New video covers Friday’s CRT ‘town hall’ in Essex

48-minute video of Friday, May 28 Essex ‘town hall’ meeting for parents and community members concerned about the Essex school district curriculum based on Critical Race Theory.

by Guy Page

Video production company Rebirth The Media has filmed and produced a 48-minute video of Friday night’s Town Hall Meeting in Essex on Critical Race Theory. Seen above, it features organizer and moderator Ellie Martin, Essex mom and school board member Liz Cady, Essex high school student Alex Katnelson, and State Sen. Russ Ingalls (R-Essex/Orleans). They and others spoke on the dangers posed, and the alternatives to, a curriculum based on Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Below is an 11-minute excerpt (Facebook video) of Cady’s critique of Critical Race Theory.

Cady noted that the Essex School District officials have confirmed – twice – that the Courageous Conversations curriculum (which begins as young as age 5) is based on Critical Race Theory, which teaches that “the most important thing about you is your race.”  For students learning CRT, “there is a feeling of great shame for something they have no control over – shame for the color of their skin, shame for the fact that they are victims and cannot achieve anything unless someone helps them, and shame for their country, because it is systemically racist.”

Excerpts from Cady’s comments:

“How are we to continue and work together and have a country in which we recognize each other’s common humanity, and we try to better it, when we are dividing people by their race and  when we are teaching them to not work together?”

“In this country, we have had great successes, and we have had great failures. The only way that we can continue to be better, that we don’t repeat past mistakes, is to look at the places we have failed and the places we have succeeded.” 

“Critical race theory teaches racial discrimination in the name of defeating racial discrimination. It is illogical, it is illegal, and it is downright dangerous to our young children.”

“Discrimination is not only not legal, but it will not win in this country.”

Cady also critiqued and questioned sections of the proposed revised school district “Equity Policy”  which will be reviewed by the school board tonight, Tuesday, June 1, at a Zoom meeting open to the public, registration necessary;

The public also may express their concerns Tuesday, June 8 at an “Equity Education Session” 6-7:30 pm, offered online by Essex Equity and Inclusion Director Erin Maguire and another ‘equity’ expert. Registration is required.

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  1. Great Beginning, now comes the work. The People of Essex/Westford need an attorney(s), a constitutional attorney. If none is found in VT then look into neighboring NH for an attorney who is licensed to practice in VT or any state for that matter where an attorney is licensed to practice in VT. It could be that there is no attorney willing to stand-up in the state of VT with The People for many various reasons, i.e. paid-off, black-mailed, threatened. One commentator in the video is correct when she asked for a Petition. A Petition DOES NEED TO GET STARTED for Essex/Westford citizens against Critical Race Theory in their school systems. Demand that the School Board discard Critical Race Theory or they will be expelled/fired. This has happened in other states already, where the School Board was replaced. Don’t wait for a Bill to be presented to a failing VT Congress. Even though Senator Ingalls has the right intention, and he should introduce the Bill, more than likely the end result is the VT Congress will only shoot it down. We The People need to stand up NOW and demand ACTION. That is only way we can stop this madness. Besides the Petition, we need to hold elected officials accountable as Guy Page stated; we need to vote in elected officials that will uphold the VT Constitution and the People of Vermont. On the subject matter of voting the right elected official into office, we CANNOT have S15 Universal Mail Ballots be the Voting Bill for Vermont. There are NO safeguards against fraud, NOT ONE in that Bill. Read the Bill. Send an e-mail to ALL Representatives and Senators and Governor, Attorney General, that you will NOT stand for this Bill. If this Bill passes it will be the end of fraud-free, corrupt-free voting in Vermont. The people currently in power will stay in power, it will get worse. Time to Act is NOW.

  2. Guy Page has done a yeoman’s work informing Vermonters about the depth of the insertion of CRT in Essex’s education system . It is crucial that the readership of and the contribution to the Daily Chronicle increases . Please share the website. It is deeply troubling to realize that such a major indoctrination with potential psychological consequences has taken root in the schools without any public discourse .