New Ben & Jerry’s employees must view four hours of Israeli-Palestinian social programming

Newly hired employees joining the Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream company are required to watch four video lectures, each an hour in length, featuring activists discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as part of their job orientation, Jewish Insider reported on Monday.

“The videos are part of what the ice-cream company dubbed ‘Scooper Series: Social Mission,’ ” according to the report, claiming to address racism in the United States and as part of the conflict, citing an employee who saw the content.

One of the videos features Omar Shakir, director of the Human Rights Watch’s Israel and Palestine section, who was expelled from Israel in 2019 over allegedly supporting the anti-Israel BDS movement.

“If you look at the recent escalation that took place in May of 2021, it started over discriminatory efforts to force Palestinians out of their homes in occupied East Jerusalem as part of this larger policy,” Shakir says in the video, according to the report.

“The policy also extends to the Gaza Strip,” he said. “Although the Israeli government withdrew its settler population and ground forces in 2005, the Israeli government continues to exercise control over Gaza.”

Last week, 16 Jewish and Christian pro-Israel groups urged New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to take decisive action against Unilever and its subsidiary, Ben & Jerry’s, for the ice-cream maker’s July 2021 decision to stop selling its products in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Republished from June 14 Jewish News Syndicate

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  1. Good thing I no longer buy B&J nor Unilever products. They long ago crossed the line in the sand for me.

    What’s sort of hilarious of course is that B&J is so supportive of all the LBTQ+ stuff and while Israel is a safe place for those folks, the Arabs tend to kill them. Same with women’s rights with the status of Jewish women being secure but Arab women tend to be treated badly by Arab men and as a lower caste of people. Totally oblivious leftists have zero idea what they are supporting.

  2. An employment requirement subjecting employees to view religious and political doctrine. What happens if the employee refuses this requirement? Is there a requirement to view other religious and political doctrine such as the Chinese Uyghurs or Christians? The Irish Protestant and Catholic struggles through history? Funny how certain corporations and government entities cherry pick particular religious and political issues to indoctrinate their workforce. Seems clear that employment is conditional to whether you obey and comply with their group think. Shorten your resume by stating your “wokeness” because your skillset is no longer that important.

  3. And the programming continues ! It’s a good thing for the woke warriors that so many young adults have been indoctrinated into wokeness from such a young age that now they don’t have any original thoughts, so when they are not allowed that right they will not even notice that it is not allowed anymore. It’s a shame it took a pandemic to make parents aware of how their children were being used.

    • Yes, and they just accept what they are told by their “handlers” much as college students seem to do these days as their leftist teachers and admin teach them what is acceptable to believe; actual critical thinking is unacceptable.

      • I went to CCV and then to UVM. Took a lot of history, sociology and psychology courses for a liberal arts degree and funny thing is, I don’t recall any “indoctrination”. I started as a libertarian and left as a libertarian. There were certainly class discussions where some students expressed liberal viewpoints and I expressed mine. More often than not, professors acted as mediators who only chimed in to ask pertinent questions or offer resources to find more information to form to OUR OWN conclusions then try to guide us into a particular opinion. There were ALWAYS a few students with opinions on either side of the political spectrum. Whether or not any “progress” was ever made on the topics was subjective, but one thing I can say is that debates were always civil.
        Do I feel I got a “good education” at UVM overall? No. Most of my classes were 250+ student lectures and felt like “degree factory” most of the time, but an “indoctrination camp” it was not.
        I feel most people loosely throwing around this sentiment either never went to college or have some irrational fear that young people simply believe every thing they hear without question. That is simply not the case. If you believe everyone around you has gone “woke”, maybe you need to spend some time strengthening your arguments and win some back, rather than lob pot-shots at the educated. If you can make a thoughtful and fact based argument on a topic, I’m sure you will find many rational people willing to listen.

      • I think the time has come when “Anonymous” should take personal responsibility for his (or her) comments and opinions. “Indoctrination”, is most effective when it is not perceived as so. Why do you fear admitting your “libertarian” bent?

  4. As if I needed yet another reason not to purchase anything from this brand…
    The main reason always used to be that these two opportunistic hypocrites from a 95% white, ritzy Long Island suburb of New York City used Vermont as a marketing tool to sell a brand that continually ragged on evil giant corporations, and then they sold out to one of the largest food conglomerates on the planet. Did Ben and Jerry have a problem growing up on land in Long Island that was “occupied Shinnecock Indigenous territory”? Can they come up with a clever flavor name to commemorate that?

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Ben and Jerry sell out to a Dutch concern years ago? If so it is owned by the Dutch, unless they were sold again, so if it is policy, then the Dutch masters must approve. One must give credit where credit is due. I’ll take Italian ice cream, any day, over Ben and Jerrys. Ben and Jerrys is a bunch of marketing hype delivered with a good dose of Vermont Dairy production.

  6. For this and many other articles here and elsewhere (more and more lately….waking up?? we can hope)…..dig out your copy of “1984” and re-read…….scary how big parts are playing out now……

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