No going back after yes vote on pot shops next Tuesday

Starting at 48 minutes, 27 seconds, Dr. Catherine Antley and Physicans, Families and Friends for a Better Vermont discuss the Burlington retail cannabis question at next Tuesday’s City Meeting.

Voters in Burlington and 20 other Vermont municipalities will decide on Tuesday whether to allow retail cannabis stores – “pot shops” – to be allowed to receive licenses to operate.

Towns holding pot shop referendums include Middlebury, Salisbury, Bennington, Randolph, Orleans, Berlin, Waitsfield, Waterbury, Brattleboro, Burlington, Montpelier, Brandon, Winooski, Pownal, Lyndon, St. Johnsbury, Londonderry (sometime this year), Brownington, Newport, and Pawlet.

As seen on the “Town Meeting TV” video above (coverage begins at 48 minute, 27 second mark), once a community votes “yes” and a marijuana retailer sets up shop, that retailer can continue to sell marijuana in that community forever, Dr. Catherine Antley of Physicians, Families and Friends says. If it is later decided this was a bad decision because of public health effects, the community can vote to change its mind, but any retailer already in business gets to continue forever.

Many communities do not have zoning in place to regulate where to allow retail sales of marijuana. The state law does not prohibit locating stores next to your schools, for example. ? If towns and cities allow retail sales now before zoning is in place to govern where and how those sales will be allowed, every retailer will be grandfathered. It will be too late to regulate them.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the Medical Societies of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania — have all taken positions which show concern for or oppose the sale of cannabis for recreational use, noting that the “cost to the public health system from cannabis use will likely far outweigh any revenue” citing significantly increased ER visits, link to increased suicide risk, and data showing increased youth use rates in communities with commercialized marijuana.

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  1. “Progressive” Vermont legislators need to be pummeled. We are in the midst of combating an opioid epidemic & have been for years, DUI remains a HUGE problem, and so, but of course, the obvious resolution to this and its related issues is: Legalize yet ANOTHER mind altering drug!!! Great job as always, VT!

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