No vaccine-caused deaths in VT, Health Dept. claims

By Guy Page

None of the eight Vermonters listed on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website as having died as a result of Covid-19 vaccination did in fact die for that reason, Dept. of Health Commissioner Mark Levine said at a press conference today.

At Tuesday’s press conference, reporter Mike Donoghue asked Levine why the eight vaccine-related deaths shown on the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Site (VAERS) weren’t listed on the state’s Covid-19 dashboard. Levine promised to look into it and report back.

Today, Levine said that with the help of the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner (CME), “we confirmed that the fact that these individuals were vaccinated was not a factor in their deaths.” However, Levine declined to offer further details about the CME investigation. 

Levine noted that on the CDC VAERS site, “Anything reported is only a report – it can be reported by anyone,” he said. The fact that the names are listed on the site “does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused it,” he said. As noted in Vermont Daily on Thursday, the VAERS site does have a disclaimer saying that the deaths are only reported, not confirmed, deaths by vaccine.

True North reporter Mike Bielawski asked Levine if he would provide more information about the eight cases – for example, how much time passed between death and vaccination. 

“If they become vaccine-associated deaths, we’ll convey that to the public,” Levine answered. “We have no reason to believe these deaths are associated with the vaccine.”

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  1. How deceptive Dr. Levine is in his statement in that he won’t offer the answer to the questions of finding out and reporting the “time passed between death and vaccination.” Dr. Levine we are not idiots and can think for ourselves. We The People KNOW when we are being lied too. We KNOW when we are being coerced. We KNOW that these shots are not vaccines, that these are experimental shots that are being used for Evil purposes. We KNOW the TRUTH and are on to you, the VT Governor and his administration. One thing for sure, the TRUTH will come out and when it does, hang on your hats people, because it’s going to be wild.

  2. Did they investigate? Maybe a better answer is we can not denie or confirm.

    So I guess it takes a long time to fill out a VAERS. report. Drs can be fined for misrepresenting info. I am not sure about non medicial persons. Some states have a system set up at the state level for reporting injuries as well as to VEARS. So state health officials will know what is going on. Does ower state have that?

  3. They only want us to know what “they” want us to know. Accomplices can and should be held accountable as well. It does appear that we are not to do our own research, they should have known better that censored information would be found by deep divers and thanks to the many who have taken that dive and shared it people are waking. What a great job citizens!! Greatest sting operation in history taking place – only a matter of time now. God Bless those who have tried.

  4. Dr. Levine has an autopsy been performed on any of the eight people? I believe not, so how would CME come to a conclusion. The production of the spike protein by the mRNA vaccine causes trillions of these spike proteins to inflame the persons arteries and veins. This is just as problematic than the Covid19 virus that invades the lungs. When this happens the lungs have a chance to keep the dangerous spike protein localized but when mRNA tells every cell in the body to make the spike protein its everywhere in the body. This “sticky” crown protein can cause platelets to clump together which potentially cause stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and other pulmonary issues. After Eric Clapton receives the Astra Seneca shot his extremities were paralyzed and numb for many weeks after both shots. He thought he was never going to play the guitar ever again. Surely an educated doctor doesn’t need to look very far to see that even an impotent shell of the corona crown protein in and of itself is problematic for the body to be circulating within its bloodstream causing inflammation. The vaccine is as the virus. According to VAERS over 4000 people in the USA have “appeared” to die from taking the vaccine. In retrospect, 800 people have “appeared” to have died collectively from all other vaccines combined in the USA in the past half dozen decades. We’re not even close to saying this vaccine is safe and effective.

  5. And WHY won’t he provide details unless there’s something to hide!

  6. Crimes against humanity. They are guilty. They know it, but they are ordered to carry it out and carrying it out they are – we are entering into territory unseen, unheard of since WWII and Pol Pot

  7. Today the CME will speak to the deaths reported by vaccine. Is it virtually impossible to determine micro-blood clots as a cause of death after embalming? When cause of death is heart attack or stroke, the certificate of death says such. No further investigation is ordered what could have initiated the fatality. Don’t expect reporters to get a conclusive answer of proof today. An opinion from a CME is just that unless physical proof can be found at the time. More over blood clots are “normal” occurrences. This is why it is premature to say these vaccines are safe and effective. Its experimental and no long term studies have been done by the pharmaceutical companies in human double blind studies to determine the effects of having corona spike proteins being produced in population within the bloodstream. If the vaccine is causing accelerated vascular disease it could take years to manifest itself as a cause of fatality. Could children go much longer without suffering effects of induced vascular disease from spike protein? Where are the five year studies that typically occur before the release of a vaccine? The answer seems to be that vaccine recipients are the ones enrolled into the longer term experimental study unbeknownst to themselves.

  8. Ha ha ha , Get That story .. So the Truth works Both Ways . There were No Covid Cases in the State of Vermont Ever It was all Lies . Because any Democrat can Report anything and Claim it is True . But it is Not Necessarily True at all

  9. Now that 80% of Vermonters are vaccinated, the corona spike protein is being produced via mRNA instruction. Even without it being virally “active” its configuration is that of the corona virus. This means that anyone who has taken the jab will test positive for corona virus using the PCR test rendering it USELESS. Eight New York Yankee players tested positive after vaccination is no wonder. So when vaccinated people start having life threatening complications because of vascular inflammation, the government will attempt to explain the upcoming fatalities in the winter as covid variant related, which will initiate another round of boosters which could cause more harm. They will also demonize the unvaccinated for the outbreak. Very plausible, don’t you think? The PCR test can be manipulated. Run what is called 40 cycles for each lab test which can force a false positive or run 10 cycles for each lab test and create a false negative. By running the test at lower cycles the CDC can extrapolate that the vaccine is “working”. Its not the virus that’s the problem. Its the spike protein and many virologists and medical doctors have confirmed this but are being silenced. Where are the 2 hour long televised debates with experts on each side so the truth can be discerned by the public? What is happening is not science, its medical tyranny. This is what is meant by the current administration as the Great Reset. Some have forgotten the past and their vow of NEVER AGAIN.