No door-to-door vaccine evangelists in Vermont, Scott says

By Guy Page

The State of Vermont will not participate in President Biden’s proposed door-to-door campaign to urge vaccination in low-vaccination rate communities, Gov. Phil Scott said during a press conference yesterday. 

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott: “President Biden has announced plans to send vaccine educators door to door in areas of low vaccination. Will Vermont be participating in that? And if so, where?”

In reply, Gov. Scott said the State has sent EMTS to vaccinate people in their homes, when requested, and would consider doing so again if asked. “But It won’t be cold calling, knock on the door type kind of approach,” he said. 

Vermont Daily asked: “You won’t be doing the ‘hello we’re here, we’d like to talk to you about vaccination’?”

“We want to educate as much as possible,” Scott said. “We want them to do the right thing. But we’re not going to pressure them in that manner.”

Earlier in the press conference, Scott noted that 82.8% of Vermonters have been vaccinated. Of the 17% remaining, some of them presumably have had Covid so “they have built up some natural immunity. We’re talking about a small number in our state.”

The exchange takes place at the one hour, 29-minute mark in this YouTube video. 

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  1. “We want to educate as much as possible,” Scott said. “We want them to do the right thing. But we’re not going to pressure them in that manner.”
    The implication here being that getting the “vaccine” (so called) is doing the “right thing”. Pretty presumptuous Phil, and l beg to differ. Wouldn’t the “right thing” be each individual making an informed decision for themselves and that decision being respected by others???

    • @Jonathan

      Exactly. Presumptuous much Governor? Whether getting the vax is right or wrong is a matter of opinion; best left up to the individual to make that decision for themselves and their minor children.

    • Agree. In any of the “Covid” updates were the people of Vermont ever told the truth about the experimental shots? No. There was and is only peer pressure and coercion from this evil administration. Puppets doing what they are told to do from the Puppet Masters. The big corporations are pressuring employees to still wear masks if they didn’t take the shot. This is coercion and peer pressure. This whole fake show has got to go now. People have to rip those masks off. It’s not the people who haven’t gotten the shot who are the “Covid carriers” it’s the ones who HAVE gotten the shot. By the way, the so-called variants are weak and non-threatening.

      See the article below.

  2. “And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.
    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17
    Is it possible that we are being prepared by a diabolical government for something much more questionable than a Covid vaccination?

  3. What a gutless statement by Gov Scott. If he didn;t hit Joe Biden’s 70% target, he’d be singing another tune. Very disingenuous! Scott is totally on board with the Biden agenda which is also the U.N. agenda. Sellouts to America. Since voting was rendered useless and lady justice took her blindfold off we must never relinquish our guns. Will Scott give the same answer when Biden enforces house to house gun confiscation??????????????????????????

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