No parental OK required for State of VT kiddie condom giveaway

By Carol Kauffman, Vermont Family Alliance

In early November, both local and national media reported that Vermont is now the first state to mandate condoms, in a variety of colors, to be made “readily available” and free of charge to all 7th through 12th-grade public school students. 

Again, parental permission or knowledge is not required, becoming the accepted norm here in Vermont.  Legislation such as this is a blatant disregard of the Vermont Supreme Court’s detailed ruling of parental rights and responsibilities.  Once again, parents’ rights and responsibilities are being transferred to unknown adults within the public-school health offices, classrooms, athletic trainer’s offices, guidance offices, and other locations in the school according to the Agency of Education “Condom Availability Programs” guidelines. Everyone in the public school will have an active role in the Condom Availability Program.  Everyone except the parents.  Is it too onerous to ask parents to choose the adults they know and trust as they choose their doctors?

The Condom Availability Program was created in collaboration with the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and Planned Parenthood of New England- substantive parent representation and input was and continues to be absent.  

This bureaucratic collaboration justifies their program using “Results from the 2019 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), which is an anonymous survey distributed to middle and high school”.   The bureaucratic alliance has taken sexual anonymity data and they have created a radically public program dependent on unknown adults- putting students at potential risk.  There has been no attempt to identify and address those risks.   

Sexual liberty advocates, beginning with Planned Parenthood, assume any adult willing to take a minor for an abortion, hand them condoms, or teach sexualized material in the guise of sexual liberties- without parental permission- are the adults acting in the child’s best interest–the only adults kids can trust to protect their sexual liberties. 

Governor Scott and the Agency of Education are responsible to write laws and regulations in accordance with the Vermont Supreme Court’s ruling on parental rights and responsibilities, acquire parent input and science.  It’s not too late. Understand a teenager’s brain before asking minors what color of condoms they want.  “A Teenager’s Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults” by Amy Ellis Nutt and Francis E. Jensen should guide every program regarding minor sexual liberties.

If this concerns you, educate yourself on Proposal 5.  Proposal 5 will be on the ballot in November of 2022.

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  1. This is yet another “harm reduction” strategy brought to us by the folks that proposed and implemented needle “exchange” programs. The needle programs were marketed to the public emphasizing the word “exchange” and argued that junkies could bring in their old needles and “exchange” them for new ones, one for one. Surprise, surprise, these programs turned out to be simply needle GIVEAWAY programs, and make no such demand that you bring in old ones. And their “harm reduction” strategy in the name of “public health” has resulted in many more blood-tainted syringes disposed of improperly in public places where children and pets are likely to contact them. That is a “public health” disaster that shifts the risk of HIV and hepatitis infection from the junkies who make the CHOICE to engage in the risky behavior onto innocent bystanders in public spaces.
    Planned Parenthood wants us to trade in our free speech liberties for “sexual liberties” for minor children. How pathetic that many on the left will excuse a 25 year-old for committing a violent
    crime because “their brain is still developing” yet think it perfectly appropriate to assume a 12 year old is mature enough to decide their reproductive or gender expression destiny.

  2. The government in collaboration with the teachers unions have seized control over our children’s political, social and moral education. The only choice for parents who object to the brainwashing of their children is to home school or put up put their child in private school. The kicker is that you still have to the education tax.

  3. Again, I need to ask WHERE is the VTGOP on this in terms of getting this breach of law in terms of parental rights (for one thing) out there? Ads in VT journals? Editorials? Where is the GOP in terms of bringing a claim of action upon the state for these types of actions? This is NEVER going to cease unless & until the VTGOP along with their potential allies in the Libertarian, Conservative, & even Independent Parties band together to fight back & get in people’s faces by spreading this information state-wide and offering alternatives!!!!!!!!

  4. I can see our Bernie and Patrick standing outside Vermont video arcades, dressed in long raincoats with a bag of condoms in one pocket and a bag of sweet treats in another…

  5. So glad to see that Vermont, with average proficiency rates of 50% (English), 31% (Math), and 39% (Science) is choosing to focus not on improving the quality of the education for the state’s students (which is what the students are allegedly there for), but on facilitating sexual activity among minors.

    • Brian, Either move where Public Schools actually educate and pay for private educational institutions or convince the VT legislature to let tuition follow the students. For sure, anybody contemplating a move to Vermont will consider another place. Wish the Vermont Chronicle would publish other places to live where education is more desirable,

  6. This is another in the avalanche of egregious violations of families’ rights by the schooling cabal. This bondage will not end until the money follows the kid so families can al carte the education of their children.

  7. Vermont parents you are on notice – the State will decide how your kids are raised, what they will learn, how they will learn it, and you have no say in any of it. Pay your taxes and shut up.

  8. It should be interesting to see where all the condoms end up in school. We would have been very imaginative and creative at this age. Maybe the condoms will be found stuck to the ceiling or filled with water like a balloon in the bathroom to test strength like a science experiment? All I know is, the janitor will be pissed!