New York City man charged with killing another NYC’er in Rutland

The Vermont State Police has arrested an 18-year-old Staten Islan, NY man on murder and other charges in connection with the November 7, 2022 fatal shooting in Rutland of Jonathan Naranjo, 26, of Brooklyn, New York.

Investigation by VSP following the Nov. 7 homicide identified the shooter as Trayvon Kisling, 18, of Staten Island, New York. Police obtained an arrest warrant for Kisling, and investigators learned earlier this month that Kisling was likely in Vermont.

Shortly after noon Wednesday, March 15, the state police conducted an operation to arrest Kisling. He was located inside a vehicle at a Shell gas station and convenience store in Brandon and taken into custody by members of the Vermont State Police’s Tactical Services Unit. The operation was supported by members of the Vermont Drug Task Force; VSP’s Criminal Field Force divisions, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. No one was injured.

Kisling was transported to the state police barracks in Rutland for processing on charges of first-degree murder, first-degree aggravated domestic assault, and obstruction of justice. Kisling is expected to be arraigned later today in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Rutland.

The autopsy determined the cause of Naranjo’s death to be gunshot wounds to the torso and upper extremity, and the manner of death to be a homicide. Initial investigation indicated Naranjo appears to have been targeted.

At about 4:15 p.m., Rutland City police received a call reporting a motor vehicle crash in the area of State Street and Cleveland Avenue. A second call reported a shooting in the area. When Rutland City police arrived on scene, officers located a deceased male – Naranjo – with a vehicle that was involved in a crash.

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  1. Soon to be released as according to the latest on youthful offender analyzers in Vermont a persons mind is not really accountable till the age of 22 when it is fully formed and able to make adult decisions.

    With that get out of jail free card he will be able to go back and enjoy the winter wonderland for which Vermont is known. Not to mention the bountiful supply of victims awaiting their turn.

    • Actually – other states want the age at 25. See, you can’t openly state that you are letting violent criminals go free specifically because of race. So, this of course is the way around that.

      Yet I recall being 15, 19, 23, etc. myself & always intent upon murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. And I was incessantly thinking to myself: ” Hmmmmm….murder, I just cannot decifer if it is right or wrong, good or bad, legal or illegal…..yes, I vividly recall those days in my teens & twenties.

      Wait. No, I don’t. Never mind.

    • The current thinking in the moonbat community is that a human brain is still “developing” until age 26, meanwhile they promote voting by 16 year-olds…
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. It’s encouraging to see Vermont government programs succeed at something. We can obviously be quite satisfied that our taxpayer-funded tourism-promoting programs targeted at the folks downcountry in NYC are so effective in getting them up here for some winter activities. Sure they could engage in the same pursuits down there, but if murder and street pharmacology is your form of recreation, why not do it in the splendor of a Green Mountain winter where you can also enjoy our very accommodating legal process and comfortable corrections facilities? The voters and taxpayers of Vermont are proud and eager to provide this hospitality in the hopes that these folks will tell all their friends about us so that more will follow. Vermonters should beam with pride to proclaim how we celebrate diversity!