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NEK town equity committee get $10K grant

Glover Equity Committee

The Glover Equity Committee recently announced that they have received a $10,000 Equitable and Inclusive Communities Grant.

The grant comes from the Vermont Community Foundation and will assist the committee in sponsoring training and events toward the goal of promoting a more welcoming and inclusive culture in Glover and surrounding communities.

Next year, the committee says they will sponsor racial literacy and cultural humility training.

The eight-part training will be led by Sha’an Mouliert, M.Ed..

Mouliert is a consultant, community organizer, educator, artist, and co-founder of the African American Alliance of the Northeast Kingdom.

The committee also says they plan to hold a nonviolent communication workshop provided by The King Center.

Organizers say the training serves as a mechanism for changing the way people approach problems, conflict, tension, violence, and differences.

The grant will also enable the committee to sponsor cultural events featuring music, dance, and food from a variety of cultures as well as other educational components.

Republished from the Newport Dispatch.

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  1. “cultural humility training”?!? More of the “white people should hate themselves” agenda? Hopefully people just say NO.

  2. As a bizarrely “neurodiverse” person I’ve had more opportunities denied than may recall. “Normal” people who claimed to believe in equality for all, becoming incensed that I showed competency for a task, sometimes even more than did they themselves. There were times in this country that grants, etc. were provided based on merit and need.

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