New bills would make hard drug possession a misdemeanor, establish Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act

By Guy Page

Bills released today for introduction into the Vermont House would:

Make heroin and fentanyl ‘personal use’ drug possession a misdemeanor (H505). Lead sponsor House Judiciary Rep. Maxine Grad (D-Moretown) would allow defendants charged with felony possession to claim the drugs are for personal use only. If they can convince the court, the sentence would be downgraded to a Class B misdemeanor. 

Impose a 5% annual gross receipts tax on cannabis wholesalers (H502). Sponsored by Rep. Dan Noyes (D-Wolcott), it would leave the retail excise tax intact, and would add a 5% tax on the annual gross receipts of all cannabis wholesalers. 

Protect health care providers’ rights of conscience (H497). The proposed passage of Proposal 5, making all abortions an absolute constitutional right, would place in legal peril health providers whose consciences forbid them from participating in abortions. The bill creates a Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act to protect the conscience rights of health care providers and health care institutions against forced participation in abortion, artificial birth control, sterilization, artificial insemination, assisted reproduction, human embryonic stem-cell research, fetal experimentation, human cloning, physician-assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Rep. Anne Donahue (R-Northfield) is lead sponsor, others include Lisa Hango (R-Franklin), 

Mark Higley (R-Lowell), Marcia Martel (R-Waterford), and Carl Rosenquist (R-Georgia). 

H.510An act relating to creating a Vermont child tax credit
H.509An act relating to Act 250 jurisdiction in one-acre towns
H.508An act relating to refunding property tax overpayments by the City of Barre
H.507An act relating to certain civil process fees of sheriffs’ departments
H.506An act relating to preserving the rights of a parent with a disability
H.505An act relating to reclassification of penalties for unlawfully possessing, dispensing, and selling a regulated drug
H.504An act relating to the reorganization, enhancement, and enforcement of animal welfare requirements in the State
H.503An act relating to regulating the use of wake boats on State waters
H.502An act relating to the cannabis wholesale gross receipts tax
H.501An act relating to physical contaminant standards for residual waste, digestate, and soil amendments
H.500An act relating to prohibiting the sale of mercury lamps in the State
H.499An act relating to the use of sluice boxes for recreational mineral prospecting
H.498An act relating to the Green Mountain Care Board’s duties and reappointment processes
H.497An act relating to protecting health care providers’ rights of conscience
H.496An act relating to establishing an extended producer responsibility program for out-of-service solar panels
H.495An act relating to prohibiting the sale of mercury-containing lamps
H.494An act relating to workforce development
H.493An act relating to withdrawal from a unified union or union school district and to electoral functions of a union school district where a member district is also a union school district
H.492An act relating to the structure of the Natural Resources Board
H.491An act relating to the creation of the City of Essex Junction and the adoption of the City charter
H.490An act relating to elections and holding elected office
H.489An act relating to miscellaneous provisions affecting health insurance regulation
H.488An act relating to the authority of the Commissioner of Corrections to collect supervisory fees
H.487An act relating to a secure facility for justice-involved youth
H.486An act relating to health insurance coverage for newborns
H.485An act relating to extending Medicaid postpartum benefits
H.484An act relating to regulating health care expense-sharing arrangements
H.483An act relating to potential new models of funding and governance structures to improve the quality, duration, and access to career technical education in Vermont
H.482An act relating to the Petroleum Cleanup Fund
H.481An act relating to prohibiting mobile billboards
H.480An act relating to adopting COVID-19 test to stay guidance for child care facilities
H.479An act relating to portable benefits for intermediary workers
H.478An act relating to reinstatement of an operator’s license after a lifetime suspension or revocation
H.477An act relating to leave for crime victims
H.476An act relating to State-paid sheriff’s deputies
H.475An act relating to the classification system for criminal offenses
H.474An act relating to exempting common law ways of necessity from the Marketable Record Title Act
H.473An act relating to defense of others and justifiable homicide
H.472An act relating to establishing the Vermont Nursing Scholarship Program
H.471An act relating to entering a vehicle without legal authority or consent
H.470An act relating to referral of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking cases to community justice centers
H.469An act relating to creditable service for temporary State employment
H.468An act relating to establishing a remote learning pilot program for CTE students
H.467An act relating to extending the baseload renewable power portfolio requirement
H.466An act relating to surface water withdrawals and interbasin transfers
H.465An act relating to boards and commissions
H.464An act relating to the medical review process in the Reach Up program and Postsecondary Education Program eligibility
H.463An act relating to the Working Group to Address the Presence of Toxigenic Mold in Buildings
H.462An act relating to miscellaneous Department of Health programs
H.461An act relating to excluding the income of asylum seekers and refugees from household income

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  1. They’re going full stream ahead while they have their installed regime in the WH and Congress and we have no political opposition of any consequence to fight for us…The Rino’s are in bed with most of this or to scared to fight back…Protesting by the citizens on the right has been labeled insurrection by the leftist media on orders from Pelosi and her minions…Censorship of the right is now common place and the left leaning courts are hard at work legislating from the bench. DOJ and FBI are corrupt to the core…The only thing left for the citizenry to do, is rise up as a whole against this coup, because this is for the whole enchilada.

  2. The installed communist/globalist party in Vermont is doing exactly what is installed to do – destroy the State. After years of infilitration, the plandemic gave them full power and control to remove constitutional rights of the citizens, corrupt all elections, and they will now manuver to finish off the Republic for good. We are under communist/globalist control and a majority of citizens have no clue. I wonder if people of this State even have the wherewithall to comprehend the dangerous situation we are in at this point. Seeing all the fools running around in masks, wanton abuse inflicted upon children and elders, and the perverts running rampant w/impunity – it appears our Republic is all ready gone. It is clear to me that meeting with the CCP at the State House February 2019 is exactly what we are seeing now….they knew it, they planned it, and they are executing it to the great pleasure of the CCP and George Soros.

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