Newport Planned Parenthood clinic to close

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Planned Parenthood’s clinic in Newport announced they will permanently close the facility on Feb. 23.

The clinic does not perform abortions onsite, but does provide abortion referrals, media reports say. Also, Planned Parenthood spokesperson Eileen Sullivan reportedly told VT Digger that the closure was caused by “complex” problems “including difficulty recruiting and retaining staff, low patient volume, facility needs and financial sustainability.”

They say they will be adding two days of operation at their St. Johnsbury health center, and Newport patients can also be seen at their Hyde Park location.

PPNNE says they faced many challenges delivering care at the Newport health center and COVID-19 only made those issues worse.

“Because of limited resources and the national crisis for reproductive health access, we’re reallocating our resources,” Kai Williams, senior vice president of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, said. “This includes adding more days per week to our St. Johnsbury health center and in the future adding a medication abortion program.”

PPNNE has been in Newport for more than 40 years. Williams says staff will not face any mandatory layoffs or lost days of work, and they will have the option to work at other health centers.

Republished from the Newport Dispatch. Some information added.

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  1. Great news that a facility promoting abortion is closing. If interested in prayer and fasting with like-minded folks, consider signing up for or even starting a prayer vigil at your local Planned Parenthood facility. The next 40 Days for Life campaign to end abortion runs March 2 to April 10. Get more info at

  2. Encourage youth to enter the podcast/essay contest on this subject. Entries are due Feb. 21. For more information visit

  3. Stop funding all planned parenthood with tax payers money period!!
    I hope all will be gone one day!!