levine confirmed today.

At today’s press conference, Levine was asked by Vermont Daily Chronicle if Covid-19 would be added to the required vaccination regime.

“Neither nationwide nor regionally nor locally has there been any movement in that direction,” Levine said.

Levine said most parents are already including Covid-19 shots as part of their routine vaccinations.

Levine also noted that a new Covid-19 vaccine will be rolled out to the general public this October.

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    • Levine is a cancerous object in remission. He won’t go away until We the People decide to do whatever it takes to surgically remove him. BTW: I sent the “Fauci Dossier” to my county prosecutor, Rory Thibault stating crimes against humanity and he has done nothing to uphold the law as it relates to crimes against humanity. In fact, the dude is now running for a higher office.

  1. Children should NEVER have been required or requested to take this pseudo vax……this is a crime against children as is the indoctrination in “gov” schools
    Choice is the only way to go to create a competitive environment in which all students will benefit…..

  2. Yet another step in walking back the mRNA vaccines. The latest CDC flip/flops, increasing evidence showing ineffectiveness and probable future health problems from the “vax” move the forced vaccination of children into criminal territory.
    I’d bet a weeks pay that lawyers made this decision, not the good doctor.

  3. “Levine also noted that a new Covid-19 vaccine will be rolled out to the general public this October.”

    Why? The first ones worked so well! Levine gets paid directly from the WEF. What a stooge.

  4. However, federal and state entities are still pushing the vax for children with paid advertising and press releases on social media and other platforms…this promotion campaign should end ASAP and should have been abandoned months ago.

  5. But they wont be “FULLY PROTECTED “!!!…….Like Biden, Faucci, Welch and so many others were. BTW, 95% of parents have declined the clot shots for their children. Both my uninjected children and i have had covid. We’re all fine… AND we got it from someone that was triple vaxed. I cant believe theyre still pimpin the mrna garbage.

  6. NGOs are now pooling their resources to develop an aerosolized form of vaccine for Covid that can be sprayed on the population or grown in our food. It’s for the greater good just as fluoride was injected into the water supply years ago. I guess dosage doesn’t matter. Can you imagine no studies on pregnant women, or possible drug interaction, or exemptions for the immune compromised or animal testing etc. etc. Mass delusional thinking if you ask me. No wonder fully supplied bunkers with air purification system sales are on the rise. I wonder who buys these things? Could it be the same people who invented and pushed the EUA jabs?

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