News Analysis: Day after fake vax card scandal breaks, Scott requires vax for state workers

Vermont State Police photo of Vermont troopers Shawn Sommers, Raymond Witkowski and David Pfindel

by Guy Page

Despite publishing a lengthy, well-written statement about three state troopers resigning amid allegations of creating fake vaccination cards, several questions remain unanswered.

Are Vermont State Troopers required to be vaccinated? Vaccinations weren’t required when the alleged infractions occurred, but today Gov. Scott announced all executive branch employees – including state troopers – will be required to attest to vaccination or undergo testing.

Gov. Scott previously had been resistant to requiring state employees to be vaccinated, although he has always been fine with private employers choose to do mandating vaccination. In a March 16, 2021 VT Digger article, VSP Spokesperson Adam Silverman reportedly said “Vermont State Police do not track vaccinations among officers and other staff members, ‘as that is inherently private medical information.’” State police members are not required to get vaccinated, Silverman reportedly said.  But that was six months ago – virtually forever in Pandemic Response time. Today, that changed.

How will the abrupt loss of three state troopers affect already-stressed duty rosters across the state? Even before the pandemic – going back as far as the early years of the Gov. Jim Douglas administration, in fact – Vermont State Police were shorthanded. The standards are high and the hours are tough. State troopers at the lower end of the pay scale earn $67,000, according to the State of Vermont Employee Salary database. None of the salary information for the three resigned officers is available on the database.

What was the motive for creating the fraudulent cards? VSP aren’t saying as of 12:50 pm today. Gov. Scott professed ignorance at his press conference today: “It [the fraudulent card production] makes no sense to me whatsoever. My first question is why? Just get your vaccination and get your card.” What is known is other major Vermont employers, including the federal government and the state’s largest employer, the UVM Medical Center – are requiring proof of vaccination (or weekly testing). And not all employees are happy about that. A UVMMC nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity told Vermont Daily Chronicle today, “significant number of staff RNs and respiratory therapists are not planning to get vaccinated and will leave jobs if exemption not given.”

The possibility of falsifying documents to keep jobs was raised by one Vermont Daily Chronicle commenter on today’s story, retired pharmacist and former U.S. Attorney Robert Orleck of Randolph: “There was nothing in the article that would indicate that these officers worked to create these cards for profit or not. The thought came to mind that maybe they felt threatened in their job if they were not vaccinated so they decided to identify as being so and created a card to link to the choice they made. Just wondering since there are many out there in many fields as well as students who are apprehensive that their right to make a personal decision about their health is being wrongfully and even illegally infringed upon.”

This story will be updated as answers become available.

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  1. Notwithstanding the fact that personal medical information is – and must remain – confidential, consider the lunacy that these troopers cannot identify as “vaccinated” in a state/country wherein men can “identify” as (that is pretend to be) women and vice versa. VSP – reinstate these troopers immediately!

  2. A mandate is not a LAW!
    Think about some .gov requiring you must have some unknown substance injected into your body just because they say so or you loose your job! Oh yea and don’t forget to get the unknown number of boosters too.
    This kind of tyranny cannot stand!
    The so called Vax doesn’t even work. It was created using a computer model (garbage in garbage out)
    My body my choice!

  3. The vaccines are not approved for use by the FDA except under EUA. Governments can not mandate a vaccine that is not approved!

  4. The vaccines currently being used are not approved yet. They are still under EUA ONLY. Government can not mandate it.

  5. Scott’s vaccine mandate is not unexpected, but it is disappointing. Caving in to fear mongering and political demands is not leadership. The “vaccine” has it’s place and proper use. 100% vaccination ain’t it. Yes, SARS Cov-2 is real. It kills. And anthony fauci is lying to every American and seems to have been for years prior to the Chinese creating SARS Cov-2. His hubris and lies have lead to this debacle where everything about Covid-19 is now disinformation. Whatever is told us by government officials may be well intentioned, but it builds off the original lies issued from the CDC and lord fauci. Any information contrary to “official” talking points is “disinformation”. Where is the truth kept? Therapeutic measures are discarded simply because Orange Man suggested them? Evidence and statistics manipulated and discounted, simply because these facts don’t follow the narrative? Natural Immunity discounted because there hasn’t been a study completed to some arbitrary specification? Cui bono? Governor. Cui bono?
    Governor Scott, Think carefully about what you demand. That every Vermont employee be injected with an experimental “vaccine”(the actual “approved” vaccine hasn’t been released yet, remember?) regardless of medical condition? A healthy State trooper, Nurse or DOT driver should be low risk and in fact may be better off getting Covid-19 than get a jab that may need supplemental jabs annually? A child whom has contracted and recovered from this virus needs this jab? to protect whom? The Child? or the Child’s vaccinated grandparents? We all understand that SARS Cov-2 is a new (novel) disease. We understand that things will change dealing with this virus, but as the virus has changed, we are not. The tired mantra of Mask, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine is not working. This virus is steps ahead of the bureaucrats and politicians and will stay that way until said politicians and bureaucrats change tactics.
    That Vermont will lose some valuable employees- State Police, Nurses, virtually every sector of state government and public service- is a forgone conclusion. That the loss of staffing will undoubtedly cost lives by their absence is on you, Mr. Scott. I, for one admire their ethics and principle to remain grounded in their values. The folks that chose to leave rather than follow your demands will be missed by all of Vermont, whether we know it or not.

  6. I support the RNs, all medical professionals, and all workers who refuse to bow to medical tyranny. If covid is so damaging and deadly, where are the massive deaths and long haul covid among covid health care workers and essential workers such as grocery store and gas station clerks who are in contact with hundreds of people a day?

  7. I’m sure these state troopers will find employment in another state that isn’t run by the idiots ours is. I sincerely hope they are joined by others who won’t take the vax. Our loss. Perhaps when the woke call 911 and no one shows up they’ll have a brief chance to reconsider their actions before the home invasion or attack occurs.

  8. I wonder what david zuckerman thinks about these vaccines? Since he was the lone anti-vaccine for school students before all this hysteria. Has zuckyman got his vaccine??

  9. And to throw more gas on the flames ask why the unvaccinated Taliban isn’t dropping dead from covid???

    • @ Lester

      I’d imagine that the Taliban are rather fit, aren’t obese and don’t exist on a diet of fast-food. That goes a long time way towards being healthy and able to handle a Covid infection. Sadly the US is as a rule horribly overweight, sedentary and unhealthy.

  10. Without knowing the details, it is possible that the officers were only trying to protect their right to bodily autonomy in anticipation of an illegal mandate, such as Governor Scott has just issued. I cannot blame them. It is a violation of the Nuremberg Code to force anyone to accept any experimental medical treatment, for any reason. All of the Covid vaccines currently available are still under Emergency Use Authorization only, which means they have not yet been proven to be either safe or effective. Will the public finally wake up when our good, hard-working first responders and front line workers start dropping like flies from adverse reactions to a shot that is killing and disabling more people than the disease it is supposed to prevent? Phil Scott has blood on his hands for continuing to deliberately ignore the real science, and push this toxic shot. He needs to be tried for his crimes and removed from office. I wish those three officers the best, and hope they continue their service in an area where freedom to make one’s own health choices is still valued.

  11. There should be no doubt we are in a fight for life and liberty. The administration is a captured, controlled entity. The war is real and we are hostages until the day we are not.

  12. My company required me to get the vaccine. Seeing people refuse to vax leaves me feeling that I’ve let them fight a good fight alone. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I know this isn’t right. You don’t do this to people and Phil Scott should be all over it.

    If the vaccine works, you don’t need me to get it. Period!

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