New bill: multi-lingual state government

By Guy Page

A “language access” bill introduced into the Vermont House today would require state agencies serving “a substantial number” of non-English speakers to offer translated materials and bi-lingual staff.

H692 would require state agencies to “implement language access services, including the use of translated materials, bilingual staff, or contracted interpretation services, when the agency serves a substantial number of individuals with limited English proficiency.”

The bill was assigned to the Government Operations Committee. The lead sponsor is Sarita Austin (D-Colchester). Other sponsors are Reps. Kevin Christie (D-Hartford),  Rep. Mari Cordes (D-Bristol),  and Reps. Emma Mulvaney-Stanek (P) and Carol Ode (D), both of Burlington. 

The “short form” bill does not specify a budget for providing the added staff and services, nor does it provide the number of Vermonters who would benefit from these services.

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  1. STOP IT! ENOUGH OF THIS INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!! ENGLISH is the founding language of this country. Anglo-Saxons are NOT “evil”. Christianity is NOT “violent”. Every nation in the world has a primary language.

    You don’t like it that we do too? Than GET UP & MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BTW, called the VT tax Department the other day, and WE were the ones who could barely understand the VT tax assistant. Great job as always, radical VT!

  3. Wow ! Another camel’s nose under the tent ! There appears to be enough camels in Montpelier to do a study to see if a camel season is justified !

  4. Democrats looking to create more govt. jobs…What’s new here…Must be wanting to spend some of Gov. Scotts “Diamond Mine” money that was borrowed from America’s children and grand-children’s future and when that runs out, they’ll increase the taxes and/or be given more borrowed money from their pals in the WH and Congress and even if Scott were to pay back some of our debt, it will only be with borrowed money and all the while our dollar devalues as they print more and more money and our deficit grows.

    • I think, being the age of science, it’ll be when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Or when the small folk wake up and quit making excuses for social per projects.

  5. What about the French speaking immigrants who have been here for centuries and never had translators? Somehow, I’ll bet most of them managed to pay back their loans too!

  6. Why does the state of Vermont hire all the losers like Mark Bosma, tim ashe and mike shirling?? All have done things that should have got them charged with a crime yet the state hires them!!!

  7. More expense in the name of justice. Does VT really have to house so many refugees? This is a small state and the people who’ve lived here for generations should also have rights.
    Please bear in mind that I’m an internal refugee.

  8. We don’t have huge numbers of multi-linguals here in Vermont. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Or is someone racing to move all of Central and South America into these Green cold Mountains.

  9. Wonderful! Because Legalese in plain, unvarnished English is perfectly understandable to the common man! I’ll vet Botswana Legalese is clear as mud, which leave no doubt as to where you stand. I’m sure if this passes Lewiston and Portland over here will be next in line to aim and shoot themselves in our foot.

  10. Will the feel-good, posturing, virtue-signaling proposals to accommodate the “downtrodden” and “historically disadvantaged” ever cease? Not in an election year where there is a slate of cookie cutter demoKKKrats in a primary contest. Be prepared to see more of this kind of foofoo in an election year.

  11. Nonsense! There are companies that provide interpreter relay calls. They do not need to hire or provide any new process or people. Many companies use the interpreter relay calling same as they do for people who are hearing impaired. Grifters and going to grift. They are off the rails stealing more taxpayer money for nothing.

  12. 32 U.S.states have made English their official state language. It is time for Vermont to do the same so that immigrants can assimilate into our state and become employed, contributing residents. A private company could provide English education with the cost the responsibility of the “student”. It is called personal responsibility.
    Linda Kirker

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