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No more Pledge of Allegiance for Planning Commission

Pledge of Allegiance, Pexels photo
Citing a narrative of oppression going back to Christopher Columbus, the Springfield Planning Commission will no longer join the millions of Americans who honor the flag with the Pledge of Allegiance.

by Guy Page

The Springfield Planning Commission voted April 6 to no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance at future meetings.

The vote was 4-1 with only Beth Gray voting in opposition. The effort to ban the Pledge was led by Planning Commissioner Jules O’Guin, who read aloud a statement she had written for the occasion.

O’Guin concluded that the Pledge was written in 1892 to help celebrate Columbus Day, the beginning of European colonization of America.

“The colonization of the Americas lead to the beginning of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, resulting in the enslavement and deaths of millions of innocent people through slavery,” O’Guin said.

Concluding the lengthy statement [appendix at end of minutes], O’Guin wrote: “The Pledge was introduced as part of the commemoration of Columbus. It should not be disassociated from the atrocities that resulted and should not fill any American’s heart with pride. It was a ritual designed by a white majority with no regard to the pain it would cause minorities, because at the time it was written, minorities had no rights and were not included. This is the history of the Pledge of Allegiance.”

After reading the statement, “Jules expressed opposition to the practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at Planning Commission meetings,” the minutes of the meeting say. “Mike Schmitt made a motion to discontinue the practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at future Planning Commission meetings. Motion seconded by Susan Fog. Motion passed 5-1.”

According to the April 12 Springfield Reporter, Fog, a schoolteacher retiring after 30 years, said the pledge ‘caused distress for many students, especially those from other backgrounds.’

Gray is the wife of Randy Gray, a former Republican candidate for Windham County state senator.

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  1. I have my problems with pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth. That being said, the suffering of countless people, the sacrifices of countless people, are being intentionally ignored in this push to acknowledge only the suffering of a portion of the masses of people.

    • It’s to the Republic for which it stands . NO one is pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth . We pledge to the IDEA and substance of what our Nation should stand for . MOST countries would love to have what we do and , a Constitutional Republic is the best idea , formed by Man , for self-government. Too bad that BOTH majority parties have abused it. The Pledge has ZERO to do with slavery and , Columbus didnt “Genocide” anyone.

      • Citizens of Springfield, Vermont. Shame on you! Your actions have “Spit in the face” of all those and their families who have sacrificed to serve, whose efforts have built and supported our precious Nation. We should hope that any future Planning Commision will be selected as faithful, loyal Americans.

    • I agree with Peter! Only through 5 generations of mating with aliens could the reasoning being eminated from individuals like Jules surface or even be accepted by others! Perhaps that is why the expression “where are you from” is constantly asked when an outsider is singled out!

  2. Don’t believe anything Jules O’guin says to the public. Jules is completely off the rails on this subject and only went to sources that She/Him ( sorry , not sure which gender) backed up that revisonist history.
    We’re also NOT pleased that most of the planning commission went lock-step with the Marxist from Precision Valley. Very sad.

  3. Years ago I was at the McDonalds in Springfield and couldn’t get over the number of geeks and freaks there. My theory was that at some point in Springfield history a UFO crash landed and the aliens mated with the human population. What generation is Jules?

    • I travel the state for work and have for a few decades. What I see now throughout the state are what seems to be alien beings dressed in sweat pants with disheveled hair and blank expressions on their faces. Every town Vermont has been traumatized by the poor quality of government policy and the influx of those alien creatures here to collect the freebees from the welfare state. With help wanted signs all over the state we have layabouts and drug pusher/users. Town after town with young girls pushing baby carriages followed by the male layabout reading text messages as they walk.This is the diversity brought to the state which has erupted in drug crimes, gunfire episodes, brutal murders and a host of other sex crimes unreported. Vibrant, self reliant, rugged individual Vermont has all but died. There is one voting party that brought all this to Vermont starting with Governor Kunin. I would like to thank all of the people who voted for the democrat lie year after year for believing that they would make Vermont a better place. The proof is here for all to see, that none of it happened. Bernie got his millions, Howard Dean, Peter Shumlin, Pat Leahy, Peter Welch and many more have brought us to this place in time. As a native Vermonter, I am sickened by what I see. The idiot apocalypse has arrived bringing crime and hopelessness with it. All brought to you by every democratic voter that put these people in place to ruin a once beautiful state.

      • Dano, you are exactly correct. The voters of Vermont are responsible for following the pathway of the Democratic Party. It is foolish to blame “outsiders” influence for our problems. We created the conditions under which we now suffer.

  4. I am so surprised that Ms. O’Guin was not challenge on her misunderstanding of the pledge! Three additional members of the planning commission went along with her! Thankfully Ms. Gray stood up for the truth! I hope members of the Planning Board read the following factual information and reconsider the decision. https://www.ushistory.org/documents/pledge.htm

  5. This is from History.com In 1892, while working for a magazine called “Youth’s Companion,” Bellamy was enlisted to write a new pledge for use in patriotic celebrations surrounding the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World. Again the woke culture reads into something that isn’t there. No where in the pledge does it mention that by saying the pledge means it will be the begining of slave importation.

  6. Throw the bum out.
    America is a free country, because it is based upon a shared commitment to be truthful, to uphold our Constitution, to be fair and just.
    If anyone cannot express this loyalty, then it might be best to revoke their citizenship.
    Old Glory

  7. From 1892 thru 1923 the Pledge of Allegiance said,
    “I pledge allegiance to MY Flag and the Republic”. .

    In 1923 they changed the wording (unfortunately my opinion of course) to
    “I pledge allegiance to THE Flag and to the Republic” . . .

    From 1892 until 1923 we made a pledge to My republic, My flag. It was personal ! It belonged to us, it was a part of us.
    To many since 1923, it still is. Unfortunately the understanding of : love of country, patriotism has been lost as we introduce socialism into our schools, and remove key ingredients. It’s like baking a cake and forgetting an ingredient. It tastes bad. It might not even look the same.

    For those who truly love their country, who are true patriots (you don’t need to be in the military to be a patriot). – God Bless You

  8. I couldn’t agree with Dano more!!!!!! I am also a fifth generation native Vermonter and am sickened by what is happening (happened) to our once proud state.

  9. According Jules O’Guin’s Linkedin page, he appears to be a professional grifter and utilizes non-profit work as a cover for being a bigot and a racist. He is an IT computer freelancer and doesn’t appear to be very successful maintaining a career long term in his field. Typical of a social justice warrior who struggles with existing peacefully with fellow human beings. As Planning Commissioner, he found a way to wield his inner rage and insecurity. Our State is full of these hapless,hate-filled, acedemic over-achievers who can’t seem to find or maintain real jobs in a real world. I pity the fool.

  10. If all of us are so outranged by this take-over of our state/nation, why are we all not marching and sharing our beliefs publicly? Why are we not supporting local conservative groups that are in need of you all. We can only turn this tide if we come together and claim our freedom and free speech back. We need conservative marches all over the state.!!

  11. The greatest gift and opportunity any human born onto this planet can enjoy is to be born into this Country. Our Constitution gives us the greatest individual freedoms, opportunities for a fulfilling life that are the envy of all. To not acknowledge and appreciate is sad and pathetic. Shame on these unappreciative and loathsome moonbats of Springfield VT.

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