“No significant abnormalities or discrepancies” found in Secretary of State audit of November election

Audit workers feed ballots from seven Vermont towns and cities at random into tabulators different from those used in the November 8 election. Screenshot from SOS livestream (below).

The Vermont Secretary of State 2022 Vermont General Election Audit, conducted on December 6 at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier, found no significant abnormalities or discrepancies between audit results and the Official Returns of Vote, SOS Jim Condos said.

“Every Vermont voter expects that when they vote their ballot, it is counted, and that their votes are counted accurately,” said Secretary Condos. “Today’s audit confirmed the accuracy and integrity of Vermont’s official election results, giving Vermonters peace of mind and confidence in our civic process.”

The 2022 General Election Audit was open to the public and livestreamed by ORCA Media. The recorded livestream can be viewed courtesy of ORCA Media on their YouTube channel.

Vermont Secretary of State video of yesterday’s ballot audit showing “no significant abnormalities or discrepancies” in the November 8 general election.

General Election audits are a nationally identified best practice and have been required by Vermont state statute since 2006. Every ballot cast must be securely sealed by the Town or City Clerks in tamper proof ballot bags under strict chain of custody and retained in their vaults for 22 months following the election.

Seven towns or cities were selected at random for the 2022 General Election Audit: Burlington (Chittenden -13 District), Dover, Fair Haven, Mt. Tabor, Newport City, Richford, and Waitsfield.

The sealed ballot bags for these towns or districts were delivered, opened, and audited using an auditing company and equipment that is distinctly different, and independent of, the tabulators used in Vermont towns. The audit results were compared to the Official Returns of Vote that were submitted by the Town Clerks following their certification of the November General Election results.

Results were viewed publicly and double-checked for accuracy. No significant abnormalities or discrepancies were found between the audit results and the official returns, verifying the accuracy and integrity of the certified election results. The results of the audit will be posted on the Secretary of State’s website once the data has been formatted.

“As we work to combat the conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation that partisan operatives continue to use to erode public confidence in the integrity of election results, audits are one critical way that election officials can respond to these unfounded allegations,” said Condos. “The right to vote is the very foundation of our democracy and the truth matters.”

Source: Vermont Secretary of State’s Office press release received this morning. VDC has asked the SOS office for specific information about the “abnormalities or discrepancies” and will publish as soon as information is received.

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  1. Until I stop getting extra ballots sent to my house for former residents, I am going to question the results. Did they cross check with out of state registries to make sure there’s no fraudulent votes from people who have moved out of state? Burlington, with huge rates of transient students, must be absolutely rife with freebie ballots that this audit wouldn’t catch. Statewide mail in ballots = fraud. Period.

      • I saw that someone made the point that if out of state students living in college dorms and apartments can claim residency to vote here, shouldn’t they be paying reduced tuition at VT colleges. Perhaps a petition drive throughout the state for this change or The people should demand that students should not be allowed to vote here and in the home state. Only VT students who live in VT and are Vermonters should be voting here. The state’s number of registered voters includes out of state students that may be gone, graduated and living back where they came from. This is another tool invented by democrats in Vermont because they know most young college students have limited life experience and vote liberal because they have no skin in the game like mortgages, taxes or children. This needs to be changed!

      • Correct. it was a ballot audit. No match of Voter to checklist to ballot, no scrutiny of Voter lists. That’s just how condos and the legislature wanted it.

      • @freedomfounders Well, it wouldn’t be just one year of student turnover. I’m getting ballots for chicks I kicked out of my house ten years ago. LOL. But obviously, and it needs to be said over and over, it ain’t just one kind of fraud. It’s crypto scammer money, it’s social media censorship, it’s legislative gaming, lawyer weaseling and on and on. Read the Time Magazine article where they brag about their successful color revolution, right here at home, a “Secret Bipartisan Campaign.” Is Vermont a lost libby cause? Probably. But I don’t trust voting, here, or way down there in Jersey.

  2. As they “work to combat the conspiracy theories” like they stated do they take into account the complaints democrats made about election fraud or is that blotted out and ignored?

  3. Did anyone think with Democrats in control that it would be any different. They won’t call out their funny business. And as the above comment said when they stop delivering ballots to address where people no longer live at I will believe in the results.

    • How many ballots do you suppose were mailed to UVM and other VT colleges who are no longer in the state? Out of state studentd should not be allowed to vote in Vermont elections. They can vote in their home state bu absently ballot. Another devious tool used by and invented and passed by VT demo/prog rulers.

      • I’ve been stating this for years, but it appears the VT GOP doesn’t wish to do anything about it. Shocker there, huh? You are either an out-of-state student or you are not. That can be determined by your tuition & application status. Further, these student voters should never be voting both in Vermont and in their home state, but I BET they have! Has this state ever checked the names of these students to see if they voted in their state-of-residence as well?

        Of course not!!! They vote democrat; so why should they?

  4. Just because all the ballots were read correctly does not mean every ballot submitted was filled out by a legal voter!!!!!!! Ballot harvesting is legal in Vermont. “It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes” Stalin

  5. Very suspicious that Trump supposedly received LESS votes in ’20 than he did in 2016.

  6. I seem to remember that when Trump won and became President he, in a created committee, requested (publicly available) voter info allowed to him and every and any American. Except for Vermont who refused. The lie of 20+ also refusing is just that .

    We never actually saw the written requests so what is said from above is suspect.
    Though people stated that the move was correct, we have since found a plethora of the exact tactics in every election to advance the democrat/progressive agenda.
    How many people have been charged with voter issues. BUT here in Vermont all the things that make cheating and fraud possible are “legal ” . Funny how that works out.

  7. LOL, the fox in the hen house says everything is ok…. Sorry I don’t trust condos anymore than I trust welch or mittens sanders to tell the truth.

  8. “As we work to combat the conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation that partisan operatives continue to use to erode public confidence in the integrity of election results, audits are one critical way that election officials can respond to these unfounded allegations,” said Condos. Is he inferring the Supreme Court of the United States is reviewing conspiracy theories and unfounded allegations? Jim Condos, dedicated and loyal DNC/CCP stooge – he blats the scripted talking points in perfect harmony with his comrads in DC, AZ, GA, CA, WI, MI, NY, PA, MSNBC, CNN, VTDigger, WCAX, CBS, ABC, etc. etc. ect.

  9. When we have, voter ID, same day voting or absentee ballot requested from town clerk. There will always be doubts about fairness and accuracy of election results.