NH couple sold stolen human remains, police say

Skin, brains, faces donated to Harvard Medical School sold by morgue manager
A New Hampshire couple and the owner of a store named Kat’s Creepy Creations are among a group of people accused of taking part in the trafficking of human remains donated to the Harvard Medical School for study, today’s Journal-Opinion reports.

Cedric Lodge, of Goffstown, a town about 10 miles west of Manchester NH, was the HMS morgue manager at the time of his arrest. He was hired in 1995.According to federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania, the trafficking ring involved “a nationwide network.”

An Arkansas mortuary employee allegedly took the corpses of two stillborn babies who were supposed to be cremated and returned as cremains to their families.

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  1. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men”. It’s not the fictional “Shadow” that knows, but those who turn their hearts, minds, and very souls over to the diabolical forces of the most contemptible of all evils – Satan.

  2. Are we too late to add some of local politicians to the donated organs inventory?

    There would be a definite glut of butt heads hitting the market causing the market to tumble.

  3. As a pro musician, I used to get calls to do funerals. They’re few and far between now. Our local funeral parlor was purchased by a corporation after the lock-down. My understanding is that all kinds of payola has come their way; government and/or outsiders. And then there’s the introduction of ‘liquifaction’ which is a new method of disposing of bodies via a chemical bath-of-sorts. It’s highly toxic to the environment.